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Rense Under Attack - What Does it Mean for All of US?

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about rense.com, only been on that site a few times, but I do know quite a bit about running websites / webservers. They still might be being hacked, but then again it might simply be issues with their web hosting provider.

rense.com appears to be hosting with www.thehostpros.com which is also offline at the moment. thehostpros.com appear to be running their servers from www.calpop.com , which is online right now.

rense.com's issue is that their server is not responding to web requests. It might be a network issue or even a server issue. The domain is at least responding back with an IP address:

thehostpros.com is having a different problem. DNS wasn't reporting an IP address for the domain at all. Although it is possible that the DNS issue was with my Internet provider.

I'm thinking their troubles might possibly be related to issues with their hosting provider. Maybe rense.com is being hosted on an old server that's starting to have problems.

If they've been having these problems for weeks, maybe rense.com ought to look elsewhere for hosting for a while to see what happens. They can also look to increase their site security as well, there are various ways to do that.

On a side note, from what I can tell it seems as though rense.com is paying a LOT of money for bandwidth. thehostpros.com do not seem cheap or even reasonable at all with their bandwidth charges.

* Both sites are back online now, btw.


oh yeah it's been blocked

a bunch lately


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I think this could be

I think this could be telling us something major may be coming up!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

listening to his show right

listening to his show right now.. www.halfpasthuman.com
very interesting!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Have been missing my daily

Have been missing my daily update.
Rense is a great source for whats really going on.
He must be really over the target. Time to get a mirror site
or multiple sites like Alex Jones has.

AJ sometimes references

AJ sometimes references others in the patriot movement who don't like him. Who is he referring to?


its been off much last weeks..

someone skilled seriously dislikes his news being published..