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Is Sarah Palin a member of the Council on Foreign Relations?

I am not a very good at Internet sleuth. So I would appreciate it if someone could tell me for sure.

I went on record months ago stating that Mitt Romney would ABSOLUTELY NOT BE THE RUNNING MATE of John McCain. This was a prediction which I repeated on this forum a few days ago during the discussion of my post, "Look What Came In The Mail Today-- An Invitation to the CFR!"

The reason? Romney is not a member of the New World Order fraternity, the Council on Foreign Relations.
The second part of my prediction was that whoever he picked WOULD be a member of the CFR.

Obama is. Biden is. McCain is. Huckabee is. Bush is. Clintons are. Etc. Etc.

It would be really newsworthy if Palin is not.

Not that I am saying that Palin is necessarily trustworthy because of that.
To me that would simply signal that either:

1) The liberty movement has started to scare the NWO moles underground (and the CFR membership of key political figures would now sometimes remain secret).

2) "They" are sure that McCain will not win in November, or

3) "They" are planning to bump her off after the election.

I am that SURE that "They" will never allow a nonmember ascend to the White House.

I guess that means that Mitt and Ron Paul should be grateful that they lost the nomination.
At least they might not have to worry about assassination....yet.

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First of all, it takes 2

First of all, it takes 2 years to become a member. Even Huck is not one yet, but is going to be. Same with her. The CFR is just such an "important" organization in Washington, and it is such an "honor" to be up for membership, none refuse their "nomination". You can see how Kissinger and Haas are all over these candidates, promising knowledge and power.

Romney was a member last time I checked

So much for that theory..

Palin is kind of a airhead who is in her position because her husband works in the oil industry and she worked on the oil board.

All they had to do is give her some deal about trying to get that $33 billion pipeline she's been praying for (on video at church) and I'm sure she greased herself up to be McCain's VP.

I mean just look at all of the nonsense that comes out of her mouth about 'gettin them terrorists before they follow us back'. Talk about a complete flip from the, "We are in this war for oil and we have plenty in Alaska" she stated previously.


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:


I saw footage of her getting coached by Henry Kissinger. It was a split second, but obvious. Kissinger is the dominant figure among the Neocon Fascists, and Zbignew Brezinski is the dominant figure among the Fabian Socialists.

I agree, she is not a member, but her mind is currently being poisoned by them.

No, she's a stealth CFR

No, she's a stealth CFR candidate.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I can't find Palin

either, usually when I'm looking to see if someones a CFR member I just type into google "is so and so a cfr member." and the cfr website pops up in the first couple results with my answer. Interesting ideas, I was actually just looking to see if Biden and Palin where members, Biden came up but Palin didn't which instantly raised suspicion. I'm already a dp member but I found your post looking to find that info and I'm glad I read your three potential outcomes it's definitely something to think about.

That list on cfr? Does it

That list on cfr? Does it show Obamama? Huck? Those are two new members..I could NEVER find a decent list on cfr.org. The one I did find is old. We need a new, and a "pending" member list, since, as I said, it takes 2 years to get in. Odd thing is, when I do a search for her on CFR, her name comes up ONE time, in an article. If you read the article, though, she is not in it. Odd and makes no sense.

I can't

find any place where there's a record of a CFR affiliation but that really doesn't matter McCain is a member. This could all be a clever ploy to gain Clinton votes,and Ron Paul votes (you know appeal to the masses).
At least she's better looking than Biden (LOL).This could also be to down play McCain's role in the CFR,much has been spread in bad light about him and the CFR and they are probably trying to make him look like a respectable candidate besides his Keating 5 connections and Song Bird tags,and possible section 8 history.

Member or not...

most of those in the administration have and will be CFR - that is where the meat of the control and influence takes place.

That's on the Red and Blue side...

Still curious.

Isn't anyone else?

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Bump for the answer.

Surely someone knows.
It IS important. Most of the stuff about her sounds good, but the CFR membership would be a deal-breaker.

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The very fact that Kristol supports her is enough to make me hurl!

March 2008

Open letter to Senator McCain;

Dear Senator McCain,

During this election cycle, young conservative Americans have been clear on their desire for change. The change young conservative Americans are looking for is policy driven. We want to be inspired through action and leadership, not empty rhetoric. We are looking for a change with how government operates and how politics is practiced.

We ask our leaders for very little, but that does not diminish our hope for a new direction for our country, and the radical change in government that must go hand-in-hand with that change.

Our priorities;

- Reduce the federal debt, so that our generation does not pay for the selfishness of today’s politicians

- Support and promote a vibrant and free market economy, that creates opportunities for young Americans

- Keep America safe from enemies that threaten our families and economy

- Reform the corrupt practices of the Congress, the White House and the federal bureaucracy

- Develop a conservative alternative to the Kyoto protocol, to protect our environment, without damaging our economy

Each day, increasing numbers of young conservatives believe that Governor Sarah Palin is the ONLY choice for Vice President in 2008, to act as your partner to succeed in achieving our priorities list above. Governor Sarah Palin is a leader of character and substance, who has a record of successful conservative reforms.

- Sarah Palin defeated a corrupt political system in Alaska, that was entrenched with specialist interests, powerful lobbyists and laundered money

- Sarah Palin has successfully fought to reduce wasteful government spending, including earmarks from Washington

- Sarah Palin has defended liberty and freedom by enforcing and promoting a strict interpretation of the constitution

- Sarah Palin has supported our soldiers at war and at home, including visiting them abroad

- Sarah Palin has fought to reform education in Alaska

- Sarah Palin has fought to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, and has encouraged the development of safe and clean energy sources in Alaska

Sarah Palin is a leader.

Senator McCain, we are confident that with some reflection and consideration, you will determine that Governor Sarah Palin is your first choice as Vice President, just as we have.



Click to watch Palin family video

Click to watch Palin on Glenn Beck

Click to Watch Kristol Endorsement

Click to watch Palin on Larry Kudlow

It doesn't matter who the VP pick is......

if martial law is declared by Bush in the near future! We all have to remember that this whole election can be thrown out and not mean a thing very soon. Hold on to your hats folks, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

True, but I hope it has not come to that yet.

So far "They" have continued to play the game and hold their mock elections.
I would still like to know if Sarah Palin is a known member of the CFR.
You have to admit, it would signal a significant change in the public face of the Conspiracy if "They" felt it necessary to hide the CFR membership of Palin. (It might even signal that we are making some headway.) They have been operating with total impunity with regards to the CFR membership of their puppets until now.

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Well, that is what I want to

Well, that is what I want to know. I have a list of members, but it is old. Neither Huck nor Obama is on it, but it takes TWO years to become a member, after application.McCain has already been a member for years (Tri-lateral Commission branch) and I am positive Huck is getting in, and Obamamma has been in later than the list I have. I think his wife IS on the list.
If she is in no way connected to the CFR, which I could hardly believe, but I am going to find out if she applied, I would at least think, about voting for McCain't because of that. Just consider it.