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9/11/2008 General Strike

Thought this was interesting and thought I'd pass it along...check out the site below...

"Lies started the war & lies keep the war going. The judiciary has failed, congress has failed it is now up to the American people in our system of checks & balances to check the president before he wrecks our country."


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"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers

Bump For Freedom

Bump For Freedom

I've mentioned this before!


If you had watched the documentary of the Argentinians taking back their country by banging pots and pans, I have no doubt we in America can do no less. I'm all for shutting down this corrupt administration and its elitist backers. Do you think walking down any street in America banging pots and pans won't bring out most individuals to ask questions! You all got together to raise huge amounts of money for Ron Paul in a very short time....you can make this effort go viral!!! Do you think Homeland Security is going to arrest you for not going to work, for keeping your child home from school (what an opportunity to "teach" your kids true American history and the constitution)? Do you think "no-one" will show up? Do you think you'll be laughed at? I think not, I think we have numbers greater than we realize and you can take that to the bank!!! Everyone I talk to around here, while not actively involved in politics, KNOWS our government officials from mayors to governors to state representatives to the White House no longer represent the American people, nor do they(government officials) make decisions in our best interests. Download and copy the message from General Strikes website, send these copies to your friends and relatives, put them under car windshields. Get a couple of you together, make a thousand copies, drive through your neighborhood and stuff the slots under the mailboxes (do NOT put them in the mail boxes, it's against the law) WE CAN DO THIS!!! IT's not too late!!! Even if the message isn't received until the 12th or 13th, let the numbers swell as the week progresses.

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

fast forward in your maturation as a people

it took filipinos 15-18years under martial rule to start uniting against the armed suppression of its state in the 70s and 80s. people were so afraid of the dreaded national police force that arrests or summarily executes people violating a curfew-the METROCOM, and in the countryside-the CHDF, civilian home defense force-much like obamas plan of a national police in america.washington planners trained our martial law architects to divide and conquer thru lies,deception, fear, and suppression.

the situation in america is similar,though covert.from the news i see in the old corporate manipulated media,it seems that control over americans is on the media,the mindset,and the silence of its real face. thats why nobody is outraged on the blatant suppression of freedom--those who do are marginalized 24/7,a bombardment of division and hate-laden psy-ops to its people. very sophisticated form of control,unlike its military-rule/backed regims worldwide exported by washington for global control and creation of satellite nations.

as i said, it took us over 15yrs to start having national level consciousness of dissent. even amidst the information blackout-no internet then, what we used were photocopying of repressed materials and watcing of videos on "betamax" machines,watching the military abuse so carefully hidden by our media then.

the moment the national level consciousness started, it was the start of the end of the apparats of control----when we filipinos started to think together and act together, regardless of level of beliefs, level of committments, and levels of understanding, our people became powerful.

no, they were generally peaceful boycotts and protests. just stoppage of work and school,the radical ones started to block the roads and create disruption. whatever it was, it reached national levels. they were our "WELGA NG BAYAN" [the country in protest].

it was no longer a particular groups protest, or a particular issue, but it was the start of a unified message of defiance.

good luck americans on your unified front,your general strike--your maturation as a people is starting. welcome everybody because there is strength in numbers, no police state can ever hope to stop you.

Interesting post, thanks for

Interesting post, thanks for that.

I am of the view that until we start our own media successfully and have our own political party, we will not gain very much traction in politics.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

The digital switch

Eliminated that option.


food freedom,one seed at a time.


awesome thanks

for posting!

Here in Chile, it's going to

Here in Chile, it's going to be the 35th anniversary of the original 9/11: Pinochet's military coup against Allende. Especially this year, there promises to be a lot of protesting and marching, especially down at the college areas. Many protesters face the police at night throwing bottles at them, molotov bombs, etc. and having fires at many corners of the country. Sad day for both countries.

bump for liberty and freedom

bump for liberty and freedom

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