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My friend and I attended The rEVOLution March!

Hey everyone, I thought I'd pass this around. My friend and I attended the march on the 12th. I edited this video of the events and everything that went on. I hope you fellow Paulites will enjoy!

I'm not embedding it because you can watch it in high quality on the site and it's a much better experience. Here's the link, and again, I hope you guys like it!


I don't want to sound like a nagging little 5 year old, but if you would please favorite it and rate it, I would greatly appreciate it. That would help the video rise to the main page for all to see.

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Its a 5 star.

Great Job!


Go ahead and nag!! You mean

Go ahead and nag!! You mean it is only the five year olds that ask for a rating and favorite? How about the one's who ask for a dig???:0)


Too bad that won't make it to the front page since it's so old. Digg isn't what it used to be like a few years back. =(

Nice job Chris!

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Tears and Cheers!

One of the best I've seen. Well done!

Nice Video!

Thanks for posting this.

I just realized

I just realized that you guys are in "the picture" of the front of the march, right behind the big white Ron Paul sign in the front. You're famous!

Great video. Keep up the great work and hope to see you at the rally in Minneapolis in Sept.

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Good eye! I was up front so I could get good clean shots of most of the march. I also needed to get to the front first to shoot everyone getting to Capitol Hill so I could make those still cross dissolves in the video.


Great video.BUMP BUMP!

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson


Great video.BUMP BUMP!

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson

Oh MY...

that was AWESOME! I loved it. I was moved to tears with the imagery and the music. Great shots. I'm glad I was a part of that. I will forward this video to my meet-up and friends.I love who we are and who inspired us!!! Will we see you in Minneapolis? We are driving from Florida! On-On Patriots!!!!!

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson


We will be there with camera in hand and determination in our hearts.
We are also driving from Florida. The Pensacola/Destin region to be exact.
I will be making another video of the Minneapolis event.
Thanks for the compliments everyone! It means a great deal to me that you all enjoy my work! =)

Have you seen this meetup?

Have you seen this meetup? they are attemting to start a networking group of faith-action libery minded people to go to St. Paul and network with travel and accommodations. http://www.ronpaul.meetup.com/1924 Thought you might be able to network with them to get the job done, more people in St. Paul...and if people are not going to go encourage them to purchase a ticket tomorrow anyway.

This meetup just started so I hope it goes well for them, so far i think they have 5 people networked to go from San Diego to Oregon to the convention, they need people in each state....

Thanks for the vid, they also need graphic designers for www.americanswantanswers.com

Perfectly captured the spirit of the day!

Awesome video!

"Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies."

That was great,

5 stars. It made me feel happy and hopeful for the future.




I am so absolutely proud and amazed at all the young people that can see what so many of us have failed to see for so many years, myself included. Thank you for all your efforts. The video is great.


Best Yet!

nicely done!

Captures the spirit of the day beautifully.

"It's only the beginning"

Great editing

Great editing

bump for Liberty!


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Love the photo! I put it on my myspace. It's cool to see myself in it after being behind the camera all the time, I was in the picture for once. =)


We were there too from Hawaii and Seattle!

Front page material. God bless Ron Paul. God bless all Patriots.

Thank you for that great job. Brings a tear, all of us in this together.

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Very impressive

I absolutely loved it. Emotions stirring, the crowd was huge, speakers looked happy and inspired, you guys are so young. Really neat for you to spend your time this way.


I am also proud of the young people. The baby boomers let this mess get out of hand. Most of them have been asleep at the wheel for the last twenty years. We need you to gently wake them up again. Well, not too gentle..we don't have that much time. :)
Thank you. You are the hope for our future.


Top rated. And really great picture of Ron Paul. All great people there!

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right

we were there too


and then we went to Colonial Williamsburg where we were moved by a re-enactment of Patrick Henry's speech where he said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death".

Great song with your vid.

I rated it 5 stars. I saw myself marching in the front, it gave me goosebumps lol.