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Fugitive Rice Makes Narrow Escape

US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice met with Government leaders in Auckland today. Spurred on by a bounty of $10,000, 150 protesters challenged her presence in New Zealand. They called for her arrest under the Geneva Convention for war crimes and the sanctioning of torture.

There was chanting, speeches and an impressive US flag burning outside Government house where Rice was meeting with Clark and Peters. The speeches focused on Rice's support for the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, as well as the wider and more nonsensical 'War on Terror'; her sanctioning of torture and instrumental role in setting up Guantanamo Bay; and on what a bad idea a free trade agreement with the US would be. Then the crowd relocated to the Langham Hotel where Rice met with John Key.

Condoleezza Rice two days ago, under threat of legal action. However, the Students Association at Victoria University in Wellington doubled the price, offering $10,000 for a successful citizen's arrest. Although several people turned up to the demo with handcuffs, the chance to nab Rice didn't present itself. Police refused to cooperate in the arrest of this war criminal, giving the irrelavent excuse that she is a visiting dignitary.

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The "March Is On"!

Start raising these bounties 'n see what happens!

Or should it be though, bounties?

Either way I guess!


Here's the Rove article

Second Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests

and this one yesterday >>>
NZ students plan to arrest Condoleezza Rice


Now where will this war criminals hide when the world turns against them? the EU?


Could have been one down. Maybe make the others shake in their boots a little. What am I saying. They would just declare war on new Zealand. But hey .Go New Zealand! Let them nkow you know what kind of s*%t they are.

There was another...

story about people trying to make a citizen's arrest of Rove. I read it here on the DP last night. Looks like people are finally going after these criminals.