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Classified H.R. 8791 Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill

view the video here:

I saw it for the first time this morning and have been trying to validate it myself. The Rep (PA) John Haller does not show up on any Pennsylvania gov pages, so I think they got his name wrong and I've searched judicial watch and gov watch and 110th Congress websites looking for anything and have been unsuccesful.

About half way through video the Congressman (who you can tell didn't even bother pre-reading the bill he was introducing) says "Oh Jesus"

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HR8791 does exist

It looks like this is footage from separate legislation, but the bill does in fact exist. And a secret "blackout" meeting for HR8791 did take place. Please see Kucinich on the topic:


It's the Onion

up to its usual antics...

HR 8791

The Representative from the 12th District of PA is a Democrat, John Murtha. The bill does not show up at either Thomas, GovTrack or Open Congress.

Someone is taking you for a ride!

Don't sweat it.

This video is a hoax, courtesy of The Onion. Look at the "C" in the C-Span Logo. This video has been around for a while now as a parody and mockery of the current establishment.