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Short note from when I went to the Rally

What I noticed the most about it was that we don't agree on all of the issues. There are some there who are 9/11 truthers, pro-immigration, pro-abortion, evangelical christian or athiest but those things don't matter because we can all be adults and listen to each other and even though we don't agree we strongly support the broader message of freedom because we know that things are too desperate to not be mature about this.

Tucker Carlson said in his introduction of the rally something like, "you're going to hear a lot of opinions that you may not agree with, but we should listen to them and be respectful." Yet, he's the only one that had a problem with what people were saying. True Campaign for Liberty supporters are smart enough to be respectful of others who say unpopular things that they don't like because we so strongly believe in freedom for all Americans. Apparently Tucker Carlson hasn't grown up enough to understand that.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul