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Bob Barr Impeachement clips, DIGG!

BOB BARR- Impeachment hearing speech

Good to see Barr using humor in his statements that were DIGG!ed...


Opening Speech- Congressional Testimony of Executive Power

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Hooray for Ron Paul and Bob Barr!

Ron Paul and Bob Barr are really changing the public discourse this election cycle by emphasizing the importance of the US Constitution and individual liberty. Go Ron Paul and Bob Barr!

What does it do when you click bury?

Aku Soku Zan

Aku Soku Zan

please don't click bury

I'd rather see Barr articles over Obama or Mccain's anyday. Digg is full of Obama and Mccain crap, and i want people to know there is another choice. Please don't bury his stuff, we already have too many people fighting against third party candidates.

My first comment about

My first comment about Barr......

He Looks like a CAT.... Go away trolls. he is not liked, needed or wanted as President... He is the same old, same old....



Barr knows how to tell a joke? what??!