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World is Watching - Korea

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South Korea "gets it"...

Great article, this one's definitely worth spreading around.


Son_Of_Liberty (formerly known as hippychimp...)

carpe libertas

Great article

The American empire must end. Ron Paul is the only one even talking about it. It isn't good for our souls, and we can't afford it.

A month ago the Canadian dollar reached parity with the US dollar. Now
one dollar Canadian is worth $1.08 US. I would have made more money buying Canadian dollars last month and leaving them in my mattress than I can make over a year with a certificate of deposit.

The MSM is hardly even discussing the free fall of the dollar, and when they do, they blame it on the subprime mess. But that's a symptom of the problem, not the cause. Our out of control deficits are the cause.
If we had had sound money over the past 10 years there wouldn't have been the artificially low rates and vast expansion of the money supply that encouraged so many people to pay higher prices for houses than they could actually afford. Maintaining the empire is one big factor in the federal deficit. Yet for understanding this Paul is labeled a "fringe candidate".

That's a powerful article...

That's a powerful article...