Weekend Open Thread

I'll be away from the computer for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow. Please post any new developments to the comments section of this thread! I'll be back tomorrow!

Best regards
Michael Nystrom

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Hope you enjoyed your well deserved break, Michael. We have some bad actors on the site--spam/bots? I am sending you a private message thru the Contact link with what/who I've observed since last night. Thanks.

ABC News blurb, etc.

ABCNews.com just now has a short but flattering mention and some Ron Paul face time, titled: Fundraising Leaves Some Reeling- Others Celebrating
There is also a minutes long video produced by ABC that is very nice, titled "Betting against Ron Paul"

I'm amazed at the changing MSM coverage.
I've been a Libertarian since the 70's and am emotionally brought to near tears by the volume of libertarian discussion being broadcast to the American people as a result of this campaign.

The attack on New York totally killed notions of small government, privacy and personal liberties across the board. Americans cried out, "oh great and benevolent government, "SAVE US". Libertarian party fundraising and membership nosedived in the shadow of the distraction.

What a breath of fresh, rational air.

Screw 'em all, vote Ron Paul!

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Compare Past Straw Poll Coverage!

M. Raborn
I would be every interested to see what people find concerning the MSM coverage of the Straw Poll in NH or in GA, but I think it might be equally interesting to compare that with the coverage in 2003. Did these Straw Polls get more coverage in the past when the MSM "front runners" captured the tops spots? I do not know how to find this information myself, but maybe someone out there knows how to get that information. I think it might be very interesting.
MSM coverage or not, I am just very thrilled over the positive results and for the growing support for Congressman Paul. Thank you to everyone that went and cast a vote for Congressman Paul!
Ron Paul for President in 2008! It's Possible!

M. Raborn

new hampshire media devoid of Ron Paul news...

not sure what the media coverage was in the past, but there's definitely none in the present (thus far anyway). the only mention of RP in any NH newspaper is in letters to the editor...

manchester union (mis)leader - http://www.unionleader.com

nashua telegraph - http://www.nashuatelegraph.com

keene sentinel - http://www.sentinelsource.com

concord monitor - http://www.concordmonitor.com

portsmouth herald - http://www.seacoastonline.com

WMUR TV (http://www.wmur.com) does acknowledge his existence and had a reporter at the CNHT event but you wouldn't know it... not surprising being a hearst station, they probably support shillary so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to give good press to the only candidate that can beat her...

It was a Great Saturday!

The New York City Meetup Ron Paul Action Group gave a loud cheer from the roof when we received the news about Dr. Paul winning the NH Straw Poll. We had a great Ron Paul Revolution banner party and decked out a building in Manhattan's Lower East side! You can check out the video if you want at: http://ronpaul2008nyc.wordpress.com/2007/07/08/new-york-city...
Go Dr. Paul!

Thank You

Thank You, New York City.

Your energy and creativity are amazing. You're an inspiration to us all.

They might be learning the hard lesson, or are getting quicker

I missed that some editor at Capitol Hill Blue posted some nasty articles, apparently without authorization, about Ron Paul but has apologized. There is coverage at blog.lewrockwell.com, but here is the mea maxima culpa:


And cached versions of what he is apologizing about. Including one with an editor's note about how he knows Ron Paul's supporter spam comments.

the strangerr's picture

- outstanding articles on Capitol Hill Blue

I have read several outstanding articles on Capitol Hill Blue; as a matter of fact, I can’t think of one I thought was out-of-line. So I was puzzled by he hit piece and especially the ending threat - "that knock on the door is not from Dominoes Pizza."

I just read the explanation by Doug Thompson; excellent job. Screw-ups happen often, but ‘first class’ apologies are rare. Thanks Granger & Tz for the posts, and thanks to Doug Thompson for the retraction.

Straw poll

I thought I video'ed the results with the numbers, but I missed the button. But I thought it was Giuliani that was second (not that it matters, they all had around 20 votes). There were something like 290 there, so Ron Paul got a bit over 60% of the vote. There is just very little enthusiasm amongst the other campaigns compared to the Ron Paul campaign, which has enormous grass roots support.

Jim Forsythe, PhD

Here's a June interview concerning Dr. Paul's views on 9/11

Back in June, Ron Paul was interviewed on FMNN's Pat Gorman Show.

Someone called in to ask Dr. Paul about 9/11 of which he went into a fairly detailed explanation.

This clip is approx 7 min total:




yeah baby! owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

oh yeah! wooooooooooooooooooooo. i cant wait to see the footage on youtube! OMG! He crushed the competition! if this dont make the news something is really wrong here. NH we love you ! us Iowans will be pumped to the max now. THE REVOLUTION IS ALIVE!

Straw Poll...Top Tier???!!!

I'm an Aussie in Sydney, Australia and I am jumping out of my skin!!!!
This can really happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wish I could do more...am married to an American man living in Australia and we've emailed all our friends and family over there about Ron..

We're both feeling a renewed hope for the US (and the world) and RP supporters are really waking people up out of their sleep. You guys are inspirational!!



Is this for real??

walter whitt


don't remember what the exact vote count was (sorry) but was somewhere around 250 total and RP got around 180... NH LOVES RON PAUL!!!!!!

NH Straw Poll

I just got back from the NH Straw Poll and Ron Paul won! He got about 85% of the votes! He got a total of 182 votes and the second highet was Mitt with 22 I believe LMAO!!!!! The support there for Ron Paul was huge and Rand Paul gave one heck of a speech.Rand left the crowd chanting Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul!!!!

Live Free or Die.

Live Free or Die.

Grass Roots in NH - it's for real.


people like you are making all the difference. Happy to help and enjoying the heck out of it - because it is already turning a corner.

Go Chris! Go Paul. Go Linda. Go Liz. Go Joe .. hey this is getting monotonous...


Can anyone dig up MSM coverage of HN straw poll ? Thanks !

Great, Chris - I envy you being able to be there - bet it was great to hear Rand speak, too.

Did you see any 'major media' covering it ?

Can anyone try to find some MSM (mainstream media) coverage of the NH straw poll ? I went to Fox, couldn't find a thing.

Big surprise, huh ?

But I figure some media must have mentioned it......if you do please post it here. Thanks & God bless,

David B.

"Mandatory Limits on State Power: Psalm 2 & 110"

'History is never influenced by fickle majorities; but only by dedicated minorities who stand unconditionally upon their faith'
-RJ Rushdoony

Christian Constitutionalists for Ron Paul
"Mandatory Limits on State Power: Psalm 2 & 110"

'History is never influenced by fickle majorities; but only by dedicated minorities who stand unconditionally upon their faith'
-RJ Rushdoony