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V - Ideas are Bulletproof

The official movie trailer for 'V for Vendetta.' You hear him say it towards the end: 'Ideas are bulletproof.' They cannot be killed, they can only die from neglect.

The movie is based on a graphic novel:

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Ive often thought that the

Ive often thought that the American Revolution and the men and women assoc. with it........are the greatest movie never told.

( the patriot gibson movie is a joke.)

xd9fan They did write a book about it.

The best book of our War For Independence is: The Men Who Stated The American Revolution by A.J. Langguth.

Very exciting read, if it were not true it would not seem real.

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flawless as our favorite candidate

Ron Paul says he has flaws, but the message does not. Agreed.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

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Seeing truth through fiction

What I like best about this movie is:

1. It is a movie.

Movies are fiction, but they allow the viewers to see their own reality from a different perspective. They promote thinking and reflection. If you watch this movie, think about what is similar to our society, and what is different? What are some of the things you might do, what are some of the things you would never do? What does it mean to be a hero or a coward?

The movie isn't telling you to go blow up the government - it is giving you a perspective from which to see the world, a jumping point from which to think about things without being 'told' the way the MSM does.

After all, look at what the movie inspired yesterday! I love the movie.

Just my humble opinion.

Michael Nystrom

He's the man.

Strength Through Unity...Unity Through Faith? AGH!

I like part of the symbolic connection of Guy Fawkes to the Revolution, but, as has been expressed at length elsewhere, there are some elements of the V for Vendetta Movie that are antithetical to Dr. Paul's campaign, particularly as it relates to being a Republican.

Namely, the movie has a very strong, and very biased anti-Evangelical bent.

While that may be cool to those of us who like to thumb our nose at the establishment (any establishment!), it should not be confused with Governmental Power-Creep, which is the real danger. And, really, the movie just gratuitously throws the religious issue in with the 1984-style tyranny.

I'm guessing that any 20-something who is savvy enough to recognize the beauty of what Dr. Paul's campaign is all about is also perceptive enough to recognize that the bulk of voting Republicans don't read Graphic Novels, or go to the movies that often, and tend to be quite a bit more socially conservative than they were in, oh...say, their twenties!

Point being...ummm...what was it I was saying again? Sorry...I think I'm having a Senior Moment.


Even as a Christian I thought its use of faith was fitting. Evil never comes to power by saying "I'm evil follow me". It does it, like satin did, by taking something good and true and twisting it into something it is not. I found this illustrated by the corruption of faith even down to its central symbol of the cross by adding a second cross beam. (not to be confused with the eastern orthodox which has a slanted foot beam)

Evil takes truth and adds lies to deceive. Lies apart from truth are useless.

I noticed that as well!!!

I noticed that as well!!! Scary-neocon

Love this movie

"People should not be afraid of their Government. Governments should be afraid of the People."

Awesome movie, one of my all time favorites.

The Graphic novel trumps it though

It is possibly the best graphic novel written with maybe the exception of Watchmen - Both Alan Moore books.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi