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Money Raising Strategies

I think the money bombs are worn out. With the economy having gotten tighter, and people cutting back on their spending, not to mention the money to go to the Campaign for Liberty, things are tight. I think we need to come up with some other ideas. I would like to put together a coffee mug gift set that has the 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights written on each cup (also a useful way to memorize the Bill of Rights) I think they should be sold in a box with the preamble and the words "Wake up America". Thats the best I've got, if anybody knows how to do this, or has other ideas let me know.

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Coffee junkie here....

I'd buy for myself and extras to hand out to clients.

Anything to do with coffee is worth a look (at least it is for me).

good idea

I like the idea of putting one bill on each cup, it would make people purchase more than just one but they should be sold separately too. In the package could be some literature. This is good for a soft sell, awareness raising campaign, putting people back in touch with the "document"!


Then we'll have a place to put this great high mountain coffee !

Friends and I have several high mountain coffee farms in production...we could supply "extra high quality" 100% Arabica hard bean coffee ( both Caturra & Catuey ) for efforts to raise funds.

I can imagine a nationwide "Campaign for Liberty" Coffee Club...the profits going to assist in funding the project. Many other wonderful high quality products could be included as well.

LIBERTY ROAST...something is brewing in America !!!

We could ship direct by container ( green bean or roasted ) to a central distribution point. This could be done monthly or ? and provide a continous source of funding. No middleman or excess costs.

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