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Some Paul Delegates Possible Neocon Infiltrated

maybe some of the paul delegates were really neo con infiltrators? and were trying to destroy our morale by these reports of delegates switching over ... true paul supporters would never switch over

i look at this as a ploy to destory our support behind dr. paul and the campaign for liberty .. at heart a real ron paul delegate would never vote mccain

the news articles i see about it have quotes that would almost never enter the mind of a ron paul delegate

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There was pressure from RON PAUL's staff to "get along"

I believe some people took that too far and essentially sold out. In their defense, there was pressure from Ron Paul's designated leaers not to disrupt. Why they bailed on their vote is going to vary state to state. I was simply told my vote would not be counted. Period, no negotiation or discussion. I left. We tried to "build a bridge" by giving our passes to two McCain supporters from Idaho.
There was a lot of pressure. Some people caved under it. Period.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

They either

were infiltrators or they were very naive about what they were doing as a delegate.I suspect that may be the case in some of the delegates.They were pretty much hanging signs on every website for people to become a delegate.


a delegate representing us should never betray us!


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