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Today I was forced to make way for McCains's motorcade

On my way to a football game, all traffic was stopped for several minutes to make way for McCain's bus. There were no less than 50 policeman on bikes and in patrol cars paving the way for him. I was struck by what this says to the average citizen. Has this country really gotten to the point that anyone who is even running for the position of president is so above to the law that they do not have to abide by normal traffic laws?? Is this feudal England? Why do my tax dollars have to pay for police actions that enforce McCain's dominance over my daily life?? There were literally over 50 police men escorting his bus. What were they afraid of? Had they received some threat or something?
At the football game there were less than ten officers directing traffic and protecting the public. Less than ten public officers for more than 40,000 people who came out to support our team. Where is the justice in that?
While McCain's bus was stopping traffic, a lady in the car next to me cheered and tried to show her support for him to me and my friend. I had my hand out the window in a thumb's down and then in a one finger salute. I told her we were tired of war. She said that the war was to protect our freedoms. In response I asked her, "well what about the Patriot act and the FISA spying bills?" To that she had no response. I doubt she even knew what I was talking about.
That exchange made me very depressed. We have a long way to go as a movement. This fight will not be easy and it will not be short.

But fight on we must

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my friend was at the Hilton and saw McCain walk past him....

my friend was at the Hilton in Colorado Springs yesterday and John McCain walked right past him.... he said he kind of wanted to give him a hug because he's never seen anyone look so uncomfortable when having to meet/touch other people.... he decided not to because he thought it would probably cause McCain to die, and then he'd get taken to jail.... I kind of wish he had hugged him.... haha

Yes, McCain does look awkward around people! But I wouldn't be

tempted to hug him! LOL I would ask him about the war and why it may take us 100 years to leave!!!

Help Ron Paul's delegates get to St. Paul!
Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Oh, if only I could get close enough

...to that bus. I would throw flaming bags of dog crap all over it.

For liberty!! *gong*

For Liberty!! *GONG*

Hang in there buddy

Once they get over the election hype and the defenses are down hopefully we can peacefully awaken them to the message. The sheeple are stampeding right now my hopes are that when the wolf is in his den they will calm down and become more mindful of what is going on. More approachable. Thats when we show them they can be free and need not fear the wolf. They We outnumber the wolf.


a kid in my college biology class was talking about the patriot act and how bad it was the other day. Some people are awake, then there is others who just don't listen or who are soo consumed by Television that they don't know what the hell is going on!

So true, some are awake

but others aren't and it's hard to think of ways on how to wake them up.
The video clip of the riot police shooting people at the Anti war rally and this was the response:

"where do you get this shit from? believe me - if it was true, the democrats
would have it all blown out of proportion and it would be all over tv and
the papers! THEY wouldn't be allowing a cover-up - and a 3 min. you-tube
thing doesn't qualify"

I guess they will only see it when they experience it, or are in the Fema camps