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Maybe I'm just an old guy, but what the heck is "digg"

I always see this digg this and digg that, but what does it do? I don't get it?

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After posting this

I looked into digg a little bit and I have come to 2 conclusions:
1-Not a lot of adults visit
2-The kids who do are annoyed by our stuff all the time.

I think we need to figure out how to reach mommy and daddy.

The vast majority of Digg users would be of voting age.


Lisa C.

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digg.com is a social news

digg.com is a social news website. Members submit articles and other members can "digg" them. "digging" an article is like voting for it.

You can also vote either way, so you can give positive or negative vote towards whether or not any particular news story should be given higher rankings on the site.

When news stories get on the front page of category pages they get a lot more people reading them. If the stories hit the front page of digg.com then many thousands of people will see them.

You can also discuss the news stories on digg.com, but that really isn't the power and value that digg.com provides. digg.com has massive site traffic and can sent many people to sites that get listed. Because of that, it seems to be a good way to help get the message out about various topics.


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Here. Take a look at this.

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The dumbing down

Is working like a charm. Make the news into a contest or a game, the kids will love it.
Apparantly, by "digging" so much, we are merely annoying a bunch of 12 year olds.
Maybe we should collectively gather one huge e-mail address, every time someone sends us a message with several addresses, add them. We could really start reaching grown-ups that way.

Thanks for the info

Here's a disheartening comment I saw on the "Secret Editors" link:

Nothing wrong with messing with the numbers - as long as they start tanking that annoyingly endless torrent of Ron Paul spam.

Ron Paul is probably an awesome candidate and, for all I know, has values that align with my own. But I have developed a deep, unquenchable, murder-inspiring hatred for the man, only because of his obnoxious supporters on Digg. A vocal minority, to be sure.

Appartantly freedom and the constitution are annoying.

I heard Digg.com received up

I heard Digg.com received up to 60 million views a month!

When we digg a story and get it to the front page, millions of people read it.

Digg, is very effecting at getting the message out to millions of people.

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Thats fantasy

Digg has a small core audience, mainly adolescent/techie types.

"millions of people read it "


50% of digg "readers" are not even U.S. based.

If you find a site you dig,

you digg it. You dig?

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It's basically a site called

It's basically a site called digg, where the front page stories are decided in a democratic manner.



Try digging this:

Diggs Secret Editors

Won't happen.

The page won't even show up ANYWHERE.

I don't like these uber-elite techies who think they are clever.

Digg is also ostensibly a news site for TECHNOLOGY, not politics but hey more page views, more money.

I only figured out what that was recently too

Those of us in the "older" but young at heart group got left out on that one....
I have been on DP a good while now and no one ever actually asked the younger Patriots to explain so, thank-you.

I only figured out what digg was recently myself...

but it is a way of sharing news and stories you think are important with others. Visit www.digg.com and check it out!

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I've established that much

But is it absolutely wildly popular or what? Has a well "dugg" post ever amounted to anything? Not to be cynical, but I just want to know the deal?

Nothing new under the sun

Digg is trying to establish itself as a "gateway" of sorts. There is no real need for such a thing on the internet as the web is just that: a linked world.

Claims of "democracy" at digg are wildly overstated, the links and "diggs" are heavily moderated by a cabal of eggheads.

Digg makes ad dollars by charging per impression (page view), by running links through there you are only putting money in their pocket and taking money out of their advertisers pocket. Many forums are infested with pleas to "digg this!" and "digg that!", many aren't, the moderators realized long ago that that digg itself has a small army of forum spooks who basically juke digg stats.

If you find a good link, link directly to it, the site linking to the resource will get credit for sending the traffic, not digg. This is how the web works, credit where credit is due.

Digg is an attempt to "centralize" the web, I'm surprised the "diggers" are even tolerated here.

enough "DIGGS" will put it

enough "DIGGS" will put it on the front page of the digg page, yes, it is becoming very popular

So it is

The internet WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (Democratic brainwashing)