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U.S. Soldiers Kill Son Of Iraqi Governor, While Obama Vows To Pursue More War

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces shot dead the 17-year-old son and another relative of the governor of northern Iraq's Salahuddin province in a raid on Sunday, local officials said.

The U.S. military said it shot two armed, adding it was later found they were both related to the governor.


KABUL, Afghanistan - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged steadfast aid to Afghanistan in talks with its Western-backed leader Sunday and vowed to pursue the war on terror "with vigor" if he is elected, an Afghan official said.

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Submit to our will or we slay your children. Coming to a US of A near you. Except they will come in the form of the CPS and just take you kids away to be molested by the department.

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That's a great picture of the march,it shows the volume of people.

“Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves

whistle and dance the shimmy, and you've got an audience.

"Walls are stronger than the men that defend them."

Ghengis Khan

"Walls are stronger than the men that defend them."

Ghengis Khan

Always bothers me when they

Always bothers me when they say "armed". If they weren't armed and they shot them anyway... they could just put a gun in thier hand, take a few pics, and call it a day.


"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."


Did you expect anything less?