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A Call to Action - The Republican Party of Florida is Under Attack!

Below is part of an email being sent out by someone within the Republican Party of Florida. Apparently the sudden influx of conservative Republicans has them/him very distressed. This is being circulated around the state. There really is a lot of humor in this email.

Subject: Fw: Ron Paul activists

Subversive Ron Paul supporters (a coalition of Libertarians, liberals and malcontents) are infiltrating the Republican Party at the local Republican County Committee level.

They have already succeeded in getting large numbers of their conspirators elected as voting members in County Committees nationwide. They have given up the idea of a third party (The Libertarian Party). They have re-registered as Republicans and are trying to take over the Republican Party!

SOME of their goals are to end the war in Iraq , withdraw all our forces overseas, cut our military defenses and kill the Patriot Act. They oppose John McCain and would rather have Barrack Obama elected President Of The United States Of America.

We can not allow this in a critical Presidential Election Campaign.
1) Alert all loyal Republicans, County Committee members and Republican elected officials.
2) County Committee members must not vote in new members to fill vacancies unless they are vouched for by trusted people.
3) Fill all vacancies with new members who are fully screened and vetted. This will also strengthen the party for the Presidential Election.
4) All County Committee members MUST attend every meeting, be on time and not leave until the meeting is officially adjourned.
5) County Committee Chair Men and Women must study Roberts Rules of Order and their own By Laws and have expert advisors on hand.

I have been a conservative Republican activist since the early 1960's. I am a member of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee in Florida .

Ron Paul supporters have been at our meetings for the past year. I had hoped that at best they might make a positive contribution to the cause of freedom. Or at worst, fade away after being soundly rejected by Florida voters in the Primary Election.

Unfortunately quite a few had already been elected to fill vacancies on our committee. Just a few days ago on March 6th 2008 over a dozen more were elected to voting membership. I was alarmed but I had not prepared committee members or our Chairman because I thought their defeat in the Primary would end the problem. I have since learned from their forum posts that they had 42 people at the meeting. In addition they have been cultivating relations with our regular members and have probably subverted some of them.
For the past two days I have investigated the conspirators. Unfortunately I learned enough so far to know the problem is nationwide and very extensive.

See http://usavictory.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/a-call-to-action-...
These conspirators are completely detached from reality and very dedicated to their "cause". We can not work with them, we must defeat them.

I feel like I am caught in some bad grade B science fiction movie too fantastic to believe but I have seen it myself and it is all true.

Please alert every Republican Elected official, staff member, County Committee member and loyal Republican to this post and help them implement the solution that is outlined above.
For documentation, include a link to this post in your email: http://usavictory.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/a-call-to-action-...
Follow up with phone calls until you are sure the message has been received.

You can reach me by Email , Ron Redlich webmaster@USAvictory.com
Thank you for your help.

Ron Redlich
Commercial Real Estate
607 Gulf Land Drive Rock Springs Ridge CC
Apopka, FL 32712

See Mr. Redlich Here

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Yall know what would be

Yall know what would be really funny, plaster this thing on Digg and other social pages! ha ha that would be kinda funny! It would probably raise some eyebrows too-especially if it was titled with something to the effect of "Constitutionalists attack FL GOP" LOL

Geez, what a raving lunatic

Geez, what a raving lunatic conspiracy theorist.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

The link has this to say...

For info, contact:

Start your Subject with: USAvictory -

I can do that. :O)

"Alert all loyal Republicans..."

When all those that they believe to be "loyal Republicans" see how strong we are and how weak the existing Republican leadership is, they will get on board with the stronger team. And by strength I mean character. It is over for them, and they are beginning to shit in their pants.

Priceless :-)

If I were you, I'd have a little fun with the guy. Play along. Get as much info as you can on the neo-cons. Prepare a dossier on them. You get the idea right?

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."

All I can say is

GREAT JOB GUYS!!! The "problem" is nationwide and extensive. HA!

Yeah them darns Liberals

Like McCain who have took over the GOP. Darn those McCainites!!!

Man was born to be free and independent

Don't be mad...

be glad! If this letter is for real we've got them worried, really worried. ; )

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

Here's your guy's website


He claims to be a commercial real estate broker.....But his crappy website doesn't show that he has any actual listings. Wonder just how "successful" this guy is.

BTW, real estate agents got LOTS of bogus leads. Maybe this guy needs a few thousand of those to keep him busy at his non-job instead of hunting down RP supporters....?

That is too funny:

I looked in on their meetup group and there are 47 members listed. I think the Florida folks need to join that particular group plus give him a few thousand leads to keep him busy for a while.
They are having a meetup on the 31st

Winter Park Civic Center
1050 W Morse Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32789

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I'm afraid the same thing is happening in Nevada

Now that they have avoided the first legal hurdle I'm afraid the party fat cat's are going to get far more aggressive about screening us out and restricting our participation. When you cheat and get away with for as long as they have it just becomes second nature to lie.

BTW nice reply in the Reno

BTW nice reply in the Reno Gazeete

I'm fired up...

...and I'm tired of being lied to and lied about and being told that our perfectly legal majority vote doesn't mean a damn thing in this country anymore. The R3volution Continues!

He's investigating... that's a good sign...

"For the past two days I have investigated the conspirators. Unfortunately I learned enough so far to know the problem is nationwide and very extensive."

LOL... keep investigating buddy and you'll be a Ron Paul Republican too.
Let's hope anyway.

Maybe this is why my local REC is lookin at me weird and asking a ton of questions lol

I'm detecting a note of sarcasm

in this "call to action".


How dare he called us Liberals, in the Modern sense, when John McCain is the most liberal Republican I have ever seen!!!

I am mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. When will these brainwashed idiots wake UP!

Man was born to be free and independent

That is just too funny...

They referred to us as conspirators... I think their conspiracy theory tendencies are a good sign for truthers,,,

My thoughts exactly

Infamy, infamy they've all got it in-fa-me

You Are A Little Late Pal...

wait till the delegate revolt on the convention floor..this guys going to have a stroke...

This guy reminds me of J Edgar Hoover.

Paper Ballots,Hand Counted At The Precinct Or Bust

I hope you are right...

I've been considering getting involved in the local GOP and even put my name in for being a delegate, but "google" is a powerful tool for the neocon fool.

i suppose i should try for office in the local gop but maintain a guarded exposure to my platform...??

Oh I Hope SO...

I'm in Orange County Florida and thought that was a letter from Lew Oliver. We are making great gains here in Orlando. Come this December, I can't wait to see him take a big DUMP in his pants and run out with his thumb in his mouth. This man, a lawyer, is loathed by many.

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson

Pathetic little twit

Sure has his undies in a knot doesn't he.

I know, I know, "pray for those who despitefully use you"......etc.

Sometimes I think a slap up the side of the head would be more effective.

Sorry for the outburst

I try not to get involved in emotional tangles but this one got to me.

Please forgive my frustration.

Who's "detached from reality"

I truly don't even know how to respond to this mindset. He certainly is caught in a "bad B movie" one of his own making. Who are the paranoid, nutcases now? My goodness we are even "subverting" some of their members to our message of Liberty and Freedom. Damn we're good!!



For real?

Is this a joke? Either way it's funny.


the guy is acting like a terrified zebra being under attack by a lion.

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