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Ron Paul Money News Hits Drudge Front Page

Ron Paul finally made the front page of Drudge with a story that is accurate, instead of a smear!

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What about th.com?

The MSM is picking it up as I would expect them to. This is definitely 'news' or at least a curiosity, which, it seems, news departments love.
I worry more about the right flank, as we try to get Rep. Paul in their good graces. I'm worried sites like www.townhall.com will be the ones that try to ignore positive stories like this....it's not there yet.

anti-Paul spin

As you might imagine, townhall is spinning this as a disappointment for Dr. Paul, since they "expected he'd raise >$4 million." They're claiming that it's more of an indictment on McCain than good news for Paul. What hogwash.

The original comment is here:


I left my response here:


I wonder how McCain hack Ed

I wonder how McCain hack Ed Failure of Iowans for "Tax Relief" feels about this one. Maybe if McCain were a proponent of genuine tax relief, he'd still be a frontrunner.

One neocon big-government war-monger down, several more to go. I'll certainly bump up my donations for Dr. Paul! Momentum continues to build.


I emailed the Political Ticker Blog at CNN and asked them to post the Ron Paul fundraising numbers, and they put the story on CNN's home page!


Story link:




I like the Drudge Report. I check it often. I'm glad to see a Ron Paul headline on his website.

After all, the Drudge webpage is seen by 10-15 million people a day. It's good press/exposure for Ron Paul.


Lots of sites are picking this up,

USAtoday: http://blogs.usatoday.com/onpolitics/2007/07/ron-paul-says-h...

I'm going to double my monthly contribution to $300 this month.

I've already got at least 5 friends and co-workers loving Ron, and giving.

Let's keep up the great work people.


The truth shall set you free.

MSM can only lie and practice avoidance for just so long.

Being tops on the internet has to have meant SOMETHING.

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