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What woke you up?

I was always a contrarian, never inclined to go along with the herd, but still got sucked into a LOT of misinformation and mindless consumerism. I got curious about Ron Paul because he had run as a Libertarian and I had seen a few of the "google Ron Paul" signs. I got excited about his devotion to the Constitution and I sent a small donation. Then I TRIED to watch him on TV, and realized something stank. There was a video made with a song called "We Want Your Soul" that I found the same day I saw Zeitgeist.
I can't believe how dramatically my life changed in the space of roughly 2 hours. For me, it is strange to hear the truther-bashers at work, I wonder what was their clarion call? I do not claim to know what happened on 9-11, but I can smell a rat and now I want answers!
So, truther or no, or any degree of truther, truther bashers, everyone, I am curious? Did you have that "moment" and if so, what was the catalyst?

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after i went to jail and lost my license

I found sum spiritual inclination when lookin at the book , The Science Of Self-Realization , so in january of 07 , i started lookin at life alot differently , found out my life is my possession and it is mine to make great or screw up , what happeneded to me was , i was only 17 , i was recless , like to drink , smoke , do sum drugs every week and kick back , diddnt kno shit about the governemnt , cept they were bad , and i didnt even care about presidents ...

but getting arrested really poped me on the head , woke me up , i found out about 9/11 through a random search of things and ever since then i was addicted to the truth , always lookin around , asking people what they thought and it SURPRISED me to get peole mad , and people so dunbfounded about it , I almost got jumped by 3 army soldeirs wile i was buyin ice cream wit my girl causei had an alex jones shirt sayin , 911 Was An Inside Job ..

And Ron Paul ...... well i found his wonderfull movement through some 9/11 websites , sayin this is the man to vote for , , he is for the people , abolish the fed reserve , getting outa war , stopping the drug war , and many other things ..... so i have come to BEALIVE in the 9/11 Truth Movenemt and this Ron Paul rEVOLution .... i am only 19 but i am more awake than i have ever been in my life ...

i hope we all wake up one day and get our egos out of our heads ...... REALIZE 9/11 was a lie ..... quite listening to the propaganda tube...

peace and love

"Universal Truth Is Not Measured In Mass Appeal" - Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch.

ecstacy and "The Wheel of

ecstacy and "The Wheel of Time" by Carlos Castenada

An Eye for an Eye will ONLY make this world go blind~Ghandi~

recording an album

walked out of the studio

marcus said good job.....i think that'll do it! now.....how about building 7?

i says.......you're fucking kidding me......glad you didn't tell me BEFORE i laid down that last track bud......now let me go shoot myself.

I was shocked!

I gave up on politics long time ago, i was convinced that ALL politicians, elected officials are scambags until I found a video on youtube of Ron Paul, it was the first presidential debate, I went nuts, I couldn't believe what this guy was saying on the MSM!
I searched and searched, when i went trough his voting record, I almost got a heart attack! Since then, I am devoted to his movement because I am convinced that he is a courageous, persistent, smart and honest man and all he wants is to rescue the republic and bring back peace, prosperity and freedom


All political admiration, then?

Nearly every RP supporter I know can pinpoint a moment, a video, and event, the instant things DID make sense again, or the moment they realized this is NOT just about politics. You gave up, I never got fully involved before. When I realized the size of the problem, I knew even my pitiful little effort HAD to be tossed into the fray, and for every time I have pissed and moaned and wanted out, I KNEW from that moment on that "out" was no longer available.
No one fights this hard for a president who will be in office only 4 or 8 years, it has to be something bigger. Got something bigger?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Birth. Nothing ever made


Nothing ever made sense.

The national debt, illogical U.S. code, tax code that no human has ever read, weird two-party monopoly.

I knew something was dreadfully wrong.

But I thank Ron Paul for giving me so much reassurance that I'm not crazy.

what clicked into place, though?

You say "nothing ever made sense" and I always felt that way too. Until the combined effect of those 2 videos, then suddenly it all made sense. Horrible, sickening, perfect sense. Did you never have that moment?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

some 911 info then alex

some 911 info then alex jones woke me up....through him I found ron paul... and there it was...

great post

I found out about Ron Paul in January 2007 from Alex Jones website he had his video posted and I got hooked right away.
But I became an activist only when the first debate took place.
I said to myself I will do everything I can to get this man elected.

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