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Dr. Steve Parent debut show on revolution broadcasting : Round Table For Freedom 8pm central time

I am semi debuting a new show that will feature our round table for freedom where we will discuss ideas on what we need to do to move forward this movement and make the effective changes that need to be made in this country.

where : www.revolutionbroadcasting.com

when : Sundays 8pm central 9pm eastern

Dr. Steve Parent

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I am so pissed at RB right now

march day/chat=disgrace. getting kicked off for mentioning Break the matrix and how they had a video feed up was ridulous. and I was kicked off for good. Hte getting bullied on the chat by the warload mods....its a chat for god's sake and everyone wanted to see the march as well as chat about it. too bad cause it looked like the highest number of listeners the RB has had and then the mods acted like fools....WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!
totally discouraged by the "we have a beef with BTM" whats that all about?

"Ideas have consequences." Ron Paul

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski