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Can You Hear Us Now?

For so long, we have been ignored. We have been laughed at and ridiculed. For the most part, this has not stopped nor do I sense that it will stop soon. However, the people that stand behind my grandfather’s campaign have let it be known LOUD and CLEAR that we are not an army of invisible and mindless spammers. We are American citizens that believe it is time for change. Apparently, we also have quite a bit of that declining paper fiat money too!

I spent most of the day yesterday, November 5th, with my mouth wide open in disbelief. My own personal goal for my grandfather’s “money bomb” was $3 million. Obviously, I once again underestimated the drive and passion of the people of our great nation who believe in the message my grandfather is so valiantly fighting to bring BACK to the Oval Office. I spoke with my sister, Valori, who is now helping with the campaign at the national headquarters and she informed me that our staff’s morale is almost as high as mine. They are ecstatic. My grandfather is overjoyed with yesterday’s results as well. How can we not be?

This message my grandfather is trying to share is an important one and now it is time to spread that message. It certainly helps in politics to have the money needed to bring that message to the people via the airwaves. Even the main stream media is being forced to recognize Ron Paul and the rEVOLution that is igniting across America.

I know that many of you out there join in my family’s excitement in seeing the money total grow higher and higher each day. Don’t forget to mention to each person you meet in passing about the opportunity we have to change our nation in 2008.

Thank you so much to each individual who contributed yesterday. We will certainly “Remember, Remember the 5th of November!”

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Your grandfather ~Time Magazine person of the year..

...my choice, and thank you SO much for all your family's sacrifices!

We wisfully like to think he is our grandfather, too!

Time Magazine Person of the Year - Your Choice ~

"You never really love your country until you begin to lose it."

The American people are realizing we are dangerously close to tyranny.

At a whiplash speed, Dr. Ron Paul is yanking citizens out of their cynicism and apathy. He is the stuff of which Founding Fathers are made...a statesman, physician and healer who is stirring the blood of the hidden patriot in all of us, giving life to love-of-country limbs that were all but atrophied.

Our American revolutionary spirit is being revived and that feels sensational!

All this at a time when 70 PERCENT of the country are furious with our government representation.

Think about that. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll wait.

~ Sharyn Keller, Los Angeles


There is such an opportunity here with Ron Paul being on Face the Nation sunday.... if only he could hint/whisper/tactfully mention that he *thinks* another money bomb just happens to be falling his way... ON FACE THE NATION, thousands will be listening in and might say hhhmmmm I think I might send him some monies for his Nov 11th bomb.....
Its a dream/hope but I still want nov 11th to make another statement--- also dont forget if you cant make $100 then send at least $44 as that is what Mitt Romney's grass roots campaign is asking for their money-bomb day (in fact they even use the terminology moneybomb) wouldnt it be great if in one day Ron Paul got more $44 dollar donations than Mitt gets on *his* day...

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone - donate $44 on Nov 11th and slap Mitt

I posted earlier this idea, but its getting shoved pretty far down - I suggest you make donations on Nov 11th of $44 increments - thats what Mitt Romney's grass roots planners are trying - they call it $44 for the 44th president of the USA..... I am sure they were talking about Ron Paul (LOL)
and by the way - one poster said they dont think Nov 11th will get that much media attention - WRONG - even if we do $2 million at least (but I think I see a good 3 million coming) we will make ANOTHER MEDIA EVENT THEY CANT IGNORE....
thats why I recommend $44 dollar increments - its a subtle insult to Mitt Romney and I am sure the media might pick up on it...

Harry Browne

I loved Harry Browne- in my opinion, he was the best candidate the Libertarian Party has had in many years (no offense meant to Badnarik and the other Libertarian nominees in recent elections). He would have been a far better President than the guy currently in office (okay, I set the bar low there, but you know what I mean). I donated generously to his campaigns in both '96 and '00, knowing that he never had a chance to do more than maybe influence the debate to a small degree.

However, he never had any real money to work with- I doubt he had more than a couple million for the entire campaign (primary and general).

I suspect Ron Paul raised more in one day than Harry had to work with in 2 campaigns.


Your grandfather's doing a

Your grandfather's doing a very honorable thing against incredible odds, we fully support him. God bless him, you and your family!

Collectivism is slavery.

Nov. 18th - See it Now!!!

[I posted this 2 days ago and someone shot it down as being "too soon". Now, I see a new money bomb for Nov 11. I have zero time to do this, but I think it could be a success. Can someone take this and run with it?]

The last money bomb was aimed at the government. I would love to see a Money Bomb aimed right at the media.

Edward R. Murrow launched a show called See it Now on television on Nov 18, 1951. It would be great if we made this our way of saying to the media, "Do you see it now?"

Anyone wanna take the ball and run with it??

a Dec 16 tea party money bomb

would give the Ron Paul supporters that recieve a SSI or SSDI check time to reload their piggy banks,as we retirees & disabled get our government checks/deposits on the 1st & 3rd of each month..the 16th is the day of the Boston Tea Party & believe donating on a day that represents/connects to a revolt against government tyranny is much more meaningful.. it is tough to wait over a month from now,,but believe the $7.5 million will certainly take care of ALL & ANY campaign expenses until the 16th of December..?? Dec 16 for me..[& any other day you choose to donate of course]

randy n.

Time to Double Down is NOW!

The time is now to double down on Nov. 11. If we wait until December we will have waited too long. Ron Paul must be polling in the rigged MSM polls in double digits next week to make a difference. Nov 5th opened some eyes to the groundswell happening but until it translates into polling numbers it is nothing. RP must be declared top tier by the MSM for this to go anywhere (and before the next debate). People who like his ideas will still vote for someone else because they will believe RP doesn't have a chance. I would hate for RP to get to the Iowa Debate and only get 3 questions. That would solidifiy the thinking he is nice but doesn't have a chance, on national TV. If you are tapped out find someone (or 2) to take your place on Nov. 11.


As liberty4us pointed out - it would be awesome to have another tremendous day behind Ron Paul before the next debate. Iowa is going to be a tough nut to crack and may even exclude Ron Paul (as they are trying to do) by this concerted effort we may foil Iowa NEOCONS plans to exclude Dr. Paul

Is Jonathan Bydlak hearing you???

"Remember, remember the 5th of November", the money bomb that brought $4 million in one day.

It took less than a day for the Fundraising Director, Jonathan Bydlak , to forget it.

"A day for the record books!" (11/5/07) Not one single mention of the fundraising initiative, no credit given to its creators.

"We just keep going!" (11/5/07) No mention either.


"OK Shaggy, you and Scoob check out the cave, me and the girls will stay here in the cabin"
~ Fred

I was going to delete my comment

Because I just learned that Jonathan actually helped a lot to push forward the Nov 5th Donation Bomb. I was bothered by the fact that he did not mention the initiative @ rp2008. My bad.

"OK Shaggy, you and Scoob check out the cave, me and the girls will stay here in the cabin"
~ Fred

Live online interview - Wednesday 10:30 a.m.

The Telegraph (Nashua,NH) will conduct an editorial board interview with Rep. Paul on Wednesday Nov. 7 at 10:30 a.m. The 60 minute interview will be broadcast live on nashuatelegraph.com and nhprimary.com. An on-demand version of the event will be available Thursday morning.

Yahoo Front Page

Ron Paul's money draws fresh attention

By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 29 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Ron Paul's head-snapping fundraising puts a new face on a campaign that the media, politicians and much of the public had relegated to the sidelines.

The Texas congressman is now the presidential candidate tugging at the establishment's coat.

Funneled almost entirely through the Internet, Paul's one-day loot totaled $4.2 million from about 37,000 donors, considered the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate.

Paul is indeed an online force who attracts support from people who do not fit easily into the standard Democratic and Republican political pigeonholes. His fame, as much as it is, stems from the political shorthand that has defined his candidacy: The only Republican opposed to the war in Iraq.

But Paul leans libertarian in his ideology and cites the Constitution as his guide. He opposes law enforcement or anti-terrorism measures that he believes encroach on civil liberties. His views on small government extend to weakening if not eliminating the Education Department. He favors limiting immigration and strengthening border security.

In that sense, he appeals to voters who may be happy mixing and matching their political views.

To other Republicans, Paul represents an enigma. Does his support suggest a potential base of support that could surprise them two months from now on caucus day in Iowa or primary day in New Hampshire? Or does the money he is collecting from this below-the-radar base buy him support among more traditional, mainstream voters?

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen said Paul has the potential to upend the early primaries with a third or fourth-place finish in the state, above some of the candidates who are expected to be among the top contenders.

"He's got potential because there is a segment of the Republican electorate that is opposed to the war and is maybe anti-internationalist," Cullen said. "The Pat Buchanan wing of the party, if you will."

Pat Buchanan used an isolationist message and opposition to international trade deals to win the 1996 Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire.

"He has that segment of the electorate all to himself," Cullen said.

Cullen said Paul does not appear to be pulling support away from any of the leading Republican candidates, and that his backing is coming from new or disaffected voters. It's an assessment that the Paul campaign does not dispute.

"My hunch would be that a lot of the new donors who are coming in are people who have not been involved in politics," said Jonathan Bydlak, Paul's fundraising director.

A check of Paul's Internet support shows a vast array of fans. Libertarian sites sing his praises, as do anti-war veterans and voters angry at the Internal Revenue Service and at what they perceive is government intrusion.

He also attracts support in some fringe, anti-Semitic or white supremacist Web sites, even though Paul himself strongly rejects those views.

"He has this very small but very enthusiastic group of supporters," said Republican strategist David Winston, who has studied the political use of new media. "It gives him the resources, but his problem is what's the message that grows his support? That he has been unable to solve."

Paul, who raised a stunning $5.2 million in the third quarter of the year, is devoting a significant amount of resources to New Hampshire. He is running a $1.1 million television advertising campaign and his lawn signs are common. He recently sent out a 12-page piece of mail throughout the state as well.

He plans to be in the state on Wednesday and again on Friday. He stops include visits to The Telegraph, the newspaper in Nashua, and a taping with the state's dominant television station WMUR-TV in Manchester. He has eight paid staffers in the state.

Members of the libertarian Free State Project, which adopted New Hampshire in 2003, were Paul's initial toehold in the first-primary state, whose motto is "Live Free or Die." But spokeswoman Kate Rick said that base has grown.

"There's a lot of irritated social conservatives and traditional conservatives," she said. "I think we're also drawing support from independents in the state whose issues may be everything from anti-war to anti-tax or disliking things like No Child Left Behind or how Social Security or Medicaid is being run."

The challenge for Paul is to overcome the riddle posed by Winston:

"Money is a resource, not an outcome."

Here in NH..

No one is making fun of us...

Please read this article "Principals And Hope" from one of NH's seasoned political figures. While it's not an endorsement, it means a lot.


Also please go to blognetnews and rate him...blue and gray button on top of the first page in the blog.

On Hume's program on FOX just now they are all abuzz about John McCain taking NH. Oh brother are they going to be disappointed! Someone, not sure who, said RON PAUL MADE $4.3M in ONE DAY and they talked over him.

Of course one of the talking heads is a premiere neocon ..

They wondered, how does Rudy get such polling numbers without one tv ad? Well perhaps it's because he gets all the FREE publicity when FOX does interviews to try to make him look like he's got family support? D'uh.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

We are on a 90-Day Pace that exceeds $18 Million!!!

Folks...with a few well placed Money Bombs and consistent daily donations...I calculated that we are on a pace that will exceed $18 Million before this 90 day quarter ends.

I pray that we can keep it up.

Some may argue that we will never have a day like yesterday.
Perhaps some special money bomb days won't...HOWEVER:
As more and more Ron Paul fans join the ranks...perhaps we will exceed yesterday (on some occasions).

Anyways...I am proud to be associated with you all and it's great to read so many like-minded posts. Even when some disagree, we have still managed to keep our dialogue respectable.

This is the Ron Paul legacy and an honor to his positive testimony.

I know this is off-track and

I know this is off-track and I will apologize for that up front. Having said that, I want you to know that I discovered your grandpa on 9-30-07 and after researching him, the hope I felt literally had me sobbing with joy. The next time you see your grandpa, will you please give him an extra hug for me and tell him that mere words will never describe how blessed I feel to be able to campaign and vote for him? I have never (and I am not a young person) donated to or campaigned for a presidential candidate before.

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

You represent...

an America that is starving and malnourished. An America that continues to binge on nutritionally void slop until bloated with misinformation. Though stuffed, this America remains starved and wasting.

As America tastes for the first time the wholesome message of Dr. Paul's, our diet changes and we begin to exude a glow and a health that we had all but forgotten was normal and should be expected!

Thank you for your story as it encourages us all to continue to spread the word every chance we get! Ron Paul 2008!!!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

I agree.

Just the idea of Ron Paul is waking up millions of people to what is going on. Neo-cons will start to scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on.

I'm up here in Canada, but I would give a lot to be down there with you guys at this amazing time in history.

The mainstream media is dead.

The mainstream media is dead.

The fox debate criteria is fraud

This is statistical fraud. The polls are typically conducted on +/-3% interval with 95% confidence level. This means that 95% of the polls will be in the interval +/-3% from the reality. Ignoring the 95%, it means that candidate A can receive 5.9% more then candidate B in a poll, while in reality candidate B has 0.1% support more then candidate A and the poll results will still report reality accurately!!!

Somebody should write to Fox that this is provably biased reporting. They should either drop the criteria or add an additional criteria for candidates within 2%-8% interval (donations...etc.).


according to this site, Paul has 5% in CNN/Opinion Research Corporation dated 11/3/2007.

A Poll on chicago's Conservative Talk Radio

has posted a question asking if Ron Paul's big day makes him mainstream


Poll is on right side of screen middle page

personally, It feels strange

to be for a "mainstream" candidate !
My friends thought I was incapable, but I can tell them now - "See! It wasn't me! There just wasn't anything "mainstream" that was worthwhile supporting before!"

I Voted

I just hit the poll. The percentage was 79% yes when I voted.

we need to hit this one

so far 51% say no he is not mainstream. We need to hit this and hard .

The Wolf on CNN

Blitzer is about to run a story on RP's Big Day!

Just saw MSNBC mention and CNN

The MSNBC piece was quick and of course they said Dr. Paul's campaign "used" Guy Fawkes day, a mercenary trying to blow up Parliament, etc. It could be more positive I guess but they are talking. Took long enough.

Jack Cafferty is acting like an actual reporter. Thank you Mr. Cafferty! Maybe the integrity of the good Dr. can rub off onto the rest of the media.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

photoshopwiz's picture

Jack Cafferty LOVES Ron Paul...!

We all know that from the video "Ron Paul A New Hope".

Jack is quite the man.

photoshopwiz's picture

So does Chris Matthews!

Look how his face lights up when he talks about him...


Chris Matthews on Ron Paul: "He's my guy! I love Ron Paul!"

Advice from Left field

As a Howard Dean supporter in 2003 I see a lot of parallels with the Ron Paul movement. First, I think it’s exciting to see the level of passion for America coming from the Right—even within the GOP. America needs an honest Republican Party and Ron Paul may be able to bring it back to its core values.

But caution is warranted. The Media will ignore (as you know), ridicule (as you know) and then, when you finally show just how real your movement is, they will find a way to take your candidate down. I hope it doesn’t happen but be prepared. They don’t want a populist movement from the Right, Left or Center. But congratulations for now from a friend on the Left. (And no, I am not a communist.)

Same Happened with Harry Browne in 2000

This also feels like the Harry Browne campaign in 2000. He gained some money, not like this but about what the Huckster has. Did not get any attention, no polls above 2-3%, then poof he's gone. The next target is to get the poll numbers above 10% and soon or it will be a long winter. Time to use that money in a big way.

seriously pleasedid harry

seriously please
did harry have even a fraction of the energy that Ron has out there?
# of meet ups?
800-1000 people at every speech?

the spontanious energy?

IMHO Harry's is not on the same planet.

Hard for polls to get a lot higher

You would have to actually mention Ron Paul as a choice and not hang up the phone when someone mentions his name for that to happen. What a joke; they intentionally rig the polls and then don't invite Ron because of his "low polling." And the nerve of the Iowa GOP head to both cheat him at their straw poll and now again. Wonder if he's in the mood for some emails. Either way, can you say, debate and sponsor "boycott?"

Bob W., Naples, FL

Wise comment

Spot-on correct. I always admired Dean and the press used his happy yelling to suggest he was unstable or unsuitable. What a lousy spin that was.

My only gripe with Howard was/is he has a really enormous ego. Well most politicians do, so I am not singling him out. Still, he's smart, articulate and passionate, and got a bum deal.

Thanks for a savvy comment.

That's what's so great about Dr. Paul...

His ego is so small... he is just along for the ride just like the rest of us...

We are sick of the corruption... a man as principled as Dr. Paul has no room for an ego...

Long live Ron Paul!

Champion of the Constitution!

"I would gladly take a bullet for Ron Paul if he was in danger. Gladly. Would you?"

Did you notice today's donation amount? $250 K +

So far, based on stats from ronpaulgraphs.com - we have donated more than $252,000 today - that surpasses our previous one day total of about $164 k for the Iowa radio spots... (besides yesterday of course)

We can think of today's $250K as a return on investment... do you realize how many people are comprehending that we can win - and they are starting to join us!


Next Money Bomb

Ron Paul is winning over the hearts and minds of every American that wishes to live a life of peace, freedom, and liberty, while pursuing their own individual happiness.

The next money bomb is November 11th.

I just signed up at ThisNovember11th.com

Let's do it again! and again.

Michigan Patriot

Michigan Patriot

I with you kfsaa. I gave

I with you kfsaa. I gave $500 yesterday, and I WILL give $500 on the 11th.

The World is Watching


I am a Canadian in Vancouver, Canada and have been watching intently since your Grandfather announced he was running back in January. At the time, i really HOPED he may win, but now I BELIEVE he can.
Just knowing that his family is behind him, and indeed willing to go door-to-door for him is heartening in and of itself.

There is a great Picture of a fellow that states "Ron Paul Cured my Apathy" and that fits me to a tee. I have had others in Canada tell me that having seen our Meetup Group + having events has inspired them to do something as well.

There are alot of American living here in Vancouver and many keep asking us what we are doing campaigning for the USA here in Canada, but we simply tell them that what happens in the US is very important to us Canadians, whether it be the war in afghanistan + Iraq(where our troops are) or that much of our trade and livelihood is interconnected with the US. Our economies are entertwined in almost every sector. Having spoken with many, and perhaps because they were outside of the country we have had many candid conversation, and many people are deeply worried about the direction that the USA is headed.

Anyways, things are only growing, and not only are more and more americans waking up to this, but those of us outside the US as well. The sky is the limit as far as I am concerneD!

Warm Regards,


The World is watching indeed

We in Europe are planning a gathering of european Fans of Liberty on Dec. 16th. "The Strasbourg Tea Party".

Please send your grandfather a warm greeting: for us he is not only Hope for America, he is Hope for the Free World.


Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Where Were You When the Counter Hit Six Million?

I'd just like to back up Fabio's comment, from Europe4ronpaul. It's crucial for North America that Ron Paul wins the American presidency. But it's even more essential for the rest of the world. I have every finger and every toe crossed over here in England that he can fulfil the dream and win. Although I must say, following yesterday's amazing events that brought the dream in from the mists of hope and into the realistic realms of genuine possibility, that I'm starting to get incredibly nervous over here! :-)

The easy part will be beating that socialist wretch, Clinton, in the General Election, and I'm not in the slightest concerned that he won't wipe this power-crazed harpie completely off the map. The hard part is going to be getting the republican nomination in the face of all those rigged ballots, the hysterical neocon GOP machine, and your friends in the parasitical MSM.

So I'd like to wish everyone in the Ron Paul campaign the best of luck over there in the land from sea to shining sea, because after yesterday you must get your man over the line and win against the walking dead of Benito, Suit, and McCain, before the tension kills me! ;-)

Dr. Paul really is the last best hope for civilisation, in the face of an oncoming dark age of one world government. Go Ron, go!



If the world could vote Paul would be a shoe-in.

He doesn't want to rule the world, he just wants to make our country the example of liberty it was meant to be.

If the world could vote?

The world IS voting......check out , who would the world elect.com
Paul is winning by a landslide.
Only one vote per computer , so room for error is small.
I assume most votes from other countrys are from our military.who knows?

Votes from abroad

I don`t think the votes from abroad are from US-military. I guess they would choose "USA". In Germany, Ron Paul is gaining popularity. In the comments-section of some newspapers writing about the US-elections, the complaints about the lack of Ron Paul mentioning is increasing.

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

If we beat our own record in the next money bomb

That would really shake up things.

Money = respect (or at least self-interest from the biased!)

I'm glad morale is high, that's important, too. We need to remain inspired and keep working hard for this goal.

The best part isn't just the money, it's http://dailypaul.com/node/5841 the record NUMBERS, even though the news media will be fixated on the money today to the exclusion of our people-power. No doubt that's partly because it's an easy-to-understand news story, and partly in hopes the Paul campaign will want to spend/waste some of it on their increasingly-worthless networks... ;)

no contest

They probably did not look at the contributions angle otherwise they would not be MSM ;-)

Fox doesn't want to hear us.

Not really a big surprise coming from Faux.


Republican Party of Iowa to host
presidential debate in DES MOINES

Debate to be nationally televised by FOX NEWS CHANNEL

The Republican Party of Iowa announced today that it will hold its presidential debate at Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines. The event, to be held the evening of December 4, 2007, will be the first debate in Iowa to be televised by FOX News Channel this election season, as well as the first debate sponsored by the Republican Party of Iowa.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Ray Hoffmann said, "With the caucuses less than a month away, our December 4 debate will be very telling to Iowans and the nation. We are thrilled to be having this event in central Iowa, and right in downtown Des Moines which will be the epicenter on caucus night."

The debate will be limited to those candidates who have satisfied the following criteria:

1. Announced a formal campaign for President: and
2. Filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission; and
3. Met all U.S. constitutional requirements; and
4. Garnered at least 5% of the national electorate as determined by an average of the most recent national telephone polls of registered voters conducted by non-partisan public opinion polling organizations leading up to the registration deadline as determined by Fox News Channel and the Republican Party of Iowa or garnered an average of at least 5% in the most recent polls of Iowa voters conducted by the American Research Group and the Des Moines Register.

So, he will just rent the section next door like last time.

Unless the GOP rents out the whole thing - I doubt it is soundproof enough to suppress the shouts of "RON PAUL!!" through the dividers.

Every other attempt has backfired badly. I almost want them to "go ahead, make my day!" if they really plan to exclude him.

One Guess...

who runs any Faux poll. By the way, didn't Dr. Paul get 9% in the Iowa straw poll???

I'd say it would be a big mistake...........

for the Iowa GOP not to include Ron Pual. He's reaching near rock star fever. If they make it clear that he is not intended to be included, then I'd switch gears and be prepared to give them a good dose of "blowback".

Like before, stage a rally near the debates. Only this time, publicize it big time, well in advance, and garner the help of a celebrity star - maybe a Tom Cruise, Chuck Baldwin,or maybe even Matt Drudge himself (talk about headlines!). It's all about headlines, publicity and turnout. Once there, Ron Paul takes over.

Part of Ron Paul's fight is about fair play in the media. He's not getting it. The campaign needs to turn this into a "why not" event, and put the media bunch on the defense. It'll work.

alan laney