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Las Vegas Sun: "Paul backers give in, graciously"

Washington — In the end, the revolution would be fought from within.

Nevada’s loyal supporters of one-time presidential hopeful Ron Paul, who pushed so hard for a seat at the table at the Republican National Convention, decided when their moment arrived last week to break bread rather than dishes.

On the third night of the convention, when the state Republican Party chairman stood in the hall and announced Nevada would be casting all of its 34 delegates for Sen. John McCain, it was because the Paul supporters made it so.

Paul delegate Chris Bunce said Friday they decided not to spoil the party. Bunce knew Republicans from Nevada, a swing state this election year, wanted desperately to present a unified front for McCain.

The Paul supporters had to decide — make a point or make peace?


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Chris Bunce

Remember that name.

Gee, I wonder what his email address is?

Aggravating...To make such a

Aggravating...To make such a great stand, and then finally give in...

Thomas Jefferson , George Washington and Ayn Rand all rolled in their grave after that show of cowardice....

I KNEW it!! This is just

I KNEW it!! This is just what I mentioned in another post. I, too, think it was the right thing to do. Standing on principles, right now in this party, would have destroyed all future hopes for infiltration. This must have been a horrible decision, but surely the right one. HAHAHAHa..then they left and had a good time elsewhere. Got decent press, too...

No Way No How

You don't spread peace, freedom and prosperity by backing a man like McCain.

You might as well vote for Satan in an effort to promote the values of Christ.

No Hope

What hope is there if even the Liberty delegates are traitors to the cause? Were they seriously threatened or just not committed?