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Last Chance for Posters Before Minneapolis!

I Support Ron Paul Poster

Get them while you still can! These are the original 'I Support Ron Paul' posters, designed by me, and hand printed out in Seattle by Henceforth Press on a vintage letterpress. Only about 100 of the orange ones remain, fewer of the others. If you're heading out to Minneapolis, you might be able to get your poster signed by Dr. Paul at one of the events! Get one while there's still some to get.

You can the posters rolling off the press, one at a time in this short video, here. These posters were also featured in Redefine Magazine, (see picture below) along with some other posters, including Shepard Fairey's famous Obama poster (ack! but those, ahem, are sold out).

You can see the entire print edition online here, (though it is too small to read.)

Buy an 'I Support Ron Paul' poster here! People all over the world have purchased them, and they cherish them. They're bound to be collector's items. Last call!

Oh, and stickers, too.

All proceeds go toward the ongoing operation of the Daily Paul. Thank you!

Michael Nystrom

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i'd love to have one.... but

i'd love to have one.... but i have to save my money for the coming school semester....

I want one - PLEASE

Michael I've been trying to email you about purchasing one of these forever! - you were on travel or something. I just gave up on it. Please contact me. I would love to purchase one.
Rachael in Rhode Island

PS how can I contact you securely?

Michael Nystrom's picture

The Daily Paul

Hi Rachel - what's up? You said you were trying to contact me about posters? Email me back here.


He's the man.

back where?

yes yes yes. back where at the contact link or at the email on the link to the spread about your lovely posters?

If I could afford one and

If I could afford one and wasnt selling my own art, I would buy one!

I know the work and time that goes into print making! These are worth the money people and support dailypaul!