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Can You Hear Us Now?

For so long, we have been ignored. We have been laughed at and ridiculed. For the most part, this has not stopped nor do I sense that it will stop soon. However, the people that stand behind my grandfather’s campaign have let it be known LOUD and CLEAR that we are not an army of invisible and mindless spammers. We are American citizens that believe it is time for change. Apparently, we also have quite a bit of that declining paper fiat money too!

I spent most of the day yesterday, November 5th, with my mouth wide open in disbelief. My own personal goal for my grandfather’s “money bomb” was $3 million. Obviously, I once again underestimated the drive and passion of the people of our great nation who believe in the message my grandfather is so valiantly fighting to bring BACK to the Oval Office. I spoke with my sister, Valori, who is now helping with the campaign at the national headquarters and she informed me that our staff’s morale is almost as high as mine. They are ecstatic. My grandfather is overjoyed with yesterday’s results as well. How can we not be?

This message my grandfather is trying to share is an important one and now it is time to spread that message. It certainly helps in politics to have the money needed to bring that message to the people via the airwaves. Even the main stream media is being forced to recognize Ron Paul and the rEVOLution that is igniting across America.

I know that many of you out there join in my family’s excitement in seeing the money total grow higher and higher each day. Don’t forget to mention to each person you meet in passing about the opportunity we have to change our nation in 2008.

Thank you so much to each individual who contributed yesterday. We will certainly “Remember, Remember the 5th of November!”

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Fine by me

I have had enough of Fox News and their "fair and balanced" rubbish. They have treated Ron Paul with disrespect every time they have hosted a debate, and I was planning on boycotting this one anyway so as not to give them ratings. It is time to hold our own rally for Ron Paul where the real America can be present.

Let Fox News have their crumbling neo-con empire. It won't matter when Ron Paul takes this country by storm in the primaries.

Money Bomb on Dec 4th

Well maybe Ron Paul will be getting the 5% of the national polling by that time so there will be nothing to worry about - but if not - should we have a
www.RememberDecember4th.com money bomb?

just to shut them all up?


Media-biased money bomb

Since the media likes to mention the meaning of our money bombs, why not have a "media-biased money bomb" for an upcoming bomb. Who that knows what is going on wouldn't send money for that?

After, I think people just may get the idea of what is going on.....and the media will report the money bomb meaning. That may turn a few heads and bring in more support. Perhaps it should be on Dec. 4th.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Thank You Notes

Please pass this along: I do not need a thank-you note or receipt sent to me. I have gotten them before, and if there is as way not to send them out to those who have given before, please tell the campaign to spend that time and money on sending out mail to new prospects and first-time donors.

I know it often generates more donations, but repeat donors are plugged in already.

We can print a receipt if we need one (not IRSable, anyway), and we're the ones who owe thanks.


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I agree

Though I do appreciate the very nice thank you notes I also know they cost in time and money and would gladly forgo the gracious 'thank you' so the campaign can spend the money on promoting Ron Paul.

thank you NOTES?

Do you guys actually get snail mail thank you notes? from the USPS?

I never got one! geez - maybe i havent' donated enough...


Can You Hear Us Now?

I suggested earlier today that a good idea for a commercial would be your Grandfather saying just that "Do you hear me now?"

good idea to make sure its like a group of hurting citizens

you have to be careful to make it not spun so that its like paul people are not the citizens...media and DC insiders will surely try to insist can you hear us now as rude, obnoxious types rather than citizens that run this country

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Always a pleasure

Matt - it is always a pleasure to hear your perspective. Yesterday was a great day. Everyone is happy. Let's keep this momentum going!


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