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"In July of 2008, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was reported to have made plans for a keynote address on transatlantic relations at the Brandenburg Gate, during his visit to Germany on July 24th. After objections from German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the site should only be reserved for very special occasion addresses by politicians, and only by elected American presidents, the Obama campaign decided to hold the address at the Berlin Victory Column."-from wikepedia.

the brandenburg gate is the symbol of the holy roman empire (a roman catholic church state. a european union). napolean tried to restore it with his second reich. hitler with his third reich. Hitler went to napoleans grave and stood their for half the day no doubt thinking he was about to finish what napolean almost accomplished. obamas speech was on uniting the united states or the north american union with the european union. this is more than likely why the brandenburg gate was obamas first choice for his speech as the eu is the fourth reich. the gate seems to be a symbol to internationalists in a similair way as the wailing wall is a shrine to the Jews.

"The Brandenburg Gate appears on the obverse of the 50, 20 and 10 cent German euro coins...
The Brandenburg Gate's design has remained essentially unchanged since its completion even as it has played different political roles in German history. After the 1806 Prussian defeat at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, Napoleon took the Quadriga to Paris. After Napoleon's defeat in 1814 and the Prussian occupation of Paris by General Ernst von Pfuel, the Quadriga was restored to Berlin and Viktoria's wreath of oak leaves was supplemented with a new symbol of Prussian power, the Iron Cross.

When the Nazis ascended to power they used the Gate as their symbol.

roman empire rules today is a must see movie. it will give you information on the european union that you have not seen. especially the religion of the e.u. Do a google video search for roman empire rules today-The New World Order. Make sure your tray is in the upright and locked posistion, your seatbelt is fastened ,then be ready for the takeoff. the statue of charlegmane behind the leaders at the signing of the treaty of rome is eerie. great info about half way through.

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links? citations?

links? citations?

There is some truth to this.

I am a proud Roman Catholic. I love the church, the Vatican and the Pope (he is infalable). And I am also well aware (well as aware as any who believes there is a global conspiracy) about the Vatican's role in the nwo.

I heard an interview with some guy on the Alex jones show who put like this: Obama's visit to europe was to show the powers that be that he could unite europe. Unite europe behind a NAU, an EU, the UN... maybe even unite them in a war against russia. And for all intents and purposes... this is true, as obama is many times more popular than mccain in europe.

If you believe in alternative news (ie conspiracies), then you cannot exclude that world religions are playing into it.

Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis

Never ceases to amaze me....

How "saved" Christians use a Catholic Doctrine (The Bible) to beat up Catholics. Go Figure!

Thank you Montana....

I watched this post go ON and ON and ON when it came out and then realized that it was mostly the POSTER him/herself keeping it alive and continuing with their "book" of fear and hate. Fortunately it doesn't seem to generate much interest among those on the forum other than with the poster.

What matters now - for the future - is individual freedom..... and that includes the freedom to practice whatever "religion" of "faith" gives your life inspiration and meaning. So long diatribes against the thing that may give some people meaning in their lives is NOT a way to unite a freedom movement.

Attacks on anyone's FAITH whether it be the Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Christians, etc. is an attack on the very thing that inspires their soul. The ORGANIZATIONS are all made up of humans and may have made mistakes, but this thread goes way too far and is clearly not that uplifting to many, since it receives so few responses (other than the poster).

Lets hope that the "book" ends soon. Clearly ruckmanite is passionate about this and has what he/she feels is a "mission". But perhaps he/she doesn't realize just how offensive this post is to many. Holding deep personal beliefs is fine but if they are non-productive and only spread anger and poison I don't see the point in having this on the Daily Paul.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

online ebook called'

online ebook called' germanys four reichs' at www.englishdemocraticparty.org.uk/attachments/atta...
slams the e.u.



Lisa C.

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what religion claims the

what religion claims the most members of congress? Roman catholic. they have 130 congressman now.

The Popish Plot Exposed by Rome Herself

Chapter 3

That the Church of Rome should desire to recover the power she lost over our land at the Reformation is natural. For years she has plotted and planned to wipe out that great defeat. The whole history of our country is a history of carefully plotted schemes of the Popes of Rome to once again exercise full power over this Realm. Time after time the Church of Rome has tried to re conquer England and Scotland and Wales but she has met with no success. The bloody deeds of Mary and the perfidity of the Stuart Monarchs failed, and Protestantism became even more firmly seated than ever in our island home. About the middle of the last century, however, a new endeavour by the Pope was commenced. Its aim was to accomplish what past efforts had failed to do. Pope Pius IX sent Cardinal Wiseman and a number of Bishops to take what he called “ecclesiastical possession” of England. Of course there was great resentment at the Pope’s orders and the bombastic impertinence of the Cardinal in attempting to carry them out. But, as England had passed liberal laws the Roman Catholic Church went on its way unmolested. Of the Cardinal’s aims and intentions, of the plot that Rome had hatched for the destruction of our nation there is no secret. The purpose, the revealed and openly declared purpose, was to re conquer England for Rome.

Cardinal Manning, an eager convert to the Roman faith, continued what Wiseman commenced. He declared openly his great objective and the objective of the Vatican. Addressing his clergy he uttered the following words words worthy of careful, continual and earnest consideration:

“It is good for us, reverend brothers, to be here in England. If ever there was a country in which there is much to do, and perhaps much to suffer, it is here. I shall not say too much if I say that it is for us to subjugate and subdue, to conquer and to rule, an imperial race. We have to do with a will which reigns throughout the world, as the will of old Rome reigned once; and it is for us to bend or break that will, which nations and kingdoms have found invincible and inflexible. Were heresy conquered in England, it would be conquered throughout the world. All its lines meet here; therefore, in England the church of God must be gathered in all its strength. You have a great commission to fulfill, and great is the prize for which you strive. Surely a soldier’s life and a soldier’s heart would choose by institution this field of England for the warfare of the faith.”

Notice Rome’s official exposure of her own plot. What is the purpose of the Church of Rome in England? To have greater liberty or a larger faith, or spread her message to those whom she feels are in darkness? It is none of those things. Her self declared purpose is to conquer England, not to convert by persuasion, not to lead out of darkness into light, but rather “to subjugate and to subdue, to conquer and to rule”. Surely we must try and understand the inwardness of the words of Cardinal Manning. When Cardinal Manning died Vaughan took up his work. The great Cathedral at Westminster owes its existence largely to the prelate who never tired of urging his disciples to spare no effort to win England, and who apparently never gave up the hope that his purpose would be accomplished.

There is no doubt about it that Rome is straining every nerve to make this Protestant land of ours yield to the claims she asserts. Of course, she wears the velvet glove over the hand of steel, and hopes that people who have short memories in relation to the great facts of history will not see the steel but it is there nevertheless. We got a glimmer of it when, on the B.C.C., St. John Stevas M.P. noted Roman Catholic politician, stated that he would like to put those who protested against the proposed visit of the Pope in Liverpool, into prison. Shades of old persecuting Rome!

The purpose of the Pope’s visit to this land is no secret. He himself has stated in the Catholic Herald that the object of his visit is to bring the Church of England back into the Roman fold, “This is the real aim and objective of my visit”. That is why we are seeing the relationship between Her Majesty’s Government and the Vatican raised by the appointment of full ambassadors. Take careful note, it wasn’t the Foreign Office that made the announcement. Remember, the Vatican made the announcement first. It should have been announced simultaneously if protocol had been guarded, but protocol with England, as far as the Vatican is concerned, is completely ignored. The Church of Rome is in a grave conspiracy to overthrow the Protestant Constitution of our land, and the aim of the Pope’s visit as declared by himself is to destroy forever the Protestant nature of the Reformed Church of England establish by Law, because he knows if he can achieve this then the Throne itself falls an easy prey to the Vatican. If the Church becomes part of the Roman Catholic system, then the Queen, as Head of that Church, automatically becomes a Roman Catholic, and the whole Government of our land is destroyed.

Then, let us have done with allusions. The proud boast of a free people - “That no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State or Potentate have or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this Realm of England” - has become a mere dead letter. So has also the Act of Settlement! The glory is departed. The arrogant behest of the successor of Hildebrand is obeyed by the English Government. A divided allegiance is proclaimed almost from the very steps of the Throne, even among those august persons its natural guardians, the peers of the Realm. They are not wanting some who think it no shame to profess that their first allegiance is paid to the Pope and only their second to the Queen. Some years ago such instances would have been pronounced exceptional if not mythical, but the Papal aggression and its victories have changed all that. The rising tide of Popery has swept away all the old landmarks, and the men who obtained political power by swearing that they would never use it for the subversion of the Protestant institutions of the Empire have already after the fashion of their faith discarded the obligations of their oath. No wonder many years ago Lord John Russell, Prime Minister of England, had to say, “There is an assumption of power in all the documents which have come from Rome a pretention to supremacy over the Realm of England, and acclaim to sole and undivided sway, which is inconsistent with the Queen’s supremacy, with the rights of our bishops and clergy, and with the spiritual independence of the nation, asserted even in Roman Catholic times”.

‘The Tablet’, the most powerful and potent organ of Rome in the land, spelt out the attitude the official attitude of the Roman Catholic Church - to the laws and constitution of our country on the jurisdiction of the Pope:

“Neither in England nor in Ireland will the Roman Catholics obey the law, that is, the law of the Imperial Parliament. They have, or are likely to have, before them two things called laws, which unhappily (or happily) contradict each other. Both cannot be obeyed, and both cannot be disobeyed. One of them is the law of God the other is not law at all. It pretends to be an Act of Parliament; but in the ethics of legislation it is no more force or value that a solemn enactment that the moon is made of green cheese. It is not a law but a lie, a Parliamentary lie, which its very utterers know to be false, and which they deliberately put forward as a falsehood, careless of contempt and ignominy, so that they can retain their hold of office. Of these two things we need hardly say which will be obeyed and which disobeyed. The law of God that is the Pope’s command will be or rather has been and is being carried into effect: the Parliamentary lie will be spit upon and trampled underfoot and treated as all honest men treat a lie that is rigorously disobeyed.”

Reiterating the same Roman Catholic teaching the Catholic ‘Vindicator’ said: “Rather than that our loyalty to the Holy Apostolic See should be in the least degree tarnished let ten thousand kings and queens perish that is let them be deposed from their throne and become mere individuals. When the Pope and the Queen are placed in antagonism to each other as has been done lately and it is intimated that Her Majesty would not accept a divided allegiance we are compelled to say plainly which allegiance we consider the most important, and we would not hesitate to tell the Queen to her face that she must either be content with this divided allegiance or none at all. Let us never forget that whatever her boasted authority may be it is as nothing and less than nothing compared to that of the Vicar of Christ”.

Cardinal Manning in this connection put forth clearly and explicitly the claims of the Roman Pontiff: “In Christ’s right I am Sovereign. I acknowledge no civil superior: I am the subject of no Prince, and I claim to be the supreme judge on earth, the director of the consciences of men: of the peasant that tills the field and the Prince that sits on the Throne: of the household that sits in the shade of privacy and the legislator that makes laws for the kingdom. I am the last sole supreme judge on earth of what is right and wrong”. It is this Papal usurper that the Roman hierarchy and the British Government would foist upon the nation for its adulation and homage. By her own words her plots are discovered, and by her own confession her purposes are revealed. We must bend all our efforts to keep the Church of Rome from achieving her great goal, the re conquering of our nation. What a dreadful scene is being enacted before us. England meanly submitting to be again enslaved by Rome"-IANPAISLEY.ORG.

I wouldn't worry

about losing your country to Catholicism as Rome has LONG lost the Catholic faith!

What JPII and Ratzinger/Benedict XVI have promoted is a one-world "religion" that is certainly not Catholic, but an amalgamation of all the religions of the world mixed up as "one".....something warm and fuzzy that would be pleasing to all.

As the elite which included JPII and BXVI, have been promoting a one-world government over the years, they have burrowed into Rome to first destroy the Catholic faith and then substitute the mess we have now in its place whilst the public lay asleep. Don't for a minute think there wasn't a purpose in infiltrating and turning the clergy into deviates and then ignoring all the victims!

With that accomplished, both the one-world government and the one-world religion will be ready to foist upon us all! You're seeing the implementation of it now.

Oh joy!

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom." Patrick Henry

online e-bookPAX GERMANICA

online e-book
PAX GERMANICA & U.S. OF EUROPE OR A NEW WORLD ORDER www.originofnations.org/HRP_Papers/NWO%20or%20Pax%Samuel Pufendorf

'That explains why Europe-wide coalitions were formed to defeat Charles V, Louis XIV and Napoleon. The latter all sought to replace the system of independent states with a new empire like that of Rome.

Their attempts to grab power also explain why, in the 17th century, Samuel Pufendorf wrote that all European states were “obliged to oppose with all their power” what he called “the monarchy of Europe — or the universal monopoly — this being the fuel with which the whole world may be put to flame.” '- Globalist Perspective > Global History
New World Empire Vs. New World Order

By Michael Lind | Thursday, August 01, 2002

Blair-faced Liars: Blair, Clinton and the New World Order
"Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." — Habakkuk 2:2
Professor Arthur Noble

"What Tony Blair is really doing, says Pierce, is ushering in the [resurrection of the] 'Holy' Roman Empire. This is entirely consistent with our analysis that the real aim of the European Union is a United Roman Catholic States of Europe, which was the ideal pursued by Pius XII through his Concordat with Adolf Hitler. In a remarkable speech given in French in 1975, Pope Paul VI said that it was "the [Roman] Catholic faith that made Europe" and added: "No other human force in Europe can render the service that is confided to us, promoters of the faith, to awaken the Christian soul of Europe, where its unity is rooted." [Reported in The Reformer, January/February, 1976. Note that it is a "human" force, not one of God.]

It is the Papacy that is behind the drive for European unity. The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) once remarked: "The Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof." [Leviathan, Part 4, Chapter 47 (1651).] The Microsoft Encarta Encyclopaedia 99 article on the Roman Empire states:

"It was the [Roman Catholic] Church, more than anything, that was the real heir of the Empire, and which was able to provide a measure of continuity after the collapse of temporal power and civil administration."

(editors note the law system of the e.u. is ROMAN LAW! see movie at youtube 'rome rules today'.which has been non-existent for centuries except in the vatican. hows tha for " a measure of continuity" of civil administration"? sounds like their getting ready to merge huh?

The Papacy continued to be based in Rome and to exert enormous authority over most of Europe, keeping alive not only many of the ideas of the Roman world but also a sense of a wider community which looked to the ancient city for support and leadership."

The dream of re-establishing that Empire has never been abandoned. Napoléon and Hitler failed in their attempts. The late Enoch Powell alluded in the Evening Standard (December 2, 1987) to a "profound rearrangement now taking place" involving the "dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance versus Warsaw Pact confrontation" and resulting in an arrangement which would "reappear like some submerged landscape revealed when the floodwaters fall, an older pattern, which previous generations would have no difficulty in recognising. [...] Its old name is Holy Roman Empire." The comparison is strongly reminiscent of the Biblical prophecy in Revelation 17:8 of a beast ascending out of a bottomless pit."..."Significantly, the recent peregrinations of the present Pope have concentrated on the countries of the Middle East whose territory would be needed to re-establish the former Roman Empire which extended east and south of the Mediterranean, called by the Romans mare nostrum ('our sea'). Already in 1988, when the Pope addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the question of why a spiritual leader was concerned with advocating political unity was analysed by the Sunday Telegraph [July 1, 1991]:

"He is calmly preparing to assume the mantle which he solemnly believes to be his Diving Right – that of new Holy Roman Emperor, reigning from the Urals to the Atlantic."

The Pope's plan to recover the Vatican's European losses necessary for reconstructing the Empire is being graciously facilitated by Tony Blair, who is on record for his 'closeness' to Romanism and is handing the United Kingdom to the Vatican on a plate, whitewashing Irish terrorism, destroying British national identity and sending our troops to fight against our Serb allies of World War II. At the same time, Clinton, who has been photographed taking the Papist mass, is conditioning Americans for the Vatican's planned subsequent move – to rule the world by Romanising America.

Returning to the article by Pierce, we find him mentioning two further significant things which Blair and Clinton have in common apart from their association with the shady Church of Rome. One is that they are both Bilderbergers – members of that exclusive club of the most influential and fanatical New Order promoters steered by the Illuminati, a secret fraternal society with origins in 16th-century Spanish Roman Catholic mysticism. The Illuminati (Italian for 'enlightened ones') – in Spanish Alumbrados – were so called because they claimed to have seen the light, to have had a vision of the divine and to be in direct communication with the Holy Spirit. Interestingly, the Encyclopaedia Britannica states that they "came primarily from among the reformed Franciscans and the Jesuits". As we know, Clinton was educated at the Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C."...Scrutiny of Bilderberg Conference membership reveals that it is infested with Jesuits and Nazi sympathisers. The conferences were initiated by the Roman Catholic Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and took their name from the hotel in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek, where the first conference was held in 1954. Significantly, Prince Bernhard himself was an officer in Heinrich Himmler's SS (the Schutzstaffel) in Nazi Germany. The London Times, in its Diary of May 24, 1995 [p. 16], reported that Tony Blair, with concern about sleaze in mind, belatedly listed in the updated Register of Members' Interests a visit which he made in 1993 to the Bilderberg Conference in Athens as Shadow Home Secretary.1 Blair, despite his initial feigned hesitancy on the single currency, has in reality always been an ardent advocate of it. It is no accident that the Portman Papers [Vol. 1. No 6] described the single currency as "Bilderberg treason" and warned that it "means the end for Britain".

The Bilderbergers are widely reported to have been involved in the overthrow of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (now Lady Thatcher) after she returned from an EMU discussion in Rome proclaiming: "I refuse to hand over this sovereign nation to thirteen unelected bankers!"

"Ordinary people," say the Portman Papers [ibid.], "do not know Bilderberg exists, and hence are powerless to scrutinise the highly questionable activity of this treasonous, corporatist oligarchy of influence.

1 Proof of Mr. Blair's attendance at Bildersberg (at first undeclared and then admitted following a complaint) is provided in paragraphs 1, 5 and 7 of the Appendix to the Third Report of the Select Committee on Standards and Privileges, published in Hansard, to which we provide the following link: www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/cm199798/cmsel... "

"The Roman Church is founded

"The Roman Church is founded on a political dogma claiming that the Pope is 'supreme ruler of the world'; superior to all kings, prime ministers and presidents. These spiritual and temporal claims remain very much fundamental dogmas of Catholic teaching, permitting the Pope, through Cardinal Ratzinger, the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to issue clear directives to Catholic politicians on how they should vote. Since their obedience is considered a 'moral duty', devolve everything to the overwhelmingly Catholic European Council of Ministers, Commission and Parliament, and the ultimate Caesar is the Pope.

Such would be the fulfilment of a Sunday Telegraph article (21 July 1991) which stated: 'Karol Wojtyla is calmly preparing to assume the mantle which he solemnly believes to be his Divine Right - that of new Holy Roman Emperor, reigning from the Urals to the Atlantic.' The Catholic Church is achieving this through its political wings - the Christian Democrat and Christian Socialist parties - with the EU's 'Founding Fathers' now reaping the ultimate reward: sainthood. The Pope has beatified Alcide De Gasperi, Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer for founding the Union 'on Roman Catholic principles'. A supporter of their canonisation said it shows that Europe 'was built upon a rock', adding, 'I think that the European Union is a design not only of human beings but of God.' The very act of bestowing sainthoods on politicians is purposely designed to inculcate that European unification is God's will, and that those who lead it govern by divine right."

An expose of the Opus Dei

An expose
of the Opus Dei and other groups being formed to counter the left may be found in
books such as The Pope’s Armada and Their Kingdom Come.23 You will also find
that the Pope has hit out against Buddhism and "the return of gnostic ideas under the
guise of the so-called New Age" in his remarkably forthright book Crossing the
Threshold of Hope.24 It should also be realised that the Catholic Church have their
own variant for a new world order - a Catholic order. Writing on "Who Leads the New
World Order?" in Liberty magazine, Clifford Goldstein astutely notes:
"The pope, obviously, has a spiritual vision for the new world order.
Unlike other leaders fuzzily conjecturing about the new world order,
John Paul has a Christian vision. The pope believes that neither
oppressive Marxism, with its godless ideology, nor materialistic
capitalism, with its financial inequities, is an acceptable system … the
pope envisions a new world order centered and dependent upon
Christ."25-PAX GERMANICA & U.S.
By C

"the greatest Catholic superstate the world has ever known"

"the greatest [Roman] Catholic superstate the world has ever kno
On July 27th, 2008 ruckmanite says:
the site where you can find this article is www.ianpaisley.org. He was a former member of parliament who protested the popes visit their and got thrown out. a good PROTESTant.

EU: (4) Destroying our Protestant Heritage and enslaving us again to Rome

The European Union
Professor Arthur Noble
British History – a constant struggle against the Papacy

From the Magna Carta through the Gunpowder Plot to Hitler's Concordat with the Vatican, British history has been a constant struggle for the freedom of our Nation from the domination and jurisdictional claims of the Papacy, pursued through numerous plots and in various guises. The Reformation finally won for us liberty of faith and conscience, freedom of discussion and freedom of the press; and when the principles of the Bible regulated all our actions and legislation, unparalleled social blessings and political greatness followed. The ensuing Williamite Revolution Settlement enshrined the Constitutional principle of the Monarch as Defender of the Protestant Faith.

Rome is attacking us again

Today an apostate England, the "Mary's Dowry" freed from the Vatican in the sixteenth century, is being reclaimed by a resurgent Church of Rome with a new face but unchanged dogmas. She lurks behind the so-called Ecumenical Movement which is inextricably linked with the present attempt to set up a United States of Europe. Developments in Europe were not planned to end with merely economic and political union. Their ultimate goal was revealed in the Papal encyclicals of Pius XII and John XXIII: Europe would become "the greatest [Roman] Catholic superstate the world has ever known", "the greatest single human force ever seen by man", united within the ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire by the common spiritual bond of religion. The Papal Nuncio in Brussels describes the EU as "a [Roman] Catholic confederation of States".

Let us now take a peek at

Let us now take a peek at the history of the Holy Roman Empire. The following is
taken in its entirety from the Encarta Encyclopedia:
Although he was not legally leader of the Holy Roman Empire as such, in spirit
Napoleon fulfilled the role of a leader of Holy Roman Empire in the west30 (AD1804-
1814/15) and even considered himself to be the successor to Charlemagne31. But
Napoleon was never permitted to gain control of the official Imperial Insignia. Francis
II rescued them from Aachen and Nuremberg where they were whisked to various
destinations before ending up in Vienna in 1801. On 6 August 1806 Francis II
illegally32 abolished the Holy Roman Empire to prevent Napoleon taking possession
of it (he previously created the Austrian Empire which later became known as the
Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was continuum of the eastern half of the Roman
system.33) (see Appendix 1 for a list of Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire). The
Empire had thus split into two clear halves: France and the German Confederation of
the Rhine in the West and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the East. Historian Heer
labels this Empire as a ’secret Holy Roman Empire’34 which was finally destroyed in
1918. In other words it continued underground and in spirit for decades - the Beast
system continued in the East after the Western part fell with Napoleon.
The northern and western parts began to revive with Bismarck absorbing the lands
which were part of the Confederation of the Rhine and allied with the AustroP
ax Germanica or a New World Order?
Hungarian Empire. After World War II, for decades Europe, under the control of
Russia in the East and dominated by America in the West, has been kept from
restoring her vast Empire. Memories are fading in the Anglo-Saxon nations of our
traditional enemies: the Holy Roman Empire, Germany and the Austro-Hungarian
Empire which has led to our politicians lending support toward a United Europe,
which, they believe, will assist in building a world superstructure, when, in fact, it will
turn upon them.
It may not be of coincidence that the Holy Roman Empire disappeared from view
during the years of the rise of Britain and America, the very nations which smashed
its seeming attempts at world conquest in World Wars I and II.
Napoleon convinced the German princes to quit the Holy Roman Empire and come
together as the Confederation of the Rhine which included much of southern
Germany (his Empire would never have survived if the Rhineland German states did
not join in his system) which resulted in him absorbing much of the western part of
the Holy Roman Empire. He divorced his first wife, Josephine, and married the
Archduchess Marie Louise, daughter of Emperor Francis II of Austria in 1810. Their
son became the ’King of Rome’ and imperial eagles and banners were adorned upon
his cradle.35 One historian actually states that:
"After the French Revolution … Napoleon (allied with the Hapsburgs)
set out to recreate the Holy Roman Empire".36
Another says:
"Francis I, Louis XIV, Napoleon, saw themselves as the Holy Roman
Empire's legitimate heirs. Popes waged a thousand-year-long battle
with emperors for the right to Rome."37

Lets keep discussion to the PHILOSOPHY of freedom

Although I appreciate the long hours that "ruckmanite" has put into this post I think in general it would be best to steer away from long ranting dissertations on people's religions.

I must say that reading all of this and seeing the obvious vitriolic hatred of the Catholic Church reminded me exactly of how my neocon family talks about the dangerous Muslims and how they want to take over the earth and kill EVERYONE... and how we must eliminate them before they eliminate us. And one must remember that a large part of the "go kill all the Muslims and save Israel" movement comes from NON organized Christian faiths. I have actually found it rather ironic that the Catholic Church is constantly criticized for A) the Crusades and B) the Inquisition, and yet today many "Christians" are promoting the same "crusades" in the Middle East, and the same "Inquisition" toward those who question the validity of the war.

This movement is about individual freedom. "Paulites" clearly come in all colors, and run the gamut from Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Evangelicals Hindus, Atheists and more. Our personal spiritual beliefs are what give our life purpose and meaning. The FREEDOM to HOLD those beliefs, and allow all others to hold theirs is exactly what we are fighting for in the Campaign for Liberty.

I would just suggest that we keep our personal hatreds to ourselves and try to see the issues as FREEDOM issues... PHILOSOPHICAL issues rather than lumping "groups" together as targets for annihilation. That is exactly how all of our problems start in the first place.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I agree and many of us are tired

of the fighting among ourselves. Regardless of our disagreements, let's work together to regain our freedom.

Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

They are all linked -

NWO encompasses all areas - plans for one world government, education, economy, and religion.
Religion is an important part of their plans because they are aware that freedoms granted to Man by God must be covered up and snuffed out by their dictated "harmonious" religion. They are counting on the fact that the god they create will not judge (them) and will not love and protect their innocent unwilling victims.
They have one monster surprise coming I would say.

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

yes this is not an attempt

yes this is not an attempt to cause friction. Americans have short memories. We MUST not forget that the chains our forefathers broke belonged to popery as well as the British. The British desire to have the "colonies" back in now and so does to borrow a phrase from martin luther "his hellishness". I dont want to make this an ongoing post here but I do want to hopefully awaken a few rapidly to the fact that our rear guard is asleep and needs recruits to watch what americas enemy is doing . God bless everyone at the daily paul.

I can see that side of it

I can see that side of it but with all the press on the polical side of the e.u. their is very little on the religious side of it. Even in the patriot press!
Some people would like to segragate religion into an area that deals with just spiritual matters. But the world is does not work that way. Religion is an extremely important matter, everywhere. If for example the anti-eu people were to ignore religion and fight on strictly a political front religion will sneak up behind them and kick them in the pants. If we are going to fight we must KNOW who the opposistion is. they are many and varied to be sure. if no one was watching the faithbased infiltrators on the eu side they could easily split the voters in say the green party and get them focused on local issues only. If this was entirely succesful some of the Irish may not have showed up to vote against the e.u. treaty. This is not about attacking individuals who are catholics. It is about exposing what the Vatican SAYS IN ITS OWN PUBLICATIONS. For example if it were more widely known that the main reason nato attacked the serbs was to get rid of em and run em out of town , kill them because they are noncatholic and cause problems for the pope and the e.u. enough pressure could have been created to stop the slaughter or save some lives at the least. Nato was under alot of pressure because the cold war was over and thus the reason for their existence no longer existed. what did they do ron pauls new book tells us they attacked a non agressive nation. the globalists say things like "their are four fronts the political the social the military and the religious. they are right and we ignore that at our peril.

p.s. I think i should reply

p.s. I think i should reply to someones post here that i do not wish to "eliminate" catholics. I would like to see them led to salvation though.

p.s. I think I should reply

We wish the same for you.

Lets just get one thing straight.

OBAMA does not make decisions. He is told what to do and what to say and is handed a daily script. That perpetratin fraud can't wipe his butt without permission from the POPE!

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?



That comment is way too long

That comment is way too long IMHO - it even messed up my screen display.
Please just provide links or smaller quotes to keep the site more user-friendly or manageable..
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

sorry about that ms

sorry about that ms davenport quess i got kinda carried away.


Just get Tim McHyde's book and I'll forgive you lol

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Going their now mam with a

Going their now mam with a name like ms davenport i feel like i should put an apple on your desk.lol

I see your Bible doesnt have

I see your Bible doesnt have any dust on it.

It's always on the

It's always on the hectic/tired days when I think I want to put off reading, I force myself and a few minutes later I'm so glad I did.
The Word is so vast...but I try to plug away...Tim really puts things into perspective as he has the intelligence and time to do some very good writing.
I credit (and have thanked) him for changing the way in which I read now.
You'll see what I mean if you read about his "keys" - at least, that's the way a few of us have reacted to his insights.

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

I will try to find out what

I will try to find out what i can. quess it has something to do with keeping things in context?.

It has to do with taking

It has to do with taking things more literally - except in those instances where God or Jesus has announced that it is a parable.
When people start "interpreting" - that's how all the bizarre ideas come about. When you see the overall picture and take it at face value you really begin to learn about the mind of God (and His heart too of course).

I just see that you are seeking His truth, and even though I've "believed" my whole life, I believe it is no accident that it was just a few months ago that I stumbled upon Tim's stuff. I believe God wanted me to see more of His plan.

I think you will sleep a little better at night after reading Tim - and the Bible in a different light.
There are so many intricacies and prophesies in the Word - I do not believe there is any way for mere man to have written it.
God bless -

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *