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My psychoanalysis of Tucker Carlson

I think Tucker Carlson really is a libertarian and he really does like Ron Paul but he's also a deeply insecure person and he's afraid that if he shows anyone who he really is that they will think he's stupid. I noticed this when I was at the rally he would say something that would be half a compliment and half an insult about anything Ron Paul related. I mean, look at that thing he did with the hookers thing when Paul was running for president. Carlson wanted to give him exposure but felt like if he didn't also act like his presidency was a joke, people would think he was weird. There's also further evidence of this because the guy in that article (The Weekly Standard, was it?) who wrote about the rally smugly said to him something like, "come on, you know this thing blows, let's get out of here," and Carlson was so easily persuaded because he's so afraid of people thinking negative things about him instead of having the confidence to stand up to someone and be who he really is.

As for that other guy (the one who wrote the article), I think that guy is obviously extremely insecure too which is shown by his whole smug attitude of, "Yeah they had a big freedom rally that was kind of cool or whatever but look what a bunch of losers they are! I mean, come on!" This guy probably likes the message too and if he was secure enough he wouldn't have to put down the rally.

That's one thing I really took away from the rally is that all of the people there had some serious balls and weren't afraid to be themselves. Getting insecure about whether the movement will succeed or fail or if we got good or bad press is a waste of time. You know what's right in your mind so none of that matters.

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