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My Take on the Anti-Barr hacks

Since sweeping generalizations seem to be appropriate in reference to denigrating long time RP supporters who are trying to formulate their "plan B" to the dismay of the purist/anarchist wing of the Libertarian Party, aka - the lunatic fringe, I submit my own take on their ilk to wit:

Every anti-Barr post on here is done by a Republican hack who is trying to convince you to leave yourself with no option when RP doesn't get the nomination. The RNC is scared to death of both Paul and Barr, and if Barr polls too high before the convention, delegates may dump McLame for Paul. (with credit to the DVD project for its efforts at working the delegation over good)

However, if they can convince people on the fence that Barr is the anti-christ, then they hope you will either vote for Baldwin, McKinney, Nader, or McCain. They know a few diehards will still write in Paul, but they also know those numbers won't even show up on the radar.

Or, I could be wrong. And they could just be bitter about Barr getting the LP nod because the majority of the Denver delegates were sick and tired of nominating useless candidates who get ignored and laughed at.

And maybe some of the anti-Barr crowd has a genuine difference of opinion. (thought they haven't done their homework)

I think one can tell by the language used, and the tone of their postings, what camp they fit into.

That is if sweeping generalizations are correct and appropriate, which of course they aren't - FOR ANYONE.

Grow up people and get to work.

The only way to make Barr go away is to get RP the Republican nomination. Short of that, fat chance.

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