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The Virtual Conspiracy *Update*

The Virtual Conspiracy

“Is there a Conspiracy?” That is the question that plagues so many intelligent, concerned people today. As we see our once proud nation brought to its knees economically, as we see our soldiers being butchered at the hands of phantom enemies, as we see our liberties being eroded daily, as we stand by helplessly watching our elected leaders betray our interests; it seems a question that is inescapable.
“Is there a Conspiracy?”

The question may take different forms and certainly has many objects of interest. It may be asked regarding international banking, the events of 9/11, mainstream media bias, global-warming, assassination, electric cars, and on and on Ad infinitum. But throughout all of these controversies and mysteries what remains consistent is the fact that the problems which prompted the question in the first place get placed on the back burner, sometimes indefinitely.

Well-intentioned people stop looking for solutions to problems and start looking instead for people to blame. If they detect the scent of a conspiracy, they become obsessed with identifying the conspirators and then uncovering evidence to convince others of their theories. “The truth is out there” becomes the siren song leading them down bewildering paths of confusion and obfuscation. One can hardly blame them. Popular culture, novels and movies all encourage us to believe that if we can only find that one elusive clue, that crucial piece of the puzzle, the “smoking gun”; then and only then will Truth and Justice prevail. In our zeal we even turn on one another; competing and debating in the hope that we will be able to batter the world, and each other, into agreeing with our theories.

As a recovering paranoid I would like to share the wisdom I have attained concerning the nature of conspiracy in the hope of allowing at least some of you to avoid “hitting bottom”. Brothers and sisters, I am here to set you free! I will explain how there can be a secret global conspiracy, bent on world domination, that is totally invisible and, in a conventional sense, impregnable. But I will also tell you how we can fight it and eventually regain our freedom!

The answer to the question, “Is there a conspiracy?” is a resounding, “Yes!” There, wasn’t that easy? And now you may go on with your life. What, you say, that isn’t good enough? You need to know who is behind the shadow empire? You need to expose their corrupt cabal for what it is? You need to know what they knew and when they knew it? You need to bring the guilty parties to justice?

Actually what you need is to read “The Illuminatus! Trilogy” by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. This circa 1970 masterpiece of psychedelic, satirical fiction ties scores of conspiracies (from “who killed Kennedy” to the “23 synchronicity principle”) into a grand tapestry of drugs, sex, historical fact, myth, and confusion. For page after page the authors lead the reader through an endless, serpentine maze, leaving a trail of “tantalizingly almost relevancies” as clues and, ultimately, leaving the reader breathlessly awaiting a resolution that never comes. This is high art (pun intended) that mirrors the “real world” without trying to explain it. One of the “lessons “ of the trilogy is that not only is the struggle by honest people to discover the truth behind the conspiracy futile, it is an essential part of the conspiracy! When conspiracy theorists, or people posing as conspiracy theorists, fail to turn up compelling evidence for their pet theory, or, even worse, make accusations or assertions that later turn out to be demonstrably false, they play into the hands of the conspirators. Not only have they wasted their time, they have undermined the credibility of anyone who agrees with them, anyone they agree with, or anyone that is working to find a solution to the problems created by the conspiracy.

I know that this last part is a little less obvious, but please bear with me. “Divide and conquer” is the essential strategy of all unholy conspiracies. An often unrecognized fact is that most people are basically good. A corollary is that bad people are always outnumbered and continually run the risk of being ganged up on and defeated by sheer numbers. I think this is the main attraction for conspiracy theorists. We feel that if only we could expose these vermin for what they are, the public would rise up and get rid of them once and for all. It is a very seductive thought but one that sadly has never seemed to work. Watergate brought down a president, his administration, and even sent some of his cronies and co-conspirators to prison. The poisonous legacies of President Nixon (and his puppet-masters) live on, however, continuing to undermine the Republic: the Federal Reserve Note, unquestioned legitimacy of the undeclared war, deficit spending, a “moderate” Republican Party. We won the battle and lost the war.

In answering a question about conspiracy, presidential candidate Ron Paul, gave a very cogent response. To paraphrase, there is no secret conspiracy, the groups that people associate with conspiracy (Council on Foreign Relations, for example) do exist and they do believe and promote ideas that undermine American sovereignty. Also they do and are creating institutions and passing laws to incrementally move America, and the world, toward their vision of an all-powerful global government. Some see his answer as an evasion. On the contrary, his answer was a simple statement of facts. He then quickly and legitimately focused on the real question, whose side are we on? Of these competing philosophies and ideologies, of these visions of the future, which do “We the People” choose?

So in answer to the question, “Is there a conspiracy?” I must answer, “Of course not.” How could there be a global conspiracy that spans decades and involves thousands of people without leaving an obvious trail of evidence? Is every news commentator in on the deal? If so, when are they inducted into the inner circle? And what could keep all of them, every last one of them, from ever telling the truth? Even if one confines the question to just the United States, the theories become grotesquely complicated. Where does it stop? Where does it begin? How are people recruited? How are they kept from defecting? How are they silenced if they do? Are all political party officials in on the conspiracy? Does that include John from down the street who chairs the county committee? Does it include all politicians? How about the city councilman, state legislator, our congressman, senator, every president? Isn’t it easier to believe that George Bush, and every president since Howard Taft, is simply stupid, greedy, or short-sighted? Such a sweeping Conspiracy theory is obviously ridiculous. It is simply impossible.

So to return to the question, “Is there a conspiracy?” Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy. There are people in this world who wield money and political power to further their own ends. They do so in secret, when it serves their ends, or, more usually, hide in plain sight. They are very adept at covering their trail and have almost infinite financial resources to do so. Their relationships, meetings, organizations, and even policy papers have been well documented. But you will never be able prove that a conspiracy exists, because there is no fact or piece of evidence so compelling that it will convince the public at large. There will never be a “smoking gun” because there will never be a defection by anyone in a position of true leadership. But that still does not explain how the conspiracy could extend its power so deeply into our society without tipping its hand.

As an answer to this paradox, I would propose the theory of the “virtual conspiracy”. The sad truth is that there is “none so blind as he that will not see”. And it is just too painful for most of us to believe that the men and women we have trusted as our leaders are either co-conspirators or witless tools in the hands of malevolent powers. Add to this the fact that those who have wrested control of the news media and public education have attained control over the only weapons we have to liberate ourselves; language and information. George Orwell described the process quite eloquently in his classic novel, 1984. By controlling and degrading the language, the tyrannical masters of his dystopia were able to insure their power forever. By substituting the truncated language “Newspeak” for English, they established a world in which words such as “liberty”, “freedom”, and “rebellion” no longer existed. Without the words, the concepts which they represented disappeared from thought. In the world of 1984, “revolution” was, quite literally, unthinkable.

How does that apply to our world? “They” do not have to bribe or coerce their minions into obedience. They do not have to worry about secret contracts that could be uncovered or loyalties that could switch. By the time a journalist, economist, lawyer, or politician has risen through the ranks he or she has already been transformed into an intellectual eunuch. Not stupid, oh no. These are intelligent, well-mannered, educated, and sophisticated zombies. They “know” that certain things are true, and are contemptuous of those who do not share their “enlightened” world view. For example, they pity the unwashed masses that do not understand why a nine trillion dollar debt is nothing to worry about because it is such a small percentage of the Gross Domestic Product. They smile knowingly and shake their heads at the ignorant peasants that don’t realize the dangers inherent in a currency backed by precious metals, or that fail to see the benefits of losing their jobs to Chinese peasants. They can only look on with pity at those who do not see the benefits of helping humanity finally transcend these barbarous loyalties to nations, ethnic groups, or family.

The Conspiracy is even more insidious, however. Membership in the virtual conspiracy is not absolute, it is relative. Almost anyone can be a member of the virtual conspiracy to some degree or even on some occasions. For example, when I use the term “letter carrier” instead of the “sexist” word, “mailman”, I am promoting the idea that our gender neutral society is somehow superior to the one in which I was raised. It implies that we have “advanced” to the point where a male is no longer the assumed breadwinner. I am doing my small part to erase from our collective consciousness the time when a husband and a father were not only an essential part of the family, but were also capable of supporting a family with a single income. In using the euphemisms of politically-correct speech, instead of the more straightforward, accurate, or archaic terms that have been expunged from “polite” language, I am encouraging the mind numbing effects of the Conspiracy’s Newspeak. It may have been a slip of the tongue on my part, or, more likely, I may have made a conscious decision to avoid the hassle and controversy associated with speaking plainly or honestly. Nevertheless, I have reinforced (in the mind of my reader or listener) the prohibition against logical thought in proscribed areas. I have tacitly admitted certain assumptions about history and our society that have become the secular religion. I have become a tool of the Conspiracy.

So, finally, the boundaries between the witless tool of the conspiracy and a true puppet master become blurred. The distinctions, for practical purposes, become meaningless. The true conspirators, the “inner circle”, must be pleased to see the “paranoid” conspiracy theorists charging across the political landscape, accusing one hapless victim after another. Like the bull charging after the cape of the matador, they become exhausted, discredited, and eventually humiliated. Simultaneously, they antagonize and discredit both themselves and their potential allies. Anyone observing this spectacle is unlikely to feel anything but pity or contempt for the “bull”. Such a scenario works so well to the conspirator’s ends that if the conspiracy theorists did not exist , the conspirators would be compelled to create them!

Faced with such a daunting foe, what then are we to do? Well, we can stop wasting our time and energy attempting the impossible. As sensible and attractive as it is to “Know thy enemy”, we need to set our priorities and pick our battles. We do NOT need to be able to define and describe in detail the workings or members of the virtual conspiracy. We do not need to determine who knew what and when they knew it. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck; IT’S A DUCK!

I propose that we approach the Conspiracy with a technique called “reverse engineering”. Software developers, given the exact specifications for what a program will do, can produce another program that will reproduce its behavior exactly. In the end, it does not matter if every line of code is identical. If it looks like a duck, it’s a duck. And for our purposes, I propose that we can do the same with the Conspiracy. We need to observe “it” and the behavior of all relevant players in light of the competing goals of individual liberty and global fascism. If someone or something moves our nation or world toward slavery it ultimately does not matter if they are consciously evil or simply stupid; “they” are part of the virtual Conspiracy. With enough data we can produce an intellectual model, a replica that will allow us to predict “its” behavior and fight it at every turn.

If the forces of evil are using the events of 9/11 to undermine our personal liberties, bankrupt our nation, and destroy the middle-class; do we REALLY need to know whether the Conspiracy caused it to happen, let it happen, or is just taking advantage of a serendipitous event? Can we not vigorously oppose all of these developments on their merits? Do we really want to make our cooperation with other like-minded patriots contingent on their agreeing with our interpretation of a grainy video of an imploding skyscraper?

If John McCain has been known to make critical votes to undermine the sovereignty of America, supports endless wars of aggression that bankrupt our nation and if he attacks and smears those who would defend our liberty; do we REALLY need to show that he is a member of the Bilderberg Group?

If Barack Obama perpetuates the worst policies of his Republican predecessor, assassinates U.S. citizens without a trial, and consistently promotes a New World Order of global fascism, does it REALLY matter where he was born?

We do not need to document secret oaths, laundered money in offshore accounts, Masonic rituals, or black helicopters. We do not need to become super sleuths, prosecuting attorneys, polygraph operators, or forensic demolition experts. If it looks like a “duck”.... we need to get a better “shotgun”.

We should all strive to become better educators, authors, organizers, recruiters, and, yes, politicians. We do need to realize that we are all tainted by the virtual conspiracy, but that very few of us are consciously working to further its ends. We do need to become masters of discerning the policies, practices, and rhetoric that move us away from liberty. We do need to become relentless at exposing these things to public scrutiny. And when enough of us have done our homework, networked, and paid our political dues; it will become obvious who we can trust, and to what degree.

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Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty

Every RP meetup needs to fold into this organization and stay active:

I will be attending the Rally in Minnesota that Ron Paul is using as the launching of this Boston Tea Party II Revolution. This will serve to energize the patriots who care enough to make a difference!

1.- I have become a committee member for my local REC (Republican Exec. Committee)
2.- I have volunteered to be an observer/re-counter of ballots of past elections for manual audits
3.- I have volunteered as a poll worker for local elections

4.- I have attended Constitution classes to be able to better understand how far away we have moved from its original intent, so I can discuss intelligently and educate others

Let's do all we can together!


RP R3VOLution


You are what the Conspiracy fears most, a "Triple A" patriot:
Activated, Ambitious, and Aware.

Keep up the good work!

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

humility precedes truth

"Like the bull charging after the cape of the matador, they become exhausted, discredited, and eventually humiliated. Simultaneously, they antagonize and discredit both themselves and their potential allies. Anyone observing this spectacle is unlikely to feel anything but pity or contempt for the “bull”. Such a scenario works so well to the conspirator’s ends that if the conspiracy theorists did not exist , the conspirators would be compelled to create them!"


What a fabulous way to sum it up!

Thank you. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Fun, educational projects to inspire young minds...

The Conspiracy Solved

After reading this again, I believe I've solved The Conspiracy;

Power Corrupts


"Power Corrupts"

And absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Which is another reason (as if we needed any more) why we cannot allow One World Government.

The Pollyanna vision of people of all races, religions, and nations standing on a hill with their arms linked singing "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" is a Utopian fantasy conjured up by the Conspiracy and Coca Cola*.

The reality would probably make George Orwell's 1984 look like Club Med.

*Another proud corporate sponsor of the Council on Foreign Relations, by the way.

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

Ron Paul

Let's apply the maxim to Ron Paul;

"I want to be president mainly for what I don't want to do: I don't want to run your life, I don't want to run the economy, and I don't want to police the world." - Ron Paul

Apparently only those not seeking power can remain uncorrupted. Or, it could be the other way around, those seeking power are already corrupted.

Final Thought

"Power Corrupts" - as in power tends to corrupt.

Coke conspiracy


One of my favorite youtubers has a video about corporate branding and advertizing that shows another strange new ad from Coke.

It's quite a provocative video from an intelligent youtuber.

Thank-you for this very insightful read!


WOW !!


I have always enjoyed your insight and have had the highest regard for your remarks on this forum, but I really need to salute this article. It is the finest, most thoughtful piece of writing I have encountered in years.

Thank you. Bravo ! You Nailed It !

"There IS a massive trail of evidence.
It's called history."
--- BigT

The story line and plot points are the same. That is what we are challenged to understand and explain, isn’t it, because The Virtual Conspiracy is more a syndrome than a scheme.

“Where we go wrong is in focusing on the individual manifestations of the Conspiracy rather than the big picture.”

You have put the sleuths on the right trail.

“I can predict the behavior of the Conspiracy almost as if I had a microphone inside their smoke filled rooms.”

All I can say to underscore your outstanding illumination:

This dog will hunt.

Good hunting!

"All I can say to underscore your outstanding illumination:

This dog will hunt."

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Thank you for your kind words.
And most of all, thank you for your dedication to liberty!

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy


For a fine article and a new day.


bump so more get a chance to read it

Freedom first society

Freedom first society, is committed to stopping the conspiracy. will you join us?


Freedom First Society

I think your organization sounds great. (Notice I've got a link to your website in my signature.)
I've read "Organize For Victory" and think it is a must read for anyone in the freedom movement.
I think it gives the best, succinct, description of the historical Conspiracy I have ever read.

It is worth reading for that alone.

I probably will be joining soon. Although I do have some minor reservations about specific points of strategy and issues; there is no question that your organization is in complete harmony with the goals and principles of the Campaign for Liberty.

Not only that, it does give a structure and leadership that so far has been sorely lacking in the CFL.

I assume you'll have a booth at the Rally for the Republic?

Any organization worth its salt should definitely be there!!

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

Thank you.

Thank you for your nice comments.
We are working on the booth. Hope to see you there.


thanks for the link

this article rocks and so do all of the positive people that needed a boost! ~peace


Thank you.

This is probably the best thing I have ever read to help me deal with all that I have learned since last summer. Well done.

Great Job! A very well thought out argument.

Hope everyone on DP gets a chance to read it. Keep it bumped and hopefully Michael will put it on the front page.



well said...

I've read all of Robert Anton Wilson's books. This is basically what I got from them; Question everything, and above all, question yourself, but have a good laugh along the way and don't take life to seriously...

I like your approach and offered solutions.

"Better to be flexible like bamboo than rigid like oak, for when the storm comes bamboo will bend and survive, where as oak will crack and die."

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

Robert Anton Wilson

I actually have a recording of Robert Anton Wilson on my telephone answering machine in the early 80's (this was from the time when answering machines recorded messages to cassette tapes).

My brother put him up to calling me and leaving a strange message.
Now I can't remember what he said, but it was funny. I'll have to dig through my old tapes and see if I can find it.

BTW, he wrote some things about the Feudalists vs. Pioneers that I think is quite pertinent to the liberty struggle.
Don't you agree?

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

By the way...and PS

One of the things that prompted me to question the nature of the Conspiracy and how it controls good people was the experience of my own family.

My father was an IRS agent. Was he part of the Conspiracy?
Obviously not, but he worked for them his whole life.

Even more striking,... my niece married a young economist that she met at church. He is honest, hard-working, moral, well-educated, very intelligent and...... he works with Ben Bernanke!


And not just one of the guys at the Fed, he's right there with him at all of the congressional hearings, etc.!
Now I know that Nathan is a good guy.
I know that he loves this country and cares about its future.
How can he do what he is doing?

The only answer that I have been able to come up with is the *virtual* Conspiracy. If he is part of an internationalist plot to destroy America, I'm sure he doesn't realize it.

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

Use what the masses can relate to!

I agree that this post needs to be read and reflected on...we cannot speak to those that are "not awake" the same way we speak amongst ourselves without giving them a reason to "tune out" our message ! Use tactfulness and discretion to what they are able to take in..little steps ...and then POW something is going to spark in them and they will start to get it!

If you listen to the person you will pick up on something that they can relate to and take it from there. It is basic sales and marketing technique!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

How true, Liberty-Belle

"Use tactfulness and discretion to what they are able to take in..little steps ...and then POW something is going to spark in them and they will start to get it!"

This is what we should be spending our time on; sharpening our people skills, learning basic sales techniques, becoming the medium that sells the message.

After all, we have the greatest product of all time, Liberty, why dilute our message with a lot of tangents?

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

Thank you for your eloquence!

Getting wrapped up in chasing conspiracies is a seductive waste of time and you make a great argument for not getting side-tracked but keeping our eye on the prize and continuing the fight for freedom and liberty.

I am printing this out so I can reread it whenever I am tempted to focus on cospiracies. You are absolutely right that they are a distraction and tend to make us seem loony.

Thank you Pretty-Kitty

Reading your comment makes all of the work I put into this article/post worthwhile.

I know this is a long read, but some things just can't be done justice in 10 second sound bites. (Another reason why we have had such a struggle awakening the masses this year.)

Freedom First Society



The Virtual Conspiracy

Thank you for sharing

your insight. Ever since I got involved in this revolution I had to reactivate brain cells I haven't used in years. To say it is a challenge is an understatement. Is there some list we could use to help us evaluate people and situations? What I mean is I tend to be trusting and have been fooled over the years by about every politician I've voted for. I especially like the DP because when we discuss things and it gives me a new perspective. Have we run out of time? I feel like I am looking through fog and driving a school bus of future generations. I don't want to fail them. Peace Patriot

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."