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Will the media ever ASK THE QUESTION???

Why they waited until after both the conventions to announce that Freddie & Fannie would be bailed out? I doubt it. Surely they knew that this was coming down the pike for weeks if not months.

This is further proof of the unspoken alliance between political and financial interests that wreak havok on this country.

I wonder if Joe Q. Public will ever wake up and say enough is enough?

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Good question

Is the frog cooked? Peace

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I'm hopping mad!

Some frogs may be more temperature sensitive than others :)

It really pisses me off that my tax dollars are going to be used to bail out these government created monstrosities. Although it also pisses me off that my tax dollars our going to send our fine men and women off to kill and die in Afghanistan and Iraq.

P.S. Thank you for your get well quilt to Carol Paul. It helps those of us not blessed with any artistic talent to feel productive.

Another example of a blatant lie - public - media documented

Bush, Paulson, Franks, Greenspam all siad 'no bail out...Oh and the CEO of Fannie also said it. Now he's begging for a consulting position because they are going to ax him too.

I agree it was all timed and pre-meditated.

But it's OK. Everything is going according to plan. These criminals have to burn up any and all sympathy from the taxpayers before we get a real REVOLT going. They pile the logs onto their own "stake fires" every week.

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Here's an interesting article on this subject.

US waves goodbye to prosperity and democracy

THE events of the weekend begin the greatest intervention in the US economy by the Federal Government since the Great Depression, with the Bear Stearns rescue but a splutter on this road we must now travel.
If you were wondering what all the flag-waving at the Republican convention has been about, it is now clear. Americans are waving goodbye to the prosperity the nation has enjoyed since the Great Depression and a final goodbye to democracy. But while preparation for the most important decision made in the nation's post-depression financial history towered above the conventions, I don't think the fate of Freddie and Fannie and the remaining government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) was mentioned during either convention.

article: http://business.theage.com.au/business/us-waves-goodbye-to-p...

I guess the crooks have to make sure they get every damed cent out of the U.S. taxpayer before they are finished. And then I guess it's off to the FEMA camps with us.



got matches. :O)

A better question:

Will the corporate-controlled, lapdog press EVER ask any meaningful questions of or against the powers-that-be?

Will pigs ever fly?

I would bet on the latter scenario as the more likely.