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NV Legal Defense Fund

From www.nevada4ronpaul.com (Chip-In)

"... In Nevada, where the liberty lobby is strong, McCain got trounced in the primary voting, coming in third behind Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. When the state GOP tried to crown McCain at its Reno convention in April, so many Paul supporters showed up that party leaders literally fled the hall, turned off the lights and postponed the convention to make sure the anemic pro-McCain camp wasn't swamped by liberty's marauders. It was like a John Ford western set inside a hotel ballroom...."

"... If the freedom that lives in the Libertarian imagination has an earthly home, it is the American West. If it has a temple, it's Nevada...."

--Time Magazine, Thursday, Jul. 10, 2008

Apparently the attorneys working on the convention suit are doing the work gratis, however, there are many other fees and other expenses involved....won't you please make a small chip-in? This is potentially a huge step for our movement and small amounts add up. So far, only 5 contributions have been made. Thanks!

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