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Pro Impeachment AND Pro War???

The Congressional Lunatic Club?

Dear Freedom Friends,

House Resolution 362 was introduced on May 22 2008. As many of you already know, it authorizes the President to take whatever political, economic and diplomatic actions against Iran he deems necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear power. As Ron Paul has made abundantly clear, this resolution explicitly endorses not only the imposition of sanctions, but a naval blockade and embargo as well, all obvious acts of war. The resolution had 220 cosponsors and is currently in committee. Among these 220 are the 101 representatives named below. What distinguishes these from the others is that they also voted "Yea" on House Vote #492 (On Motion to Refer: H RES 1345 The Kucinich Resolution) sending an article of impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee.

If you find your Representative's name on this list you might want to call them and ask why they would want to grant the President the power to start another war whom they consider likely to be guilty of impeachable offenses. Perhaps it simply slipped their minds that they need to withdraw there sponsorship of H Resolution 362 and are waiting for a friendly reminder from their constituents. Three have already done so: Reps. Clay (MO 1), Allen (ME 1) and Cohen (TN 9). A thank you call for both their impeachment vote and their withdrawal of sponsorship of HR 362 might be in order.

Note that of the nine Republicans that garnered kudos for voting for the Kucinich measure, four also appear here as having voted for HR 362: Representatives Murphy (PA 18), Manzullo (IL 16), Reichart (WA 8) and Shays (CT 4) (Boo, hiss!). Representatives Frank (MA 4) and Wexler (FL 19) reportedly are seeking to remove the embargo provisos of HR 362 without withdrawing their sponsorship.

Best Wishes,

Chris Lewis

PS: Congratulations to the states that didn't make it onto the asylum list.


Davis, Arturo [D] AL-7


Mitchell, Harry [D] AZ-5

Pastor, Edward [D] AZ-4


Berry, Robert [D] AR-1

Ross, Mike [D] AR-4


Baca, Joe [D] CA-43

Costa, Jim [D] CA-20

Filner, Bob [D] CA-51

Harman, Jane [D] CA-36

Sanchez, Loretta [D] CA-47

Schiff, Adam [D] CA-29

Sherman, Brad [D] CA-27

Waxman, Henry [D] CA-30


Udall, Mark [D] CO-2


Courtney, Joe [D] CT-2

Shays, Christopher [R] CT-4


Boyd, F. Allen [D] FL-2

Brown, Corrine [D] FL-3

Castor, Kathy [D] FL-11

Hastings, Alcee [D] FL-23

Klein, Ron [D] FL-22

Mahoney, Tim [D] FL-16

Meek, Kendrick [D] FL-17

Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D] FL-20

Wexler, Robert [D] FL-19


Bishop, Sanford [D] GA-2

Johnson, Henry [D] GA-4

Marshall, James [D] GA-8

Scott, David [D] GA-13


Visclosky, Peter [D] IN-1


Costello, Jerry [D] IL-12

Davis, Danny [D] IL-7

Hare, Phil [D] IL-17

Jackson, Jesse [D] IL-2

Lipinski, Daniel [D] IL-3

Manzullo, Donald [R] IL-16

Schakowsky, Janice [D] IL-9


Cazayoux, Donald [D] LA-6


Allen, Thomas [D] ME-1 [withdrawn]

Michaud, Michael [D] ME-2


Hoyer, Steny [D] MD-5

Ruppersberger, C.A. Dutch [D] MD-2

Sarbanes, John [D] MD-3

Van Hollen, Christopher [D] MD-8


Frank, Barney [D] MA-4


Thompson, Bennie [D] MS-2


Carnahan, Russ [D] MO-3

Clay, William [D] MO-1 [withdrawn]

Cleaver, Emanuel [D] MO-5


Berkley, Shelley [D] NV-1

New Hampshire

Hodes, Paul [D]

New Jersey

Sires, Albio [D] NJ-13

Pallone, Frank [D] NJ-6

Rothman, Steven [D] NJ-9

New York

Ackerman, Gary [D] NY-5

Arcuri, Michael [D] NY-24

Bishop, Timothy [D] NY-1

Crowley, Joseph [D] NY-7

Gillibrand, Kirsten [D] NY-20

Higgins, Brian [D] NY-27

Lowey, Nita [D] NY-18

Maloney, Carolyn [D] NY-14

McCarthy, Carolyn [D] NY-4

McNulty, Michael [D] NY-21

Towns, Edolphus [D] NY-10

Weiner, Anthony [D] NY-9

North Carolina

McIntyre, Mike [D] NC-7

Shuler, Heath [D] NC-11


Jones, Stephanie [D] OH-11

Ryan, Timothy [D] OH-17

Space, Zackary [D] OH-18

Sutton, Betty [D] OH-13

Wilson, Charles [D] OH-6


Boren, Dan [D] OK-2


Altmire, Jason [D] PA-4

Brady, Robert [D] PA-1

Carney, Christopher [D] PA-10

Doyle, Michael [D] PA-14

Holden, Tim [D] PA-17

Murphy, Tim [R] PA-18

Schwartz, Allyson [D] PA-13

Sestak, Joe [D] PA-7

Rhode Island

Kennedy, Patrick [D] RI-1

Langevin, James [D] RI-2


Cohen, Steve [D] TN-9 [withdrawn]

Cooper, Jim [D TN-5

Davis, Lincoln [D] TN-4

Gordon, Barton [D] TN-6


Cuellar, Henry [D] TX-28

Gonzalez, Charles [D] TX-20

Green, Al [D] TX-9

Green, Raymond [D] TX-29

Johnson, Eddie [D] TX-30

Lampson, Nicholas [D] TX-22

Rodriguez, Ciro [D] TX-23


Matheson, Jim [D] UT-2


Dicks, Norman [D] WA-6

Reichert, Dave [R] WA-8

Smith, Adam [D] WA-9


Kagen, Steve [D] WI-8

Kind, Ronald [D] WI-3

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