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Rember Ron Paul In Minneapolis in February - Watch This!

there were around 5000 on hand at U of MN to hear RP speak
the day before (what they call) super tuesday...

the place is electric - alot of enthusiasm ....

our hope is that the flame hasn't gone out in Minneapolis
and when the Rally for the Repbublic comes to your backyard
in September - all of you patriots will be there to help lead the

watch this great video - Start at around 2:45 into the vid. Enjoy!


Anyone from Minnesota here?

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I was at this event, it was

I was at this event, it was awesome. He let us Veterans sit up front.

Absolutely One Of The Best...

McAipac could never get this many people together or get this kind of response.

My hope that McAipac is no longer requiring oxygen by Sept 1st.Maybe a paranoid Obama will get to him...

Paper Ballots,Hand Counted At The Precinct Or Bust

My favorite part: So you're

My favorite part:

So you're watching the video and you see some press conferences where the question keeps coming up, "Why are you campaigning in a small state at this important time?"

Then you see the auditorium at full capacity with energy 1000 times what McCain could generate on his best day, and the answer is clear.

Good post!

great post

I remember that very vividly having been just to the north of the border in Winnipeg Canada visiting my parents and we had Minnesota tv channels and saw reports.It was very uplifting.

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Bump Again

i figure if this topic was good enough to be used on the CFL site
it has to be ok for RP
Thanks Michael for using the idea on CFL

Anyone from Minnesota here on DP

let's here from the 4 or 5000 in attendance in February
are any of you coming to the Rally in September?


this is too good to miss!