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Register your bicycle or get a fine? Is this in your state also ?

I was gonna Buy a mountain bike for getting around to save gas and it turns out that in michigan you have to register your bicycle get a license and if you get caught without it you get a fine ?

Any other states doing this ?


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Right now they are trying to

Right now they are trying to do that in New York City as well. Its very upsetting because we have alot of courier services that depend on riding their bicycles and making a living off it.

Its just crazy! If you have a kid who wants to ride a bicycle, youre suppose to register that bicycle? Its just ridiculous!

I illegal ride a bike with a

I illegal ride a bike with a motor on it in NYS and the cops don't bother me at all. In fact they often give the a thumbs up.

I consider it civil disobedience. There is no reason for the law. Why should it matter whether I power the bike or a motor does. And I get 200mpg. I wouldn't be able to afford to live any other way.

If the cops did give me trouble I would be polite and continue riding after they talked to me.


You add the motor to your bike...or did it come with it? I have a nice bike, and this would be a great add on if that is available. Please tell me some details!

Al K. Duh loves riding bikes...

...and hates our freedom.

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Its about you not having any choices

They have to break you and they have to break you fast to get you to accept the Real ID if people have another means of travel they still have options. Sanctions will never work unless a man has no options. Look at it this way your government is setting up tougher sanctions on Iran to get compliance and they are doing the same to you. They are sqeezing you. how can they starve you in the end if you have options for getting around. They mean to crush you and crush you fast. They intend to starve you to your knees. This is not about money right now it's about control then its about all the money. They want your identity. They cannot afford you to be a person they want you to be the farm animal that they in their heart think you are. Its about slavery. Its about hate. Its about Eugenics. Its about control. Its about a world king.

I Agree

As a true_believer...you know who is behind all of this and how it will end.

It's the getting there that I'm not too crazy about.

My spouse thinks it's so exciting because it leaves no room for doubt, as we see Biblical prophesies unfold before our eyes.

Just another form of Identifying you

Who's to say they won't put a chip in/on it to keep track of you; they're having trouble getting the REAL ID off the ground, so maybe this is another form of it? Or maybe I'm just PARANOID!!!
I would think that taking a picture of your bike, and of the serial number would be adaquate for identification, in case it was stolen. They are really far-reaching here, but they always make it sound like it is your best interest.

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I'm gonna get the Bike anyway

This is probably just another way tomake money off people knowing they won't do it but will still ride bikes more since GAS IS A NIGHTMARE.

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Bicycles are the future of a downsized America. A license is just another tax imposed by greedy politicians who foresee what is comming,as is the fine for not possessing said licence.
It's past time to get mad and start hacking at some roots.



that is so ridiculous, though I wouldn't be surprised if they tried that in my town.

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Penndel Borough needs to step up and eliminate the crime they've created by not paving and maintaining Robbins Avenue

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Walked by the tv today and

caught the last few seconds of some story about people being arrested & mug shots taken of them for illegal tee shirts! What the heck! I thought it was a joke but I'm not so sure.

Anway, not sure if Fla is doing the bike thing yet but it is illegal to drive barefooted in a car now. Guess they get to pull you over to look in your window to see that one.

Barefoot driving not illegal

The Society for Barefoot Living debunked the driving barefoot law myth a long time ago. See http://www.barefooters.org/. It also is not against any health code for a restaurant patron to be barefoot.

Drain the swamp!

Illegal to drive barefoot?!? LOL

Good luck seeing them trying to enforce stuff like that across that south!

meekandmild's picture

you will have to register your

shoes next

and have them inspected...

and I'm sure the road nazi's would more than happy to become sidewalk nazi's and write tickets for walking too fast (or arrest you for walking without a license)... after all, walking is a privilege not a right!

I think it has been

on the books but are now enforcing it. Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

its a good idea

to register because if it is found or stolen it can be return to its owner. Happened to a friend of mine in FL. No fine should be imposed though-just another stupid tax.

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is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

That's the same lie they told about cars.

When license plates were first sold to the public, the government pretended it was to make it easier to find a stolen car and return it to its owner. They didn't admit at first that the purpose was to put an annual tax stamp on every car, that you had to keep renewing or the state would steal your car.


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News Flash,,,

This is not about registering your serial # in case it's stolen. My city does not require you to register bicycles, however they do provide a service where you can register your serial # in case your bike is ever stolen, they can return it to you if ever recovered. It's completely voluntary, and the only purpose is for the above mentioned.

What he is talking about is actually having to register, get a license plate to ride your bike. They are seeing people leaving their vehicles at home more often now and riding their bikes. They are just trying to find a way to make money off of you. How dare these civilians think they are going to get rid of their car and ride a bike instead. You think you can all just avoid paying your vehicle taxes because you no longer have a vehicle? Pay it on your bike now instead!

Seriously though, how long until they tax us on the air we breathe? Don't we all exhale C02 and contribute to global warming?

What's the Fine

So what is the fine if you get caught without a bicycle license?

Is it a misdemeanor? Could you be thrown in jail if you refuse to sign the ticket? Could you be arrested for resisting arrest?

I guess the government is so large now that it can't help but not leave people alone, they need to find something to do.

I dont believe it. Just ride

I dont believe it. Just ride it anyway and tell them to go fuck themselves.

That's what I would do.

That's what I would do.

I can't even believe I just read that

That is unbelievable. I'm at a lose for word. WOW! We are truely in the last days of freedom.