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spoke with iowa republican party about dec 4th debate exclusion

I spoke with the officials at the republican party to ask about the hunter, tancredo and paul's campaigns.

Hunter, Tancredo and Paul's campaigns apparently will not qualify with the current numbers.

But the campaigns have until nov 30 final polls to see if this changes.

Paul is of course on the line and like the three campaigns this is smart for iowa to push tons of investment and effort in their state...

Smart of them to do...

So how many people want to go to iowa and be volunteers?

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Well we can volunteer to call people - campaign call lists

The campaign apparently has call lists all set up.


The link is here.

Faux news

I think Faux news knows if they try to keep RP out of this debate there will be hell to pay and it will raise more questions than they really want to deal with. The outrage would be over the top.

Too many people want to hear RP at this point. The other networks would use it against them, big time!

WWTD do?

What about "Hope Across America" radio iniative across Iowa.

Iowa meetups

Someone in Iowa meetups has to get to the Iowa GOP, I am sure there is at least one republican there that can get the same phone list from the last primary the pollsters are using.

Ron Paul campaign has phone script internet software, and volunteers can make phone calls from their homes. Dial the number, read from the script, sell Ron Paul's message.

If this is indeed true, expect the campaign to send a message about this.

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we should also try to think of something


What would Trevor Do?


Let's not let Fox get the best of us!

i dont think its reasonable

what if the rule was any candidate with less than 5 million in the campaign bank? how would that fly huh?huckabee gone, mccain gone, tancredo gone, hunter gone, thompson? this is a blatent attack on ron paul and thats a fact. the des moines register is a rag and they know it.very rarely do they print anything positive on ron paul.its very obvious they are romney lovers.they would love to not see ron paul there.they could care less about tacredo or hunter not being there, the main focus is to not let ron paul in period! if he made 5% they would try to up it to 6%. face it, they did it once in des moines iowa and theyr'e doing it again. the iowa campaign, Drew Ivers,Jesse Benton and Ron Paul himself should be on the phone with the Iowa GOP and giving them an earfull and if he doesnt get to be in the debates he should be writing to every single paper and local news editor in iowa to voice this outrage to the public! this is bullshit!

would be nice

if HQ's would give some guidance here. An idol army is a restless army.


Perhaps Dr. Paul will spend some of his money on advertising in Iowa. I kind of get the feeling that they are banking on NH, SC, and NV. Dr. Paul is going to need to be in the top 3 or 4 in Iowa. Should he spend money here, or focus on the other early staes. The farm subsidies thing is a big issue in Iowa. There are a lot of corn farmers that want their government check.

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a question of money

Whatever the campaign decides to do our cash bomb yesterday will help them do a lot more.

I live in Wisconsin and could conceivably travel to Iowa and volunteer to be someone's slave for the duration (until the Iowa primary).

But like any loyal mutt I would have to be housed and fed. Do that and I'll stick out my thumb and head south. (its getting too cold up here in cheeseland anyway). So then if there is a place in the Iowa effort for someone with a lot of time and who otherwise has not much else to do beside post an occasional comment on the DP let me know.

Give me a warm bed and two squares and I'll work by your side for the good Doctor.


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Volunteers Go to Iowa

"So how many people want to go to iowa and be volunteers?"

What's the plan? This seems like an important rallying point for supporters in other states with later primaries.

Strong support in Iowa means good momentum for the rest of the country.

Well I think a 5% poll cutoff is reasonable.

And the campaign really needs to focus on Iowa. I've heard about the TV ads in New Hampshire. Apart from the meetup groups, what are the official campaign efforts in Iowa? Maybe we could help?

If only

IF ...... Iowa would only Start a Call Center and give us names and addresses so we could send our direct mail materials, slim jims, Open Letter from the Founders, & You Tube DVD's.....

I fear like last time.... we will start our Call Center WAY TOO LATE.


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Call Iowa

The number for Iowa's campaign headquarters is 888 828 PAUL. They e-mailed me a voter list for the county I live in.

I had excellent results today. One man especially liked Ron Paul- amazingly without the benefit of a computer. He talked 45 minutes about why he likes him.

It seems he has been listening to talk radio and has been hearing people bad mouth Ron Paul. Apparently, the bad mouthing has worked to the opposite effect and has brought us a fellow supporter. Now he wants to attend our next meeting.

Helping outside of Iowa?

Is there a way to help if you live nowhere near Iowa?

I'm with the Boston Meetup group and I know a bunch of us helped out before the Ames Straw Poll by writing letters ... Can we do something like that this time?

Think you're on to somethng

Anyone know if there is something we can do to help the Iowa meetup group. Anyone from Iowa in the house?

Iowa Campaign Chairman

Dr. Drew Ivers
Iowa Campaign Chairman
(515) 280-1136

He is sending out calling list.

ron paul 2008

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
digg http://digg.com/autos/First_Genuine_Chevy_Volt_to_be_Complet...

good reporting, tough news

Thanks for keeping us posted on this important issue

Did those Iowa GOP officials...

..explain WHY they set those benchmarks?

They are idiots

...and don't care much for self-preservation.