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Dr. Ron Paul breaks through to third place for cash on hand

Ron Paul has announced his fundraising numbers and the MSM has finally taken notice.

In preparation for an interview with George Stephanopoulos which will be aired on Sunday July 8, this article appeared on the ABC News website:


Be sure to see the video clip at the bottom, and then the whole interview tomorrow.


It is heartening to think that despite the obvious suppression of his support by the MSM, he has acheived this benchmark. He can no longer be ignored! We are not just the internet.

GA and IA polls are good, and tomorrow's is promising.
Senators are turning around on foreign policy.
Dr. Paul has changed the dialog and made a difference already.

It is truly wonderful to not only have a candidate whose views we can support but who we adore as a person.

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The Story Was On CNN Too... For 5 Minutes

I found it funny how quickly the story about Ron Paul has left the CNN site but yet the keep the story about Jenna Bush in Africa in the politics section? Also CNN really needs to update this --> http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/money/gop.html

It's the Peace Agenda

If Dr. Paul is doing better than John McCain, it is because he has consistently stood for peace and a policy of non-intervention. He is the only republican in the presidential race to call for an immediate end to our military presence in the Middle East and elsewhere overseas. This is the number one issue with the voters and, now, it seems, other republicans in congress (Pete Domenici has called for the end of our involvement). Mr. McCain wants to escalate the war: not smart.

What makes Dr. Paul's position especially appealing is that he has been right all along. While the others scramble to make themselves palatable, if not electable, Dr. Paul can simply point to his voting record. It is there for all to see.

Fiscal Responsibility?

This is good news of course but,

I think the real news should be what was spent, what it was spent on, and what was accomplished. Why? Because this is where RP shines. All those top tiers are burning through so much and for what? And how am I to believe it would be any different if they get into office and get direct access to the money presses?

As always actions speak louder than words. I'm really curious to see how much better things are a year from now.

ABC Obscuring?

Currently at the home page, http://abcnews.go.com , the headline is listed as "Obscure Congressman Ron Paul Beats John McCain in Campaign Cash ".

We have expressed concern about this in the comments. Here is an example:

Posted by: RPVoter | Jul 6, 2007 4:07:08 PM

Why is Ron Paul "obscure"? I think that is a disrespecful and biased description of this, or any, candidate.

Let's leave that kind of coloring out of the reportage and hear more about the candidates proposals and ideas.


I see now that they've changed "obsure" to "longshot"!

Why can't they just say "Ron Paul beats McCain in Campaign Cash"


Still obscuring!

In an IRC discussion, RiverRat noticed that in the little slideshow on the left side of the home page, ABC added the subtitle "Obscure Congressman Ron Paul's coffer's tops McCain's cash on hand."

Yes...good point

This would be a good angle for future talk shows.... how a Ron Paul administration would be just as frugal as the Ron Paul campaign.

In fact I was the first one to point that out in my interview which was aired last night which I will eventually get up online.

I am swamped with ticket requests for the picnic tomorrow then after that...maybe I can see my way clear to get some of this posting done!

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Good Point

I agree with this, looking at the FEC's (Federal Election Commission)website, you can see that the spending is unbelievable for some of the candidates in just the 1st quarter, as if there was a money tree prospering nearby. State allocations are zero, what are they doing with it? If this is any indication on how the federal budget would be handled, after examining all the candidates, I still choose Ron Paul.

Olympia, Washington Meetup group for Ron Paul in 2008!

'...truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived." --- St. Augustine, Confessions (10:23), 5th c.

You have great energy

It's been a pleasure reading you. Thank you very much!!!


I'm about to leave for the big picnic in NH.

Sometimes I wonder about my 'energy'! I'm no spring chickie...LOL

But I have to give credit to all the supporters who not only gave money but have kept the internet going, and kept the MSM on their toes, correcting erroneous news articles, responding to the ridiculous accusations from pompous and jealous bloggers, and keeping the process honest by demanding their candidate be heard. You are truly a faithful army.

Now having said that, where the heck is AP's follow-up on Iowa?

Disgusting! Perhaps a few more emails will prompt them to respond to their own 'party crashing' nonsense....

Let 'em know you are eagerly waiting for it...


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers