Ron Paul on ABC's "This Week" Sunday 7/8

Ron Paul will be on "This Week" this Sunday, and interviewed for 15 minutes by ABC News' chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos. Sunday morning, July 8.

Link to ABC News, This Week

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Money = Support

I guess they see $$ as an indication of support...which is sad. But that's the way it works.

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i think if all the ron paul suporters watch this interview,(and i know they will) it will boost thier ratings. this might work in our favor because if ron paul makes for good ratings he may get more offers for more interviews. i strongly suggest writing to abc and thanking them after the interview. if they get swamped with thank you mail they will have him on again and maybe other msm channels will jump on the bandwagon for ratings as well. good things happen when your nice.

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I agree

And also be sure to click on their website links & advertisers. They track stuff like that with sophisticated analysis software, and everything does come down to the bottom line. This is 21st century America, after all. They'll be happy to post more Ron Paul stories if they see increased traffic flow.

He's the man.

2nd Quarter Funds

It seems that Ron Paul's going to announce how much he's raised for the second quarter during this interview:


Interesting, CFR and

Interesting, CFR and Bilderburg member interviewing their nemesis Ron Paul.

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Thomas Jefferson

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Careful Dr Paul!

I agree, Ron is walking into the lion's den on this interview. This should be good.

Is our only hope for true

Is our only hope for true freedom finally getting a little coverage from the mainstream media? All signs point to momentum building...