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UPDATED: Plan B & C -If Daily Paul-Or The Internet Goes DownFor GoodCheck It Out!

A while back a thread was posted..but I searched for the thread...and I think it is gone...

I HOWEVER I saved it though...here is the up to date phone/conference call #

----CONFERENCE CALL--WRITE THIS # DOWN AND PLACE IN SAFE PLACE easy to find-Fridge on your cell, etc....
CONFERENCE CALL TO BE HELD AT 12.00PM PST(3pm EST) and again at 6:00 pm PST(9pm EST) on the first Monday following any disruption of Daily Paul or the internet and each MONDAY AFTER THAT FOR A MONTH at least.... HERE IS THE # TO CALL IN ON:

ENTER THIS Conference Bridge Number: 441554 and your on.
THIS IS IN CASE THERE ARE too many people on the call or the internet is completely wiped out or off line. If you want to be contacted to be placed on a full land line conference call then you NEED TO CALL THIS # AND LEAVE YOUR NAME(any name-nick name is fine- you might want to use your log in name or make one up)PHONE #, ADDRESS, AND EMAIL (not that you might ever get an email--since if the internet goes down,etc) YOU WONT GET A CALL UNLESS "the shit hits the fan so to speak" HERE IS THE VOICE MAIL # TO CALL FOR THAT:

Phone Number: 206-333-9226(this is the updated phone # to call and leave info...)

again you wont be contacted by anyone ,unless daily paul goes down.
There is a plan C being developed as well....stay tuned for when its ready...WE WILL BE ORGANIZED AND READY...FOR WHATEVER "THEY" THROW AT US....

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Financial Crisis Bump

Some folks were asking about this information...so, I therefore BUMP.

for those who got spooked last night.....

look at it like a fire drill...should some event transpire and we lost DP...or the internet...for a period of time or --suddenly--it became censored... or even hacked...do you have a back up plan for knowledge/communication??

I am sure many of you do..you may have friends/family etc that think like you ...and are awake..But if not...and you need to plug in to your DP -family- then please print this thread...and register up above...

either for plan B or for B & C.....


too all those leavin messages...I HAVE GOT THEM...

THANKS!! We will have quite an information and communication hub from all over the country..(and the world) if we ever need this plan to go into action.. I will follow through with setting everything up..should the need arise...

The last defense

could be morse code. This would come in handy for tapping out plans on the cell walls.................just a thought..... If it comes down to this, then you know we were too late. Still some of the old timers in HAM still use morse code because the signal travels much farther than voice. They usually transmit on upper or lower sideband. The signal bounses off the ionosphere and can travel around the world, depending on the conditions.
There are still thousands of HAM operators around the world. If these people were organised, they would be a good communications system for alerting everyone in case of total power outages. I'm sure if some cash was thrown their way, these guys could set up a real good system.
This type of system would have to be done under the radar because the FCC regulates the air waves and HAM. For instance, you wouldn't want to set up a system and register through the FCC. This could defeat the whole idea. Our Gov. regulates all forms of communications. In WWII morse code was used to update troop movements, etc. So, a portable system would be best because these transmissions can be monitored also. You need to be gone before Home land Security arrives..........


they can track that??

ham I mean..if I set one up and started broadcasting...without registering it...could they find me...?

any signal can be tracked...

the only way to avoid being caught is to be mobile (preferably in an area where doing so is non-conspicuous) and keep broadcasts short...

good--no great to know...

thanks a ton....really

Good idea

My father learned the morse code as a radio operator during WWII (well, on the wrong side - lol). Fascinating system. Goverment regulation is a problem here too. But for communicating long distance (USA-Europe for instance) itS perhabs the best system.

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right

The more I learn the more I

The more I learn the more I realize the only "sides there are and were are "us" and them.



More Plans

These are all great ideas! Since the war in Georgia happened so suddenly (for me at least) I have been wondering lately what we could do if our government attempted to push us into a conflict like Georgia that would have the real potential to catapult the world into WWIII. We should have some sort of plan in this case as well; it could be that our only hope to avoid such a war would be to quickly organize the public for huge protests.

Thanks for the info! I hope we won't have to use it. :)

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Flan E

What happens if the government pulls the plug on the telecommunications lines? You must remember that once upon a time AT&T was the only game in town. The government "deregulated" AT&T and split up the old telephone monopoly into like 12 or 13 baby bells. The federal government engineered and built the POTS (plain old telephone system) network which all of our phone calls travel over, even voice over ip telephone service must traverse the POTS. Live by the government and die by the government. The federal government could pull the plug on our telecommunications ability quite easily and yes pun intended.

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actually plan C does not involve the intenet or the phone system

but ...it is not ready yet....

Is Plan C CB or Ham radios?

Is Plan C CB or Ham radios?

Just purchased a base Unit for possibly needed

communications that may somehow get altered. I bought a Midland base unit that if needed can be hand cranked for power in an emergency situation as well as uses batteries. It also can be charged by solar energy if need be. It also has a handheld CB for emergencies and also gives NOLA weather forecasts and serves as a flashlight and am/fm radio. It is an absolute essential in my household.

does anybody know...

how this would be affected by a solar storm? we are in the beginning stages of one. it peaks 2011-2012?? we haven't had one this bad since 1958, i believe. check out nasa site for info.

the gov't isn't talking about the side effects of it... but there has been a film done on what to expect. all electronics will go down -- all the power grids.

also, someone earlier was talking about how HAM works... something about going through the ionisphere (?) ...sorry ..i'm not a science person... think those radios will still work with all the chem trail activity... some science person was describing how chemtrails are supposed to be doing... and he basically said 'they' are messing with the ionisphere (spelling?).

in the underground news... some speculate in addition to biological warfare going on to 'cull the herd'... that 'they' are trying to reduce the effects of the solar storm.

on a side note... ramtha (for info see ramtha.com) says this solar storm will be so bad that anything above ground for a short period of time will be killed from it.

if you have a model # and brand...that would be great!!

I just want to see one of these

if you have a model # and brand...that would be great!!

I just want to see one of these

Jdayh Sorry just

saw your request for info. I don't get on here as often as I should! My Midland model is the Xt511 . I have been playing with it and it is so much fun! I purchased it off of www.survivormall.com The solar power comes from http://tinyurl.com/5oj35e
If you purchase it, I think you'll be glad ya did. The Midland unit is smaller than the Pic, but it is a powerful mobile base unit. Hope this helped.

katie... if you can contact me at contact..

that would be great!! I have some questions for you about your unit... range ,etc.... thanks..

great yes this is perfect..

and its only like80.00 cool ...how far away can you get messages to/from? and do you need a license or anything?

how much and where??

sounds like a much needed toy er necessity !

Martial Law

in Poland 1981 envolved shutting down all phone service....after it was restored every phone call was monitored and if one spoke anything anti communist the line was right away going dead.


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thank for that legalize..

plan c it will be very hard to stop...as it will not be phone or internet powered...

Does it include horses?

And riding all night shouting? :-)

Or smoke?

and drums?

I wish...no horses that I know can travel that fast....

too bad..I like horses

This is serious

Thank you for the thread.

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right