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UPDATED: Plan B & C -If Daily Paul-Or The Internet Goes DownFor GoodCheck It Out!

A while back a thread was posted..but I searched for the thread...and I think it is gone...

I HOWEVER I saved it though...here is the up to date phone/conference call #

----CONFERENCE CALL--WRITE THIS # DOWN AND PLACE IN SAFE PLACE easy to find-Fridge on your cell, etc....
CONFERENCE CALL TO BE HELD AT 12.00PM PST(3pm EST) and again at 6:00 pm PST(9pm EST) on the first Monday following any disruption of Daily Paul or the internet and each MONDAY AFTER THAT FOR A MONTH at least.... HERE IS THE # TO CALL IN ON:

ENTER THIS Conference Bridge Number: 441554 and your on.
THIS IS IN CASE THERE ARE too many people on the call or the internet is completely wiped out or off line. If you want to be contacted to be placed on a full land line conference call then you NEED TO CALL THIS # AND LEAVE YOUR NAME(any name-nick name is fine- you might want to use your log in name or make one up)PHONE #, ADDRESS, AND EMAIL (not that you might ever get an email--since if the internet goes down,etc) YOU WONT GET A CALL UNLESS "the shit hits the fan so to speak" HERE IS THE VOICE MAIL # TO CALL FOR THAT:

Phone Number: 206-415-1791(this is the updated phone # to call and leave info...)

again you wont be contacted by anyone ,unless daily paul goes down.
There is a plan C being developed as well....stay tuned for when its ready...WE WILL BE ORGANIZED AND READY...FOR WHATEVER "THEY" THROW AT US....

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verse for america

affirmation: President Paul 2008

May our feeling penetrate into the center of our heart
And seek, in Love, to unite itself with
the human beings seeking the same goal,
With the spirit beings, who bearing grace,
And illuminating our love,
Are gazing down upon
Our earnest, heartfelt striving...

Rudolph Steiner

affirmation: President Paul 2008

affirmation: President Paul

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Thanks for the info again, this time I wrote it down.

affirmation: President Paul 2008

great thread

Looking forward to seeing plan c!

Formerly rprevolutionist

BBBS Software

Back in the Ollllld Days BBSs were the way to go.
All you need is a computer, phone line and a modem.
You can set up a private/public message system.

I downloaded this Free package the other night,
just to have around. (for your survival pack?)


BBBS is a fullfledged BBS system which incorporates all of your needs for setting up your own BBS. BBBS contains full Internet and Fidonet support. Fidonet messages and Internet news and email are embedded together with a versatile WWW-based, offline and online message reading system.

BBBS is easy to customize to suit every need imaginable. It is configurable also from the user's point of view. There are hundreds of 3rd party utilities available, mostly coded with BBBS's C-alike script language.



Thanks. Copied. Doc

Thanks. Copied.

Doc Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

Thanks Jdayh

I made 2 copies.
One on fridge, one in address book (hard copy).

I'll be calling shortly with info.


But is there a way they could take that # out?

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:

its possible... but if they do...

and you registered for Plan B (ie called the vmail and left your contact info) you will be contacted for a land line conference call. Then the only way they can stop us from communicating is to take out the phone lines....

(and that is what Plan C is for ....hehehehehee...the ultimate... communication safety net.... stay tuned.... it is being built....--from the ground up....!!!

When they take out the

internet or severely control it ( ie china ) something tells me we wont have time to chat.

true... that is why these are more like infromational calls

ot keep people informed.. so we can best defend ourselves... from the tyranny by banding together...


Live Free or Diebold

Plan C up yet?

Now would be a good time for Plan C to be waiting in the wings.

Plan C is being formulated...(actually assembled)

You will see a new thread.. looking for 50 volunteers.. who will be screened and vouched for .... Please keep your eyes open for it... For you might want to be one.. or perhaps you might recommend one...

This info should be on a blog post so it stays up

to be seen all the time. I copied this then printed it out for emergency.



I haven't verifed it yet...but there is talk about Time Warner shutting down on or around Oct 7 (for 24 hrs?).? If so, there goes my internet...phone...cable and my on-line banking.

Again, I did not verify this info. But it can't hurt to do your banking a day early, etc. I asked a T/W rep about that date and she didn't know anything about it.

. Been having trouble with my web email, sl-o-o-o-w. Talked to a T/W supervisor in another country...he said they are having trouble in certain areas (vague) and cannot find a solution. He recommended I switch back to windows mail and he did all of the work for me. I thought that was odd. Then the cable went down. I spend 1-3 hours per month with them regarding either, internet, cable or phone problems.

I know the repair guy by name...but he loves hearing about RP and the revolution...(like he has a choice). Nice Guy. I'll update him tomorrow when he comes to fix my cable, again.

thanks for that...

I will do that next week...

let me see if i can get this

let me see if i can get this straight ...

these numbers are for people to call in the event that dailypaul goes down?

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Yes... here is a short summary..

Plan A-- is if dailypaul is hacked or the gov. censors it (ie takes it "offline") we will do a conference call on Monday following that event....12 noon and 6 pm PST (3 and 9pm EST)

Plan B--is if the entire internet goes down... this will be a hard line conference call to keep everyone from around the country abreast as to what is really going on..and how to best deal with it...

Plan C --- not ready yet. TBA sooon..

I had written the numbers

I had written the numbers down awhile ago, and just checked. They are duck taped to my kitchen cabinet.

I'll bet that's a pretty sight. :-)

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wrote the numbers down before and forgot where I put them. Way to be organized huh :{

if I may make a small sugg...on this...

try putting them on a large paper and magnet them to you fridge..or side of fridge ...you will always know where they are in an emergency..and since it will be written down and not "online" you will be able to access them even in a power outage...

(assuming normal phones still work..)

or print this page and "duct" tape it to you kitchen cabinet..(I love that one...)

These are great to have as back-ups

But, I see comments below on rallying for protests in case these means of communication are interrupted or eliminated. My question is "WHY WAIT UNTIL THEN?" If this is to happen in REALITY and ON THE GROUND IN FORCE, then if the communication is diminished then it's probably too little-too late, folks! If you want to dissent and make it really effective then by all means organize it HERE AND NOW! If we get our lines of communication marginalized AFTER we do that, then this is ideal or at least has more merit. But, it sounds to me like this is an attempt to stay in contact and complain amongst ourselves on a smaller scale than the internet is allowing for.

No offense to anyone, here. Just consider this.

Great POINT!!! Most likely the only ones who will participate..

in this will be the ones who...either

-- have no or very little support in their own community, and want to stay abreast of what is "really going on" ...in order to take some positive actions at their own location ...or

--- People who actually want and will take specific actions to (whatever those actions might be at the time) " fix whatever crisis that precipitates the meltdown " ---if that is possible---or..

--- People who are very action oriented individuals..who would not shy away from an armed rebellion (should it ever come to that) .....

I highly doubt that scared, winers who just want to complain will even register for Plans B & C .....as you mentioned...many of those types.. like to complain...and not "take action" to fix many problems...

So let's look at the

So let's look at the pattern. The government decides that some companies are "too big to fail" and quietly nationalizes them by bailing them out. Then they call for committees to form tighter regulations of their business practices.

The smaller communications companies will eventually be absorbed by the larger communications companies as the market continues to crumble and the cost of doing business soars higher. Then, at some point, the largest communications companies will begin to implode. Of course, electronic communication is vital to market activity, and even national security. This argument will be used to force a reluctant public to allow a complete government takeover of all broadcast and internet mediums. Total control, total censorship.

Can't you just see it all falling into place as we go along? Once the media has been nationalized, the government will make the case that it needs to consolidate resources and merge the competing networks into a singular conglomeration. Television and radio broadcasts will be virtually one voice.

Then there's the internet. Once the government is forced to assume ownership of the internet, it will obviously need to severely restrict political and religious discourse so as not to be accused of subsidizing any particular school of thought. Forums like this will not only be silenced, they'll be "unauthorized".

Just another conspiracy theory, right?

Needs a Bump again today


A thank you to the reposter

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didn't have the thread, but have the numbers stored in my cell as the "fan". Thanks.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

But, those aren't my numbers...

And here I thought I was the "fan." ;)

If Daily Paul goes down

I have a chat room on my home page. Just type in your user name and enter. No password needed.



Lisa C.

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