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CNN Poll: Will the U.S. takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stabilize the housing market?


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They might give the illusion

They might give the illusion of stability through the elections.



It will triple the national debt

overnight. That's always good.

i guess if you want to sell of what is remaining of US ownership

i guess if you want to sell the remaining ownership of those two wonderful american institutions quickly to china and other parties...that is now done...what a bunch of crooks

another way of asking

Will the foreign investors still buy into the dollar?

Without the foreign perception of the dollar's might, the dollar has no value. We need our military strength to enforce this perception...and our military has looked foolish for so many years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most recently, our military's complete ineptness in the Georgia/Russia has turned doubt on the perception.

I suspect that the Russians and Chinese are having a nice chuckle at the rug being pulled out from under our feet.

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Done, voted No

It's just another bandaide put on a wound that's getting bigger by the day. The future generation will surely pay for this as we are now.

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