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Secret Session before FISA legislation

Is it constitutionally moral to have such a session before this type of bill is debated?

I say no!

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I am not certain

that the Constitution and morality are directly related.

Personally, I do not think there should be secret meetings. But I know the government keeps secrets on national security for the protection of our troops. If I understood what they said correctly, anyone in that meeting can talk about anything that comes up in the meeting, they simply cannot state that it was covered in a secret meeting. Also, that anyone in that meeting can draw conclusions from the meeting and state those conclusion, presumably without referring to the meeting. Under those circumstances, I am not at all sure why it would be necessary to have a secret meeting at all.

For me, it is a matter of trust. I trust Dr. Paul to go into a secret meeting and I hope he did. Kucinich chose not to do so and I respect that decision, but I want my man to know what is going on.