Beautiful Ron Paul Ad

A great ad from frankdog:

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I love the style of this spot -- and it hits great points. Too bad the song would cost $$$$$$ to use. To the person who made this: BEAUTIFUL!

In love, liberty and truth,

In love, liberty and truth,
RON PAUL 2008 & 2012

Whew !

Wow what a great spot. Never saw anything like it! Love the ending, where it just went pffft! The Creedence song worked really well also.

A real grabber. So good.

How much will it cost to run

How much will it cost to run this ad and the Reagan video on tv? Local markets? Cable?

Can we run it and fund it through a collection, or will the FEC stop us?

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Alright, who is starting the collection?

Amazing Ad, where do we take it from here? The only question is the music royalties, might be of concern. However the design of the Ad is amazing.

anyone can easily run tv ads with a website

Check out

you can buy ad space easily on many networks and see pricing upfront.

I think if we created our own ad and then chipped in to have it aired across many cities, it would blow this out of the water because then we won't have campaign limits.

Can't you do something like "Sponsered by foundation for liberty"

After my 3rd time watching ..

.. this video ad is truly awesome. A tv ad doesn't have much time to grab the viewer's attention and make a statement, this ad does it for me. Very quick to the point, great tune and at a nice pace. When the collection plate is passed around to put this one on the air, count me in!

Me too

Count me in as well.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Not a big deal, but

Just wanted to mention that black text on a red background is a color context NO-NO. Try a red-violet (aka purple) or any cool color combination on it.

And others have already talked about needing voice overs. Most people don't read commercials, but they can't help not hearing them. You can still play the music, just put it at like 15% and the voice over at 85%.

I love it!

This kind of stuff just can't happen in a centralized campaign. I hope there is a way the "official"campaign can use some of this material on the MSM.

Campaign HQs

This is the response I got from HQs about the ad.

Dear Tim,

Thank you for sharing this ad with us! We were very impressed with the quality.

Chris Robertson
Ron Paul 2008


Is the kind of upbeat ad that should be running! The music might have to be changed to something else that is upbeat but the graphics are stunning and the message can be adjusted to anything they want...varied even.

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The campaign needs to run this in every state, Matt if you read this can you help, show it to your grandpa.


Best ad ever!

Must. Immediately. Chip. In. And. Run. On. TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone please get this aired!!!

what a great ad!

Commercial ready?

Put a professional voice-over on it (fix the timing a bit to give the voice-over guy time to say everything/not be left hanging) and slap the doc's "I approve this message" voice-over on it.

Send it out and it'll be another leap towards the white house.


amazing ad right there
24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

Great Job!!!!!

This is EXCELLENT!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

it's great ...

But where's the voice-over? You need a guy with an old, gravely voice saying, "Imagine America with border security" for the people with their TVs on but who are distracted with something else.

Yes to voice over.

Yes to voice over. Communicate to all the senses.

True that! If the text isn't

True that!
If the text isn't spoken then blind people won't know what's on TV.
The music level is fine just the singer should be mixed in a bit lower.
Anyhow,... the animation is absolutely top-notch. A+++

Holy crap that is good.

Holy crap that is good.

Like that one a lot.

Nicely done.

Great Ad

This is indeed a great Ad

Knock out A+

You missed your calling!



Get this to the campaign now, and get it to the campaign fast!!!

That is the best one so

That is the best one so far!!!! I hope that is an actual commercial being used rather than just a youtube one made by a supporter.

That is awesome!

Time had it right.

Ron Paul - President 2.0

adding my wow...

get it on the TV everywhere!!


Fantastic job with this ad... this should definitely be aired.

adding my "Wow"...

Great job on this video. I could see this one on TV, actually...


Son_Of_Liberty (formerly known as hippychimp...)

carpe libertas


Great job on the motion graphics.

Only one critique....
"less wastefull spending"?

Granted, Ron Paul has a realistic approach to restoring the Constitution which would be a gradual phasing in of strict adherence, not a sudden deadline. I don't expect him to immediately veto every bill that doesn't pass Constitutional muster, at least until he's able to influence a radical, and very necessary shift in ideology in this country and in DC.

In addition, he's the only candidate committed to restraining his power to that actually delegated in the Constitution, rather than using the excessive power the executive branch has usurped for itself to more quickly achieve his goals.

But "less" wasteful spending is still wasteful spending. In practice, government bloat would continue for a while, but the principles Ron Paul (especially as a solid free market advocate) do not advocate "less", but "no" wasteful spending.

I just wouldn't use a pragmatic (and perhaps accurate) prediction in an ad promoting the man with such pure ideals and proven principles.

I agree but . . .

RP's "pure ideals" scare the sh*t out of the masses. What we see as pure ideals guiding principled decision making, can be a bit scary for those who are so accustomed to mediocrity.

We should expect to emphasize the “Ideals” or goals and soften the proclaimed solutions. We see the urgency and are willing to take risks to avoid disaster, others are fearful of abrupt change.

Be patient and press on. They may just come around yet.

Hope for America.

Thank god for this INSPIRED ad!!!

Completely different league than the two previous ads! EXCELLENT.


A different, cutting edge, artistic yet substantive ad like this will recieve free national replay on news programs over and over and over and over again. Creating a professinal "new looking" ad like this will recieve free broadcast when campaign ads are reviewed.

Wonderful. Call HQ and make sure they send it out to the networks -- for free use if they care to review current trends in this year's ads.

Please keep encouraging this artist to create more! Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations! The best most innovative freshest novel exciting ad I have yet seen for any political candidate!




Where's the chipin to get this put on TV?


Do you have a connection to the national campaign? I think this would be a great add to run during the Sunday, NFL TV time! If nothing else, I'm sure they could work with you on a couple adjustments - but the overall graphic art and message is awesome.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


A fine ad, not just the great production value, but the message and the targeting. Bravo!

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Beat me to it....

I was JUST about to post that the above ad and the one below, to me, are the best short (TV possible) ads I've seen:

Ron Paul, Educating America

Thanks for sharing though...this is a learning process

This other ad is not nearly as good: too long (must be under 30 sec), repetitive, shows Ron when he is stressed, quickly trying to make a point (even speaking with a bit of a plantive whine) during a confrontational debate...there are much better clips of Ron making the same points in which he is composed, cheerful, and confident...also, the font is odd and too small...and the last thing we should do is show OTHER candidates. Show Ron Paul...talking about Ron Paul's manifest by Ron Paul's record.

The more ads we (even brutally) critique here the better the evolutionary process of selection will be. Who knows, by summer we may have educated thousands of libertarian constitution-loving freedom-spreading artists.



That's a great ad for the younger crowd.

Direct and to the point!

I don't know about the "younger crowd"

I'm 69 and it really got to me!! What a great ad I would really like to see it adopted by the campaign.

Wonderful Ad - One Impedance

Wonderful Wonderful job on the video. Change the music to something that is licensed for use or purchase rights to this song. Then it will be broadcast TV ready.

Keep the faith!