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Brother, Can You Spare Two Billion Zimbabwe Dollars?

That's $0.11 US at current exchange rates. The Central Bank in Zimbabwe has just released a 100 Billion Dollar Note. That's $5.50 US. Please note that this article is not a parody.


And you thought Ben Bernanke was an asshole ;-)

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Like our friend

GREED says -- cash is the place to be.

"We're Rich! We're Rich!", said the Zimbabwean man at the ATM.


Lisa C.

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Hyperinflated Bump

For Gideon Gono, president of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."


Its not a parody.
Check out www.meetthefed.com

Gary Franchi and I managed to get an interview from the Chicago Fed's PR guy. He actually talks about the Zimbabwe dollar.
He also talks about a bunch of other stuff too. Most of it many of you probably already knew but its nice to hear it from the devil himself.

Brother, can I borrow two billion dollars?

Damn, man, I just gave you 6 billion dollars last week! Who the hell do you think I am, Bill Gates?


Eight Billion Zimbabwe Dollars is only $0.44 US. I'll pay you back when sanctions are lifted.

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."