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Who thinks Ron Paul should run for 2012?

It's true that he'll be "getting on up there" in age by 2012, but I feel he's still viable.

I also believe, at this writing, that the righteous ass-kicking of Republicans so many people on here were jonesing for will not happen. With Palin and lower gasoline prices, McCain has at least 50-50 odds of winning. The silver lining to that dark cloud is that McCain and Ron Paul are roughly the same age. Hence if a late-seventy-something McCain is presidential, Ron Paul may not be deemed "an old fossil" by the general public.

Whomever we choose, be it Paul, Ventura, Baldwin, et al--we need to make our choice soon and start planning the campaign next year, so the public can get to know our candidate.

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if you consider there are more than one senators and congressmen that are in their middle eighties and still active (Robert Byrd, Frank Wolf, Frank Lautenberg , who is 84 and running for senate re-election, thus will be 90 then if he wins and ending his term), Dr. Paul at 77 would not be that old in 2012. If his brains and reaction and enthusiasm is still the same as now, he would be well suited.
Of course, it would have helped if he were senator or governor before. He was a candidate for senate in 1984 as you may know, when he lost the primary against the same Phil Gramm, that McCain "banned" to an ambassador to Belorussia! Bush and the infamous Karl Rove was already then working vs. Dr. Paul. But now Dr. Paul has the came recognition. he just need a relative young VP candidate, that can take over in case something happens. As Kent Snyder said, Dr. Paul looks 10 years younger than his age and active like twenty and sometimes thirty years younger than his age. He is a mild-mannered genetleman and healthy and fit, so I do not think he will age much in 4 years. I may also note that the PM of Thailand is 77 and there was no discussion about his age, people value experience. Dr. Paul needs to do some overseas visits in the next four years and will be then even stronger than now.

Please totally forget about Ventura or Baldwin, or even Barr (I know you do not like him, but he does have an impressive record). All three of them would never be able to be a GOP candidate, while a current GOP friend of Dr. Paul can always go third party leader, if necessary. Ventura is a controversial figure, not diplomatic or sophisticated, not the professionalism of a president, his immigration policies would not attract many Ron Paul supporters and Republicans and some Democrats and especially his social liberalism and pro-abortion policy will make him totally unelectable with a major part of the Catholic swing vote, as well as with Protestant christian conservatives in especially the south. As to Baldwin he has no political or economic experience (only campaign experience in 2004 and 2008) or leadership insight.

The VP for Dr. Paul or alternative is gov. Gary Johnson. We need to promote him. He was 2 times governor and as party outsider he managed to win 2 terms as governor in a swing or mostly Democratic state! He has a perfect voting record, like Dr. Paul, is also intelligent, kind, positive, smart, honest, good looking and fit and about 55 years old. He is also a Lutheran, like Dr. Paul (e,g, I am not one, but know the influence in thinking of different religious traditions, Lutherans tend to make a separation between church and state). Johnson just need some foreign policy experience, which is normally not the thing of a governor, but he has visited more countries already than Bush before he became president.

Note that a Johnson-Paul ticket is also a possibility in 2012. Mark Sanford is also a possibility (was part of Dr. Paul's Liberty Caucus while in congress and voted with him), but Johnson is not only closer to Dr. Paul than Sanford as he endorsed him, but also SC is a solid GOP state, while NM a swing state and Western GOP states tend to be more libertarian or conservative-libertarian, while southern states more conservative.
Johnson made a great impression on me with his speech. He is also humble and has a great sense of humor and a successful businessman, like Romney, only in a much better area. VC's make money by buying and selling companies, whereby jobs are slashed, whereas Johnson represent more the "average joe"'s interests and has only created jobs. He does have a business degree as well and his brother is a heart surgeon.

I think Baldwin this year,

I think Baldwin this year, Ventura 2012, I don't forsee RP running this year, although I wish he would on the Independence ticket. Lower gas prices? 40 cents lower than two months ago is nothing, they still need to lower it $2 more.

I think gasoline is as low

I think gasoline is as low as we'll see it for awhile.

Part of what's fueling the high prices is a collapsing dollar, so don't expect it to ever go below $2.50 again.

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