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What are the chances of a MAJOR CRISIS occuring before the election?

What are the chances of a MAJOR EVENT & CRISIS before the election?

With Cheney in Georgia, Russia talking smack and McCain lagging in the polls, there very well could be a BIG October Surprise!

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October 7, 2008

Taken from Project Camelot:

Half Past Human, using its very unusual and creative predictive web bot technology, have identified 7 October as the date for a crucial event - preceded by a plateau of 11 days of tension starting on 27 September.

The aftermath of the 7 October event, they say, will last till mid-February. They do not know what this is, save that’s it’s partly economic, partly military. They're confident of their prediction, and note that this situation is totally unique in their experience.

They compare the five months of 'release language' they have identified on the net (in connection with the period of time following the incident) with the far shorter 10 or 11 days following 9/11. This implies the possibility of a far more major and impactful event or situation.

Half Past Human first got our attention at Camelot when they predicted regime change in Pakistan as far back as last February. President Musharraf, facing impeachment, resigned one day later than the exact date they had identified five months earlier.

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I sincerely doubt anything

I sincerely doubt anything major will happen before the election. After the next dictator takes control it's 4 years of fair game on the american people and the world at large.

According to this

fellow http://www.hughcort2008.com/ very high. When my husband and I went to the rally there was a newsletter in our room called Veterans' Vision
www.vetsvision.org the title of the article was "Can we stop Osama Bin Laden's "American Hiroshima" Plan? According to the article terrorists plan on detonating 20 suitcase nuclear bombs in cities around the country. He also says " I believe Osama already has the bombs here in America and in fact was very close to detonating them this past September/October. I tried to find the article on line but couldn't and it is way to long to retype. He could be just trying to keep vets on edge I don't know but I found it very strange when I ran across the article and just wanted to share the information with the Daily Paulers. Peace

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% crisis

HOW crazy is the WORLD? 100% or less

It could happen on Sept. 11.




An economic 9/11 could occur, but I doubt it could be timed well

The saber rattling will occur for quite some time. Russia just announced joint naval exercises in the Carribean with Venezuela. They buzzed our carrier in Sea of Japan with 2 bombers about 6 mos ago. We pull the Georgia crisis on them. This shit will go on and on. I see the immediate conflict when Israel bombs Iran. This could happen any day.

Pretty Likely

I dont think the contrived exodus to Palin from Hillary that the fake polls are "reflecting" will be enough to sell another Diebold steal. They will need some kind of event that the fake news will use to say "looks like security is most important to the American people this time in making their selection - and John McCain offers that". I highly doubt that in 2 months enough poo will be found about Palin to elevate Obama's support high enough to where a false flag op against the American people is necessary to explain a McCain comeback if that happens. That is definitely the last option as the Truthers have shown they will dissect anything that happens- and enough people are so leery that even if there WERE to be a bonafide Al Quaida attack, many would assume that it was an inside job simply because of the coincidental timing. The last thing "Al Quaida" (if such a group even exists in the capacity we are meant to beleive ) wants to do right now is to scare the American people into 4 more years of occupying Arab nations. Rather I think we will see something, "an event" overseas that is engineered to 1. be uninvestigatable by the American people, 2. be disconnected enough for Americans that it only causes just enough fear and outrage that regular people talk about it alot but 3. close enough to home (maybe an ally abroad) that the American people wont openly discount it because the fake news plays to our flattery by saying "Americans step up to offer prayers and support to our friends in (insert any country we can all agree is pretty cool)". Think of a war on terra attack happening in a place where you have family, like to vacation or see positive depictions about on television and in the movies. If something happens THERE everyone will talk about it enough to where the fake news, if need be, can start running "Increasing Numbers of Voters Attracted to McCain After Speech supporting the Victims in Gayminorityagnosticwomanland" headlines.
Live Free or Diebold

It's If'y

But, I knowing now that Our Government, at lest parts of Our Government, are "the real terrorists", and a multitude of times, not always, but a lot of times that they speak about "terrorists" their actually referring to themselfs.

And, you ralph have this educational link:


Startin' at slide #4, states, the possible ugly, ugly, ugly plan that their considering, "maybe"!

If the "REINVESTIGATION" "is in order" or "inevitable", their only option to escape prosecution would be to "perform the above maneuver" and this would give them the "reasoning" to "institute marshall law", hence, "complete takeover".

Just a thought, don't exaggerate please.

Now this thing sounds "surreal", but wasn't "9\11" "surreal" also and even to this day "may be".

N may the blue bird of paradise bring you a few sticks of cannabis a day.



That video appears to be the mating ritual of the bird of paradise.

How about this delivery bird:



There could be

a major factor if we continue to pursue putting Nukes in Russia's backyard and try to stuff our ill-brand of democray up their butt.Our leadership has commited three acts of war against Russia in just a few months.With threatening to invade Iran (a Russia supported country),the whole Georgia (U.S supported) fiasco,and the placing of nuclear missles aimed at Russia along it's borders.And now the recent Pakistan invasion.

we haven't placed any nukes

we haven't placed any nukes or radar systems anywhere in either poland or czech. That doesn't take place until next year.


Hence the word continue to pursue

"Our leadership HAS commited

"Our leadership HAS commited THREE acts of war against Russia in just a few months.With threatening to invade Iran (a Russia supported country),the whole Georgia (U.S supported) fiasco,and THE PLACING OF NUCLEAR MISSLES AIMED AT RUSSIA along it's borders."

Hence the reason I stated that we have put neither missle nor radar in either poland or the czech republic. We haven't even finished the deal with the Czech's. Don't get me wrong, Russia is none too happy, but technically, we haven't actually put them there yet.

It's my understanding that Cheney

has been in Georgia for a few days. I can assure you he is not there on vacation. Darth Vader doesn't do vacations!

thank you farron

for pointing that out to neoconned!! hehe



ok leo wanta. Lord.

ok leo wanta. Lord.

with our troops going across

with our troops going across the boarder into pakistan, I see suicide bombers in the US.. next an all out invasion of pakistan to "secure" nukes from terrorists! this is just a disguise to be able to blame a crashing economy on other factors except the fact of a corrupt fed, and federal governmnet, and their policies!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Absolutely right!

The collapse of economy will have to be blamed on some dreaded foreign enemy, Russia is the best candidate. This business in Georgia is a neocon ploy designed to stop Russia's integration with Europe. Russia is succeeding with capitalism, and that cannot be allowed.



"plane to drop anthrax"

I never heard of this....please elaborate THX

the story was

that 2 soldiers caught during the "invasion" of georgia were top ranking affiliates of israel and carried on them the story(classified documents) revealing the go ahead from president bush along with the anthrax to be dropped from an israeli plane painted with a U.S. symbol in iran. because these two were found beforehand, the plane which was ready to go was stopped by the u.s. military. disinformation? dont know. wish i could find that report- it was in a newspaper that first week during the fighting.



Thanks for the info

I googled and found this
Looks like they are worried about a few things but...every Nation is at this point

I think our crisis is happening very soon.

food freedom,one seed at a time.

The economy is tanking.Bush and Cheney are just pushing Russia's buttons.Near accidents with nukes.Take your pick...the goverment is trying to get something big to happen.Just my opinion.

Very good, I think.

Everything is in place. The dominoes are set. It won't take much to set off a major, TV news engulfing event on the world stage.

Get ready for McCain, folks. It's in the cards. So are the mss riots after Obama loses...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

probably pretty slim.

probably pretty slim.


since things are already started in iran and since this whole georgia thing is about israels planes landing in georgia to better enable them to attack iran wouldn't that be the obvious false flag? am i totally off base here? also, the fact that the plane to drop anthrax was diffused(maybe a rumor) by the military and that bush has already planned the iran war, well, it seems to me that iran is the obvious choice as far as what will happen next. the thing is, russia and all the countries lining up with russia seems to be putting on the brakes, but i do wonder if it will go ahead anyway as the clones who took over washington do not care about people period. i believe that there are those in congress that are waking up to this or know what is going on. hmmmm. i'm glad i'm a positive person or i might succomb to FDA drugs for genocide, i mean depression!!



Don't Know?

I think that either Obama or McInsane would satisfy the NWO crowd. If they really want McInsane perhaps they would orchestrate some sort of military crisis or terrorist event to drive the sheeple to believe that McInsane is the better choice HaHa.

Roger Hermann
Chicago, IL

Roger Hermann
Chicago, IL