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Bob Barr On FOX News, says Fannie Mae bailout NOT a good idea - watch video

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I'm confused>>

He said that he didn't want a government bail out- and goes on to explain that using tax payers money is a bail out, then goes on to say we need to bail these companies out..... That is what I get out of this- and his reasoning is because the government helped create it the tax payers should pay it. So he's against bailing out unless someone needs a bail out??

I don't consider Baldwin the enemy....

however, Barr attempted to hijack RP supporters before Dr. Paul suspended his campaign; Ron Paul is an expert on economics, Barr is not; Barr has already flip-flopped on global-warming, Barr voted for the Patriot Act, etc. And even if Ron Paul endorsed Barr, I will not vote for Barr. To me Barr is your typical politician....say what's necessary to get elected, vote otherwise. To me he's in the same league as McCain and Obama...
Now if I am wrong and he has truly changed, I would be supportive of his endeavors in the future. He has to earn my trust...and the attempted hijack of RP supporters and the global-warming flip-flop has done nothing to make me think he's changed for the better....

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If Paul endorses Barr, would you vote for him?

I think Paul will endorse Barr because if he endorses Baldwin he couldn't even vote for him due to the fact Baldwin's not even on the ballot in Texas and almost 10 other states. Baldwin's campaign has too many holes for Paul to realistically endorse him which then leads Paul to the only other option which is the endorsement the Barr campaign. Would you vote for Barr with a Paul endorsement?

OK. If i were running for

OK. If i were running for president and a reporter asked me why I was running I would stare at him like the moron he is and teach him about democracy.

It's too bad...

It's too bad people don't actually watch the Bob Barr videos, and then proceed to comment on the merits of what he actually said. People love to harshly criticize Barr on what other people THINK that Barr said instead of actually trying to find out the truth of what he actually said. People on here love to misconstrue what the man is saying to make it sound as though he is the bad guy. It really is too bad...O well, it doesn't really matter because Ron is going to endorse Bob anyway...I find it hard for Ron to endorse Baldwin when in fact he couldn't even vote for him because Baldwin is not on the ballot in Texas.

Barr and Baldwin are not the enemy as people time and time again forget...