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Seattleites for Ron Paul

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Spanish woman

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I may produce more Ron Paul videos in the future as they are pretty easy for me to do.

The latina woman in the video, Alexandra is my wife and Zeus, our dog, is one of Ron Paul's biggest fans.

Alexandra is from Peru and she is angry that we had to pay thousands of dollars and wait for nearly 9-months for her Visa and for her legal immigration into the United States while our congress nearly granted amnesty to millions of law breaking illegal immigrants.

There are many spanish speaking American citizens who vote and she wants to spread her enthusiasm for Ron Paul to them.

Video Quality

Great Video. Good quality images - color, use of natural light/shadow, composition. What camera did you use? Did you shoot 24p? I sometimes fantasize about quitting my job, buying a new RED cinema camera, and shooting all of Ron Paul's speaking events.

Great job and I look forward to seeing more!

Good, but...

Great video, really well done. But the part with the woman speaking Spanish is very bothersome. This is a U.S. general election--not a North American general election.

I thought she was great!

I can't think of a better way to gain Ron Paul supporters than to reach out to the Spanish community through a Ron Paul supporter who speaks Spanish. Hillary, Obama and Guiliani pay Spanish speaking interpreters to do their bidding. Ron Paul didn't KUDOS and Viva Ron Paul!!!

Ditto again, Granger...

It's great to have someone who immigrated legally and honestly support the campaign. We can only hope spokespersons of other nationalities will do the same.

DataSage: That woman is apparently a citizen...a U.S. citizen! If she can use her native language to spread the word of Dr. Paul, how is that bothersome?


I loved it, and Zues was awesome...I'm still chuckling. THANK YOU!!


The part with Zeus was brilliant! Even our pets know better.