November 5th on CNN / Situation Room Wolf Blitzer

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In a tactful way,

the campaign needs to expose some of the media biases that should be very well documented by now. With this huge fundraiser clearly establishing a massive base of support........go after the bad guys...the dang media robber barrons! Ron Paul now has the National exposure to get attention...leverage this into further resentment against the big bully media. People don't like liars and cheaters, do they? You don't have to resort to "in your face negativism" what Ron Paul does so well.......Expose the Truth! Feed the info out to Rense, Drudge, Watson's Web and other NEW AGE MEDIA leaders.

alan laney


Do the campaign, and the movement a favor...
...don't address the media.

I don't mean any personal offense, but you're in the minority on this.

Folks like you make the rest of us look bad and make it easy for truly hostile folks in the media to marginalize the Paul campaign.

Allow me to put forth MY background. I have a media background (both in education and experience). I am HIGHLY critical of media bias, and have done a lot of work exposing the same. And I'm a HUGE critic of the media's failure to inform the citizenry and its neglect for the PROPER gatekeeper role. But I know how to push for change without being on the lunatic fringe.

You're on another planet in that regard. You're pure rage. I'm NOT sure we're on the same side, as acting in the mold of a textbook plant.


The CNN piece was FAIR. They could've been more negative and still been accurate, but they went out of their way to provide balance. And Blitzer's analysis was VERY POSITIVE. If you think it's a hit piece you need to get your eyes checked. Would you rather they not have covered it?

If you want to fight against media bias, pick your battles. I want more pieces like this. 95% of Dr. Paul's supporters want more pieces like this, and the CAMPAIGN wants more as well. Quit thinking you know what's best.

If you believe in a radical critique of the media, 9/11 conspiracies, NWO conspiracies, racism, etc. -- and you support Dr. Paul -- do the campaign a favor and recognize that keeping your mouth shut on more controversial topics is best for the campaign (and probably best for your pet cause, too). By speaking out aggressively on issues where you're in the minority (even among RP supporters), you provide easy fodder for the campaign's true enemies.

You are entitled to your (incorrect) opinion

Oh my... This is a first. I've never been "called out by name" before.


I'm not going to continue this spitting match you seem to want here, Jack. If you have a problem with me, email me personally, ( webmaster AT ) and keep it off this board.

But, In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons... There are a few points that can be made here, that will be helpful for all the others who are reading this, so they can hopefully avoid similar mistakes in the future:

1: Your background doesn't mean squat. You're not impressing anyone with vague references to your supposed "experience." You don't know my background & experience either, so don't presume you know more than me, young'un. In my early years (probably before you were out of diapers) I was a paid, full-time print journalist.

(Bet'cha didn't think that a guy with a handle of "HillbillyBruce" could stand up for himself intellectually against such a "withering tirade" eh? Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!)

2: You demean yourself with derogatory comments towards others like: "lunatic fringe" "another planet" and especially "textbook plant" (Are you looking in a mirror, perhaps? Or are you just on the CNN payroll? OH... Is THAT your media background & experience?) And those comments that you threw in about: "9/11 conspiracies, NWO conspiracies, racism..." Boy, howdy! Such comments would make a Red State Neo-Con blogger blush. How low are you willing to go? Why, pond scum on the belly of a water moccasin would be ashamed of such tactics...

Fortunately, I expect the readers of this site are so accustomed to seeing how the media unfairly treats Ron Paul - that they can easily recognize when someone makes personal and unsubstantiated attacks on another person without merit. Which leads me to...

3. What we say here really doesn't matter as much as some would like to think. Readers of this site are quoted in media about as often as it snows in Miami. Why is it that some self-centered people say that whatever gets posted on an independent site (not affiliated with the candidate in any official way) is somehow representative of the candidate (or the campaign) itself? Well, I'll spell it out for the audience: Usually it is to stifle speech and ideas someone doesn't like. THAT'S why.

For instance, I'd personally be more than happy if no one on this site ever mentioned 9-11 theories. (Because my personal opinion is that there are more important things to focus on right now, and we don't need that distraction.) But hey there Jack: Look at the first two rebuttals you got to your attack on me... Both seem to think that a reasoned consideration of 9-11 is proper for discussion. Well, how 'bout that! Guess we're both wrong, huh?

And you know what, that's FINE.

4: Here's another important lesson, kids... Anyone that publicly dares say another person should be "...keeping your mouth shut" is far too much enjoying the anonymity and distance that web posting brings.

"Ah guaraunteee" you wouldn't be so bold as to say anything like that to my face, once you've seen me. ("How big a boy are ya?")

The point for all the reasonable people reading this to absorb is:
Be as polite in posting as you would be in face-to-face conversation.
"Web-kahonies" aren't impressive to any grown-up.

And finally... You presume to speak for the entire site by stating that JACK, in fact, knows what's best and what all the readers of Daily Paul want to hear.

And... Jack claims: "I am HIGHLY critical of media bias"
(Well, I find that hard to believe. You sure hide it well, Jack.)

Now, who's in the minority here? People that are angry at MainStream Media's blatant, outrageous, and even UNPRECEDENTED disrespect for Ron Paul - and are doing all we can to enlighten others about it?

Or you Jack?

(That's a rhetorical question, by the way... I expect we all know the answer!... But like I said, I really don't care about your opinion Jack - you've "proven yourself" all too well already. But if you MUST continue this useless waste of time, then do it privately with me by email, and let's spare all the other readers the distraction and try to get this site back to posting more useful information.)

I've been posting regularly on this site almost since the very beginning, and at NO time has the owner, or a moderator, of this site scolded me for any reason. Jack presumes to be one of the "unofficial post police" - and as such it carries no weight with me. If Manystrom wants me to tone down my efforts to call attention to the Big Elitist MainStream Media , then I'd expect he'd have said something by now. I've been posting this way for a long time... Yes, I do scream with fury and righteous indignation at times (when I feel the situation calls for it), because people MUST be awakened to the FACT that the Elitist-controlled Big MainStream Media puppets are really OUR #1 ENEMY in America right now. More than any supposed "Al-Whatever" cell - even more than the NWO-pushing globalist puppetmasters that are working to destroy America. Because it is the horrible effectiveness of the brainwashing media that is the MAIN reason that most American people do not wake up and see the falling house of cards they are living in. THAT is the first big problem we must overcome, to help get America back on track. Electing Ron Paul as President is just one step in the right direction. And the MSM knows it, and that's why they're fighting us.

Ooooohhh.... Looky! I got off on quite a rant there, didn't I? Well, shucks...

I guess that anyone that didn't like it, didn't have to read it.

Anyone who isn't outraged about the MSM, obviously isn't paying close enough attention.

Ron Paul deserves fair treatment by the media. The MSM have proven that they WON'T give him that fair treatment. (Even after he raised an unprecedented 1-day haul... No matter how much $$$$ is raised...)

The only way they've made any positive steps is because THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of us have incessantly barraged them with outrage, complaints, and the occasional polite reminders and encouraging letters, too. It all helps.

And if anyone foolishly believes that it somehow hurts to confront the MSM on their obvious bias... Take a look at what's changed over the past few months: The media has seen the "blowback" of their attempts to marginalize Ron Paul, especially when they try the "guilt by association" routine. It comes back and bites 'em in the butt every time... Ron Paul's supporters get more active and effective each time it happens, too. And those potential voters that have been "on the fence" start to sympathize with Ron Paul because they see how unfairly he is treated.

Besides, practically no matter what we do, the media will still try every dirty and underhanded trick they have in their (futile) effort to marginalize Ron Paul. Words in blogs by independent individuals (like myself) make no difference to them... There is no harm as long as no one does anything BLATANTLY stupid. (Like, I dunno... Drowning small furry animals in protest of the MSM bias with a Ron Paul T-Shirt on. - Don't get any ideas you Fredheads or Hucksters out there!)

So there... I've said my peace. Hopefully some readers that actually stuck with this all the way through have accidentally learned a thing or two that can help them later, if they're ever unfairly attacked for stating their opinion online.

Now I encourage everyone to move along to more constructive topics...

Pretty Please.

I disagree... it's about justice...

9/11 is not a pet project for fringe theorist sir. It is about 3,000 people who perished. Or doesn't that matter anymore. I didn't know a statute of limitations applied in this case. Or perhaps you have all the answers. If so, please enlighten us on what truly happened and why no one has been brought to answer and why so much is hidden from our sight. I know Ron Paul doesn't believe it was an inside job but the evidence is yet still to be seen.

I respect Dr. Paul because he is telling us the truth about the middle east crisis and the world. I respect him for telling us the truth about what is happening hear at home in respect to our civil liberties and government.

If this movement is indeed about liberty and justice then why would you try and expel those with serious concerns about what happened. A prudent person should always seek answers to that which is questionable. This is more than just about electing Ron Paul. It's about real change, it about justice and it's about truth no matter where it may lead or how hard it may be to accept.

I want the truth.

The American Revolution 2.0 will not be televised... It will be downloaded!!!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009


Yes, oh yes.

Did you notice...

Wolfe asked something like, "Do we know if these are real donations..." or maybe this is just another spambot?? I know -- he was asking if the number represented pledges or "REAL" money... and all of this would be funny if they didn't continue to minimalize the committed support and sacrifice of a LOT of people!

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

Every bit helps

I just thanked Mr Blitzer, adding that a full two-consecutive-terms by Ron Paul at the White House will be a blessing for the whole world.

Spread "virally"?

Good piece, but the November 5th date, according to the woman, was spread "virally." Huh? Howzat again?

Still. At this writing, there's 5 1/2 hours to go on November 5th, and the totals keep growing. It will be cool to see what the day netted.

Ron and his staff must be happy. The grassroots folks did it all; they didn't have to lift a finger. Is this a great country or what?

That's in the "Viral Marketing" sense

It was a correct and fair comment, I think. This would be considered a "viral" campaign.

It's only 4:45 here in

It's only 4:45 here in Arizona; there's plenty of time left.

That was awesome. There was

That was awesome. There was energy and awe in that segment. LOL

Support and Defend the Constitution!

Not too bad

I like the fact that after bringing up Guy Fawkes day, they did point out that the point was not to promote violence. While I too was disappointed at their "we can't be sure" comments, it could have been a lot worse. Just wait for Fox News' "fair and balanced" coverage. If this raised your hackles... actually, don't watch the Fox News coverage. It just won't be worth your time (or your raised blood pressure).

CNN subliminal message to Hilarites!?

The Hillary 2008 website shown as an example that campaigns have websites - a subliminal message for them to put their money where their vote is and donate!?
Or maybe the CNN computers have that set as their home page?

DAMN CNN (and all the MSM) TO HELL!

It INFURIATES me to see the CNN talking heads doing EVERYTHING they can to diminish this unprecedented event in political fund raising history.

Sure, they can't "ignore" something like this, but watch the video and see how at EVERY opportunity, they use negative words and comments to attempt to lessen this amazing victory for Ron Paul.

GIVE 'EM HELL RIGHT BACK for this, troops! Write and let them know that WE ARE ON TO THEIR GAME and we're not going to relent in any way.

...OK, I'm going to take a deep breath here... And remind you to be respectful BUT FIRM with your comments to the MSM. (The dirty bastards will use any radical or hateful comments against us - no matter how much they deserve such.)

Contact the "Situation Room:"

And while you're at it, send a NICE comment to Jack at "The Cafferty File" (as he hasn't disrespected Dr. Paul yet, and may give some positive feedback on this fundraising effort).

Calm down

If you're serious...I suggest you take a deep breath and look at the big picture.


I see the big picture - do you?


The big picture is that the Big Elitist-controlled MainStream Media is America's #1 worst enemy right now. More than any "terrorist organization," more than any "rogue nation," (to use the MSM terms you're no doubt familiar with)... It is the MSM and their lying propaganda that is keeping America from seeing the real "Big Picture"... That our once-free country is being destroyed by globalist elites from within, with the overwhelming aid and cooperation of the traitorous media.

Now, I'm trying to see it from your standpoint of what you think the big picture is... And I'm guessing it is that you think that "any press is good press" (and, to some extent, you would be correct). However, that hit piece by Wolf Blitzer is just one of MANY examples of how they are spinning it into the WORST "good press" that they can manage. THIS is the true "Big Picture" which I hope readers here can one day understand, if they haven't already.

Now, would I have posted a message like that at a non-Ron Paul website or blog? Not likely. I know most of the public isn't ready for that kind of activism, and don't see the real enemy in front of their eyes. The great thing about this Daily Paul site is, that "most" of the visitors and regular readers are either awake, or waking up, to the truth. And it is up to us to enlighten them. That is why I work so hard to motivate (and educate) people about the corruption and trick of the MSM.

So, again Jack... I'm not trying to argue with you, just in case there is any doubt in your mind. I'm just trying to explain my viewpoint, that obviously you missed the first time. I hope it clears things up, and we can both move on to the (overwhelmingly) positive things that today has brought the campaign.



Here's my feedback:

To The "Situation Room:"

OK, CNN. We see how at EVERY opportunity, you use negative words and comments to attempt to lessen this amazing (and historically unprecedented) campaign fundraising victory for Ron Paul.
We know what you're up to. Keep exposing your elitist bias, and watch your ratings fall...

You're doing a great job...

...hurting the campaign. :(

You could substantiate that claim

Exactly why is that your opinion?

Just making a bold statement like that - but not adding any reasoning, doesn't convince me (or, I suspect, anyone else).

As I said, be NICE BUT FIRM when you contact them to know that you're on to their tricks. The MSM will never stop working against Ron Paul, BUT IF they realize they are being so transparent doing so, then (and only then) there's a chance that they may pull back a bit - or at least try to be less obvious in their anti-Ron Paul tactics.

(Not trying to argue with you Jack, just clarifying things for you. We're all on the same side - Ron Paul's side - aren't we?)


I expected this event to get a fair amount of coverage in the next few days, but the fact that CNN is reporting it live is a huge, huge booster to the campaign.


your board that the lady reporter had showed $5.6 million dollars not $ 2.5 million are you in need of new glasses?

Way to go Ron Paul supporters let's keep it going up and up !!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Again, quarterly total vs. today

The $2.5 million was for today only (now over $2.6 million :-)

The $5.6 million is the total for the quarter (now about half of it from

Thanks BobW

This goes to show just how much confidence I have in Ron Paul supporters, I really thought they would start just today only at zero,
but with everybody now getting off work tonight should be really GREAT to watch.
CNN is still just as biased against Ron Paul as ever. They are so scared they can't report the honest fact behind this day being used as the Money bomb day they have to bring up some bombing of a parliment.

We will win without the media, people are awakening to the truth of Dr. Paul.

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

we did hand that one to them...

...why wouldn't they take the layup?

Yes, they don't like Ron.

Yes if there was a money bomb on ANY day they would have looked for a way to diminish or discredit it.

SO why did we make it on the 5th where they had to do basically no work and utilize NO creativity to find a fairly obvious way to try and discredit him?

Not to beat a dead horse... but in hindsight, it would have been much better to raise $6m without the association with blowing up parliament mentioned in the media.

Yes, Wolfie.. that would be amazing!

I love this! Generating this much in donations in one day cannot be done without massive real support. The MSM really should be embarrassed to even mention traditional poll standings, as they are obviously meaningless. Either through obsolescence, or through corruption they do not come close to showing the real support for Dr. Ron Paul.

Jim Clark <><
Ron Paul for President!

Jim Clark <><
Ron Paul for President!