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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Flashback: Here is another president who misunderstood the limits of presidential power. At least he paid the price for it. But Cheney & Rumsfeld served in his administration, and brought these ideas to the current administration.

In the Republic of the United States of America, all men are equal before the law. It is up to us to uphold that ideal.

Nary a peep about the impeachment hearings in the news, even from the "liberal" Huffington Post.

! ! D I G G - I T ! !

The entire hearing archive from CSPAN - here

Wexler wants REAL Impeachment Hearings Now. This comes to us via our good journalist neighbors to the north, Canada.

Olbermann video at AfterDowningStreet.org

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The unfortunate part is that most presidents seem to

embrace the statement as true. It usually only takes them, at most, a few hours to violate their oath of office, after having just sworn to that oath.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

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It's those damn signing statements

That's what I think and they should be forbidden. The law is THE law.

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Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

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His Papal-like infallibility implication

is so disgusting my mind actually involuntarily gives me a Dan Ackroydd mental image to psychologically cope with the insanity of such a statement.


when i put

my foot swiftly and directly up INTO your ass....

that means it is not illegal.......

nixon & LBJ must be the

nixon & LBJ must be the worst presidents in history.. right after the bushes..

Nixon Cheney et al... are lackeys

They are executing the plan.

They are part of process that has been going on for a very long time.

Blaming our position on Bush and Nixon and the rest of them gets us nowhere.

Bush leaves and the next goon is ready to replace him.

Nixon left and the next goon replaced him.


Our founders would VOMIT...

...if they heard this statement. This kind of abuse of the office is EXACTLY what our constitution was designed to avoid. But in the end, Nixon WAS dealt with accordingly. So now it's time for Bush to pay for his (even worse) abuse of the executive branch. At least no one died when Nixon usurped the constitution...


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I realize that this sounds extreme... as we have all been "conditioned" to raise our hand and politely ask questions, but it is time for extreme measures. I would consider it an honor to be jailed for "the cause". Call me crazy... or perhaps I am just fed up, but sitting around in our comfy homes chatting about our dismay is not going to get anything done.

Planned Ignorance

I think that many of the members of congress play ignorant during these dog and pony show hearings. They damn well know what powers they have. They always seem to act completely naive/ignorant/clueless as to what solutions they can use to solve the government corruption and incompetence. Now either these members of congress are complete morons or they act dumb during many of these hearings so that they don't really have to change things. Don't get me wrong I think it is great they have public hearings, but when a member of congress asks a witness whether or not the constitution allows this or that, as if congress actually looks to "we the people" for the answers, then there is something suspicious going on. These idiots better either learn the constitution or quit acting ignorant and actually start running this government constitutionally. We should all be outraged and have the guts to march on Washington D.C. and petition congress for a redress of grievances as stated in the 1st amendment, to fire the members of congress that are corrupt and unconstitutional. After all, every member of Congress swore an oath to uphold the constitution. It is justified.

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knowledge and understanding of the constitution be a job requirement? How do you take an oath to hold up something you do'nt know anything about?

Nothing in politics,happens

Nothing in politics,happens by accident. F.D.R.

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

I totally agree with the statement

When any of our presidents, within the past few decades do anything.. that means it's U.N. ILLEGAL. Since all they do is follow UN mandates!

Really odd

I didn't see all of the hearings but I find it really odd that I really didn't hear anything NEW from anyone. Nothing that I didn't already know. Nothing that hasn't been discussed right here on DailyPaul or elsewhere. On the other hand the Congressmen seemed to not have a clue. Most of them didn't seem to understand a thing about the Constitution or the responsibilities of their office. They acted like this was all new and strange to them. Like "Gee whiz, what are we supposed to do about it?"
Mr. Fein made it very clear that they should start Impeachment proceedings NOW. I doubt they even understood that.
I have long thought that we should require a basic intelligence test for anyone running for an office, particularly Congress. They should at least be able to pass 120. That would probably eliminate 90 percent of them.
As for your question.....
My computer won't let me view videos but I suppose you are referring to the stupid comment about when a President does something it's legal. As I said, that's stupid, but consider the source.
Any elected official should be held to at least the same laws that anyone else must abide by.

You really think they did

You really think they did not understand? I think it is feigned ignorance!!

I think they try to get away with it

by surrounding them selves with blind, ignorant people. Then when the shit hits the fan, they'll try to sneak out of the room with all the idiots. Don't let them get away with it.

There's little mention of

There's little mention of Impeachment from the "liberal" Hufington Post because the Huffington Post slurps Democratic Kool-Aid. If they harp on the "cowardly" (corrupt) Congressional Democrats and the "failure" (complicity) of Pelosi and Conyers to bring the Bush administration to justice (or stop kissing its behind)...fewer people will vote for Socialist Party A.

Party flacks on both sides are betrayers.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States



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Sending shivers down me

Sending shivers down me spine...not the fun kind

Dog and Pony show

At some point we have to realize, they are laughing their asses off at us.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

They are laughing at us!

I realized that this past week. They are thumbing their noses at us in public and laughing their heads off in privatte. Where do we go from here?

I've started yelling out my car or house window every few hours...This is MY country and I need it back NOW!.

I keep thinking I'll hear someone else but so far it seems strangly quiet out there.


HELLOOOOOOOOOO.WE'RE OUT HERE!!!! Just need more of us.

I think I just heard a faint scream....

Lemme shout it back at ya....
This is MY country and I NEED it back NOW!!!

Watergate was a side-show.

The greatest damage that son of a bitch did to our country was devaluing the dollar. He makes me wish I believed in hell.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

Another one

I ran across that Nixon quote one time and thought it to be befitting of him.Georges quote should be it doesn't matter what I do as long as I don't get caught and if I do what can they do anyway.

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Wexler Wants Real Impeachment Hearing Now


"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers