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Liberty's Obituary

I write this letter in mourning and remembrance.

I mourn the death of our Beloved Republic.

A once proud and upstanding Lady is dying with the stroke of a pen, the greed of the elite, and the complacency of her people. You cannot look around you today and deny that there is a hollow where her heart once beamed.

The man at work to provide for his family is now a slave to the will of those we trusted. The wealth of our coffers has been squandered by a chosen few for the sake of power while we the people, as worms, crawl away in fear of their next move, and we are forced to work even harder just to survive. Their very eyes are in the hearts, minds and checkbooks of every American now, looking for an excuse to take us away, censor our beliefs and even slander us for what we know is right, and they mock us while we send our husbands, wives, children and old friends to fight for their cause, not ours. All of you look around, right now. Something is terribly wrong with this nation, wouldn’t you agree?

“This and no other is the root from which a Tyrant springs; when first he appears he is a protector,” said Plato. Are we truly being protected? FISA, Patriot Act, Victory Act, REAL ID… the list is endless, and growing by the day, all under the guise of ‘protecting the people.’ We cry out “No More!” with redresses of grievance, only to have them bite their thumb at us as they allow each other to escape. We the People attempted to bring them to justice, as is our right, only to see them ignore and ridicule us. Impeachment attempts have failed to bear fruit because our ‘trusted’ representatives follow the political doctrine of “I’ll be implicated as well.” Twice now, people have tried to make a citizen’s arrest on Karl Rove, who violated a subpoena for congressional hearings, and they themselves were arrested instead.

Are you angry yet? You should be. Look at what we have become. We are serfs, serving an ungrateful master under the lash of a whip. Long have I been patient and silent, but no more. I am come to you all today to offer you a choice. You can continue to let yourselves be bound and gagged by these grievous affairs and play at bureaucracy at the small price of failure and being ignored, or, I invite you to join me in this fight to keep our Lady alive. How, might you ask? Refuse to obey the master’s wishes. Rage against the tyranny that cowers in the marble palace. Take our Lady by the hand and let her know everything will be alright, and fight! When all peaceful means have failed, we have an obligation, a duty, a RIGHT to lash out. Let us raise our voices high and make “WE the People” have meaning once again.

Should you think me a madman, then I am simply here to deliver the last rites and Eulogy for our dying Lady.

Francis Marion

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Too much negativity.

America and liberty are nowhere close to dying. Could we use more liberty? Sure we could. That's what the political process is for.

There is still A LOT of freedom in this country. Take advantage of it. There are no shortage of opportunities to get rich and make something of yourself. Stop whining.

Don't blame me if there's no voice for liberty opposing McCain and Obama in the Presidential debates. I donated to Bob Barr's campaign.

Don't blame me if there's no voice for liberty opposing McCain and Obama in the Presidential debates. I donated to Ron Paul Libertarian, Bob Barr's campaign.

Things will not change

until we all see the same image. You don't have to go far to see everyones reality is different. Until we all see reality as it is things will not change.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

It's gone on for too long.

It's gone on for too long. We have the duty, the obligation, and the right to take our Country back.

"Doc" Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.