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How Do I get Tickets on the Main Floor?

Are there any sclapers working this yet. Or better some kindly soul who wants to sell me three for the main floor. -- Matt

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Become a Founding Father for

Become a Founding Father for only $10‚000

For a $10‚000 donation your organization will become a "Founding Father" of Campaign for Liberty and receive:

1) One 10x10 booth and a discount on a second booth

2) Sixteen (16) tickets to the Rally for the Republic - Four (4) premium seats‚ Twelve (12) general assigned seats.

3) Four (4) backstage passes (and special seating near the stage)

4) Hang your organization’s banner from a suite above the stage

5) One insert in a goodie bag for the State Leadership Summit

6) One full page advertisement in the event program

7) 60 second video/advertisement on the jumbotron above the floor

8) The emcee will mention your generosity on stage

9) Organization’s name will be listed on the electronic ticker around the arena

10) Listed on the event website (with your organization’s logo hyperlinked to your own website)

11) Other opportunities only granted to VIPs.

To become a Founding Father of the Campaign for Liberty please email donate@campaignforliberty.com or call 703.347.6886


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